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  1. It's the loading times that get me, I'd love to play PoE more often, but it's so daunting with those loooong loading times that I only last an hour or two at most. I like exploring going in and out of buildings, eventually the loading screens just win. I give up. Still, a great game.
  2. There is a lot good to be said about the OP's intent and the way the statement is made. Linux is a small platform - and it's wise to count your blessings. I've been there for 20 years as a Mac user, and porting games to the Mac back in the 90s wasn't exactly the norm. Back in the 90s I was a huge LucasArts fan. I remember being really pleased when X-Wing was ported to the Mac (4 years after original PC release in 1997) and I remember feeling disappointed when LucasArts dropped Mac support in the early 2000s. But I never felt entitled to a port, that just wasn't realistic. But I stuck
  3. BG2 was a complete powertrip fantasty popamole... from an AD&D perspective. Holy Avenger in a game? With Staff of the Magi?? These were iconic weapons from the sourcebooks, completely overpowered yes and completely disruptive as any DM would quickly find out if he gave his players one. BG2 and the silly ToB were just about breaking the game and throwing in EPIC LOOT. A lot of people seem to love that (according to internets) but I certainly don't. Baldur's Gate ended at the conclusion of BG1 for me.
  4. You do realize that you don't 'own' games you buy on GOG either, right? The difference being that GOG has no ability to block access to your games if you backup your game installers. Which is why I like DRM-free as well. But no matter what platform you buy your software on, you don't actually own it. You just own a license to play/use it. I understand this is being pedantic, but the 'ownership' argument against Steam is misguided. Regarding gog.com, actually, it is treated as a copy and you *own* that copy. What you then do with your copy, is your choice, same as a music CD. Same restrict
  5. Wow the butthurt. Also: irony, calling the review weak by posting weak sauce drivel. (not kidding) He isn't kidding. It's not butthurt. The review exists solely to defend the game. Like. Really. He's been butthurt since even before PoE was released. Like. Really.
  6. Wow the butthurt. Also: irony, calling the review weak by posting weak sauce drivel. (not kidding)
  7. Nice troll thread. 6/10 Doesn't quite reach the lofty aspirations it sets out for, since practically no one here is pining for in-game romance and know that it will never be implemented anyway.
  8. ... but you should take it as "damn I've been such a whining douchebag for so long, I've lost all credibility and am now ignored because responding to me is a waste of time". You really should.
  9. Well, since Constantine made good arguments, that question answers itself. The one calling other people retards is always butthurt.
  10. And, he exits the discussion....with a retard's straw man. He made good points. You were all butthurt about it. Whining. Who do you think you are?
  11. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a post by a moderator. Keeping it classy and setting the high bar for the rest of us to follow. Alas, I fear I can't summon forth an inner douchbag which quite matches that response, but it's nice to know where the moderators of the forum stand. Basically RPGCodex level infantile responses.
  12. Me neither, that's a great thing. Just not salient to this discussion, because no choice was made.
  13. How is the IE mod great? It's better than nothing I suppose. But unless it's developed a lot more, it falls short of greatness by a considerable margin. Let's not blow things out of proportion, even to make a point.
  14. My computer AMD FX-8350 4.2 GHz 16 GB DDR3 1600MHz AMD 7950 3GB GDDR5 (x2) Windows 8.1 pro 1440p monitor Defiance Bay maps like Copperlane still fall beneath 60fps. Game only supports one GPU, but it never goes above 50% but the CPU is sometimes using all 8 cores at 50-60% which is quite uh impressive for such a game as this. There is definitely room for optimization. But it plays very similarly to Wasteland 2 in my experience, which I wasn't all that thrilled about either. I don't know, maybe it's the resolution and any optimization just falls apart at higher than 1080
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