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  1. First thing to do is to explore the entire enclave and see if you hit a trigger. If that doesn't work check your journal to make sure you've completed everything. And if you still don't know that you'll need to change curtain globals I don't know which one's, but balleons usually are the triggers, and numerics often affect gameplay. When you find the right ones change the non quantity flags to 1 which meens on, true, occured, etc. and 0 meens negitive, no, off, hasn't happened etc.
  2. At first I thought one of my xbox's buttons were stuck but then I relieved that it was just a problem with the game. As far as I know their's no way to fix it, unless of course your a programmer and can read code.
  3. Well maybe cyan but Luke's light saber is documented some ware as being lilac and the green is to dark to be viridian
  4. you don't get revan's mask but you do git a mask if you choose the ds ending. You can also git revan like robes near the end.
  5. So if we don't level up at all the battle at the Trayus Core will be a joke? Provided that you gain no exp. Enemies and items are scaled to what your level should be not what it actually is. So if you have enough exp to go to level 50 you will fight lv50 enemies. So saving levels so you can make your party members jedi at level 4 is really hard, because they die fast. you can make a ratio of your strength to your enemy's strenth that should be 1:1 which is whats intended to keep the game ballanced, but each leval you gain gives both of you beter skills, feets, powers equipment so for each leval the ratio increases a litle in favor of the enemy and a little more in favor of the player so that by leval 50 the ratio is closer to 1.4:1 in favor of the player. However if your in the combat arena the enemeys power increeses faster than the players, so being lv50 is bad. In short the difficulty of the game is about the same .
  6. I don't know what that means but I git the same file, except that my game hasn't crashed yet.
  7. Actually i was wrong if you leval up to 50 your party will be around lv45. I think it's because on peragus you git several levals before you have a party. I just finned lv to 50 and the game is moredifficult in some areas and less dificult in others. Thats because the enemys are scalled to the PC's leval so. Being lv50 makes saving levals really dificult. It took me over an hour to kill a lv 50 Hanhar with a lv 8 Mira. What makes the game easier is that you git better weppons, skills, powers and feets, but so does your enemy.
  8. If you go digging into the dialogue files then you can find pieces of the sceens that were cut from the game.
  9. I suggest not exploiting the glitch because when you leave your whole party will be lv 50 and loading that will be a strain on your xbox.
  10. It's more likely that ewoks and wookies share a common ancestor then one species evolving into the other. either way it's unlucky. A primitive species would have to some how leave there planet and settle another planet in large numbers and then evolve over the course of millions of years.
  11. I personally think that unless you git both sets then save the ones in the acadamy for the weppons cache on duxon. There's alot more loot in the Mandolorian cashe then the acadamy roam.
  12. They can't revoke the record unless Bonds is proven to have taken steroids. What makes me angry is that Bonds is scrutinized while players like Jiamby, Maguiar go unnoticed and everyone seams to have forgotten Sosa's corked bats.
  13. ghosta

    UFO story

    It is a big universe out there. With trillions of stars which means there are trillions of the space rocks that we call planets. So logically their's billions of places ware life could potentially exists. That said, if aliens were to travel to some random planet they would have a 1 in a trillion chance of finding us. So UFO sightings can legitamently be classified as non existent.
  14. One I don't think he'll git time if there was a solid case against him he would have been indicted years ago. If he's found guilty he'll ether it little time for being a celebrity, or a lot of time for being black. But he shouldn't git 30 years for perjury and obstruction of justice, unless OJ Simpson gets 70 years, then 30 years doesn't seam fair for nonviolent crime. As to Barry's career, it ended the moment he broke the record. He's old and now that he's broken the record, interest in him is at an all time low. No one wont's to pay for a player at the end of his career. He's not going to put butts in the seats and is too old to play the outfield. His only job left is Dh in the Al or disappear in the minors. It's like Deadeye Duncan said "you wait your whole life for that one big moment and then you blow your career."
  15. I heard that if you agree to drop your weapons the first time, then sometimes your party won't be placed in the holding cells and you'll be trapped in the academy.
  16. The juyo form is favorite cause I like to duel wield. You can git over five attacks duelwielding with juyo, force rage and flurry, but the max seems to be 5 so I use critical hit instead because I like weppons with large crit ranges. You can git the range down to 14 on dirupters, and down to 16 on close combat weppons.
  17. Nihilus isn't the exile, but he and Sion learned to use thier powers from the wound in the force the Exile created.
  18. I think so because in k1 a scoundral gardian git's the bonuses stacked evan outside of stealth mode. In k1 you only needed to take the enemy by suprise to git the stealth bonus. So I guese it should work in k2 with or without stealth enabled. You could save before you gain your class and then try and see if the bonusses stack outside of stealth. All you need to do is cheack the combat feedback in the messages section the moment after you land the attack.
  19. the hk factory will be released as part of the restoration project but you can see an unfinished version on you tube.Try searching hk factory gameplay.
  20. You git light saber parts and later light sabers after completing major quest. If all you need is a lens then you should git it after you finish Dantoine. Do you have vissas yet because you git a piece after fighting her.
  21. Which doesn't make sense because a blue flame is hoter than a red flame.
  22. American Gagnster with Densil Washington and Rossel Crow. It's pritty good but doesn't quit hit the notes of clasics like scarface and the Godfather. and it's a litle long at 2:37; 3 hrs with todays previews. But as a whole it's varry good.
  23. don't the networks still git to show completed episodes, and film episodes that are allready written? If thats the case then we should be alright for the next few weeks and hopefully by then the strike will be over.
  24. One of the most serios problems is that california is in a water shortage, but hay it could be worse Arizona has almost no water. We havn't had a drought or fire season in California this bad in over 10 years This is clear evedience of climate change.
  25. Charisma doesn't add any dialoge options but wisdom does. And force persuade will make up for a lower persuade skill.
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