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  1. Non so se già è stato corretto, ma mi sono appena accorto che nel tab delle quest, anzichè la compagnia reale di mortafiamma (mi sanguinano gli occhi ogni volta che lo vedo, ma in effetti non c'è una traduzione migliore....) appare "allarme sonoro". https://imgur.com/a/KhAGUkj
  2. Domandona da un milione di dollari... Ma come installo la patch? Ho estratto il tuo file nella cartella principale di poe... E poi?
  3. I checked this out. A google translation would have been an improvement. Not only I doubt anyone actually speaking italian ever looked at the translation, but some of the mistakes suggest the translator couldn't even speak english or understand the game rules at all. The icing on the cake is that most of the tooltip are plain wrong. The description says things not true (i.e. Duality of mortal presence adding deflection or sword profiency adding deflection). Looks like they did a Google translation on the alpha stage and then forgot it
  4. Italian translation it's in the same situation, it looks made by using (badly) google translate
  5. So, i was just wondering. Do sidekicks have anything to say after you recruit them? Cause i never used them, but i wonder how people can "fall in love" with them since they literally have just 1 line of dialogue to recruit them (except from fassina i guess)
  6. tra l'altro, ma è una mia impressione o la traduzione italiana è anche censurata? sento che i png usano "****ing" come intercalare, ma non ho mai letto neanche un "fottuto" o "cazzo" nel testo...
  7. mmm non so, con borseggio ci avrei tradotto "pickpocket", forse mano lesta rende di più, o abilità di mano, una cosa così
  8. Finally found the time to reinstall the game from the scratch and now the spells are back. "thanks" for the "support" obs
  9. file is too big to attach. is this link ok? https://files.fm/u/sgz8tzu6
  10. Guarda, della spada intendevo che la descrizione dice che aumenta la deflessione, mentre in realtà aumenta la penetrazione e diminuisce la deflessione. Poi sicuramente ci sono alcune passive del barbaro di lv 3...bloodthirst dice che devi uccidere 2 nemici per prendere il bonus, ma in realtà ne basta uno. Poi c'è one stand alone che dice che ottieni il bonus quando sei accerchiato, ma in realtà bastano due nemici "nearby". (sono andato a memoria che non ho il pc sottomano) Comunque la cosa che mi manda ai matti è che hanno fatto la traduzione con google translate, e pure male, e poi fanno fare la traduzione alla community, che comunque ha pagato il gioco per intero.
  11. Gli orrori veri sono sulle abilità, e non intendo nella traduzione del nome, ma nella descrizione. Mi vengono in mente (tra le prime, ma é pieno di skilk tradotte a cazzo) duality of mortal presence del monk e la competenza con la spada, che a leggere la descrizione in italiano fanno cose totalmente diverse da quanto poi succeda quando le usi. Devi andarti a cercare le skill in inglese sulla wiki per capire quali sono gli effetti reali. Probabilmente hanno fatto la traduzione quando ancora erano un versione alpha e non l'hanno mai più aggiornata quando hanno cambiato le skill, e sta cosa mi fa incazzare come una biscia.
  12. After the 1.1 if on the general ingame menu i click "load game" it just closes the manu and go back to the game and if i click on go back to desktop, when i click on "accept" it just goes back to the manu instead of quitting. Same when i click on "exit", just goes back to the ingame manu
  13. https://imgur.com/a/Jh3SzHh image added, casters action bars just seem to be cut
  14. So, after installing the new patch i got all my spells just disappeared from the action bar. Cant post a screenshot right now but they are literally gone, i. e. I have pallegina as herald and from left to right the action bar is just fine until the paladin icon where i can choose her pally skill as usual, then the action bar ends and i cant see the invocations. With xoti and tekehu that are pure casters the action bar basically ends at the quick item slots. All the martial characters seem fine (eder is swashbuckler and pc ravager, i can see their skills as usual) Anyone else experiencing this?
  15. This. The very first thing i did was adding subclasses to companion. Baseline classes for most of them is just too stupid to be true.
  16. Everytime i level up and unlock new abilities i discover more and more completely wrong translation. I mean, not only words not used properly, but skill description completely wrong (just unlocked duality of mortal presence and it says it increases deflection...). They are so many and so big translation error that there should be a dedicated team just to redo all the combat mechanics translation... Pretty please obsidian? I'm also amazed you didnt put a big warning like "italian translation just partially completed" when you released the game. I costantly have to check the wiki to figure out what every single class ability actually do, since the translation is totally unreliable
  17. Hey guys, i think it has probably been discussed before but i was wondering at which condition swift flurry becomes better than lightning strikes. I'm currently playing a ravager with max perception but no particular skills to proc crits (apart from pallegina killer froze stiff). Which one should bring more damage?
  18. Oh boy, every time i see pallegina portrait i think it's a bad joke. Really, the watercolored portrait is unbelievably poor made... Like made by someone like me with no art skill whatsoever. The very first thing i did was changing portraits with the community made ones... How did it pass the release team checks? It reminds me of this http://www.2oceansvibe.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/restored-ecce-homo-1024x768.jpg I mean it's very very ugly
  19. Hey guys, dont know if it's tied to it, but this morning i have installed Rum runner and critical role DLCs, and since then it looks like the f keys are not working anymore. Can't quicksave with f5 and if i try to remap the keybindings, when i press any of the f keys nothing happens, anyone experienced the same, or know how to solve it? Thanks!
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