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  1. Well, since you can just spam some powerful wizard spells and kill really fast I don't think those would make a big difference. Also you should keep in mind that you will use them as a PL0 priest/druid and they will be less effective than usual (less acc/dmg/pen).
  2. Some spells are harder to obtain than others, don't know if it's bad luck or the chance is not the same. However I managed to get the best ones and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be possible to get all of them (besides the unique ones). Anyway it's not an easy task if you want to get everything.
  3. Wizard's imprinted spells will end up added in your spellbook with infinite uses if you didn't have them. In other words you can pick any kind of wizard (however a blood mage can spam lvl8-9 spells too) and steal every available spell of lvl7 or less. From druid/priest I don't know what is worth picking besides BDD/SoT... Maybe Withdraw (for the Ultimate), Nature's Bounty?
  4. I was also thinking about another trick - the opposite of SoF - the Outworn Buckler can reduce hostile effects and if you switch weapons in combat you should be able to shorten some annoying ones, at least if you don't have high RES. PS. The food stacking still works or it was fixed?
  5. Yes, it used to prevent the splitting. Then some people complained on the bug forum, the devs said it was unintended and nerfed it.
  6. Yeah, for monks it's ridicoulously easy to kill Hauani with WotW after splitting. I tried all items/abilities with destroying effects. The only one that works is Disintegration (not sure if it's a feature or a bug )
  7. I think they stay in place once they can merge. If they start to wander then it would be very easy to prevent them from merging just by turning invisible and killing them one after another.
  8. Don't know if it's feasible or not, but you could in theory upgrade Visage of Death's Herald to Energized and have it for about 1 minute which would allow then to use scrolls of Storm of Holly Fire to try to rapidly deal damage and interrupt. PS. Assassin/Tactician would be a good candidate because he can easily debuff reflex and then become invisible for increased accuracy. When they split for the second time it might be possible also to spam Mule Kick with WotEP because the oozes are smaller.
  9. How can you have Blade Cascade? If you have Blade Cascade then you can have any buff and it doesn't matter anymore what class you're using.
  10. Once one has his hp low enough it will stay next to the other one and try to merge, it won't follow you. Also Clear out suffers from the same problem as WotEP and it's not even spammable. If you are able to get the energized buff long enough, then you could use a ranged weapon with bounce and interrupt on crits (easier when you target deflection instead of fortitude).
  11. I was talking about summons without scaling weapons - Animated Weapons, Dichotomous Soul and Wizard's phantoms are all good ones. Other than that they're just expensive damage sponges.
  12. Avenging Storm doesn't stun, only Returning/Relentless Storm and they aren't very reliable because they target fortitude and strike randomly.
  13. All summons without scaling weapons are very weak, not weak. The high level ones are just damage sponges, while the lower level ones aren't even good as damage sponges. Uncontrollable summons should be equivalent to charmed enemies, while the controllable ones (chanter's summons) equivalent to dominated enemies - that's common sense and balance. Whisper of Treason - lvl 1 spammable cipher spell is stronger than most summoning spells in the game - you can charm stronger enemies than any summon without number limit for nearly the same duration.
  14. Won't work either because you can't control the summons and they're too squishy anyway. Avenging Storm helps deal more damage, but won't solve the main problem - without Blade Cascade, Conduit and Bleeding Cut there's no way to kill them fast enough. For solo only ciphers (kill during Disintegrate), blood mages (spam Concelhaut's Crushing Doom), chanters (keep the oozes away with the Animated Weapons) or monks (perma stun with WotW) can deal with Hauani without exploits (ie Blade Cascade & Co). If you don't play one of these classes you're doomed.
  15. Nah, doesn't work with WotEP because you have to target one of the oozes and the cone won't reach the other. Also they can still merge even if one of them is untargetable (for example casting Stasis Shell on one of them doesn't prevent it).
  16. This combo becomes powerful only at high level and requires heavy buffing to be effective (which becomes boring pretty fast). I wouldn't recommend it for normal play unless you want to use exploits (at which point it's better to pick a class that you really enjoy and use Strand of Favor).
  17. You should be aware that you won't be able to kill the ooze megaboss with this combo.
  18. Maybe it's possible to go even lower in combat, but I think it's already overkill. PS. I think it's possible to reach 350% lash from Conduit with a solo assassin (the last time I tried I missed a few buffs).
  19. It's possible to stack Tempered Fury with Bolting Strikes and Captain's Banquet on top of DEX and reach 0.2s attack speed with a fast weapon.
  20. Not really. If a class is picking always the same ability it simply means it's better than the others, not overpowered. You can have an average ability and multiple weak ones and then the choice is obvious. Also the discussion here is not about obvious overpowered abilities, but more about fine tuning.
  21. I always wondered how some people can make claims so easily about something being balanced or not. The balance is something subjective, based on the experience of the average player, which is very difficult to judge. Personally I prefer to use just common sense. If summons were not considered unbalanced at low level, I don't really see how could they become overpowered at higher levels because of scaling weapons. From my point of view all summons should have scalable weapons if they were intended to stay relevant at higher levels. And since the entire PL system advertises just that, I think all these inconsistencies are just bugs left unfixed (because OBS cared about things that were considered too strong, not too weak).
  22. I think Draining Touch is special because it doesn't work like regular summoned weapons and disappears after one use.
  23. They might be worth exporting and used from the start, maybe not as expensive as other unique weapons.
  24. There are two reasons to use a melee and a ranged weapon at the same time: you don't have to switch weapons to alternate between melee and ranged you don't alternate between weapons like a normal dual wielder (a good thing if you have weapons with buff/debuffs/procs on hit or if you don't have weapons of equal strength to use) The disadvantage is (most) full attacks won't use both weapons. Once the spiritual weapons reach 30% lash there are very few weapons able to match their dps. PS. Of course the ultimate combo is a human priest/streetfighter under BDD.
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