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  1. on Malachore there are many enimies, so to keep the area compleatable the enimys must be weak
  2. revan is the strongest of the 2 just by levals in k1 you can use glitches to make Revan with max skills, atributes, feats, powers, and items. the glitches used are fake leval ups to gain high leval powers and feats cross class fake lv ups to make other party members jedi , become a jedi early, or raise attributes Mannan underwater rift glitch duplicates items The exile the hissis glitch lets you go up to lv50 Revan wins The glitches plus his time after the war gives revan more levals then the Exile Revan could learn new tecniques while batling the true sith
  3. just because the EH hits a bunch of cliffs and is hit by ellectricity doesn't meen everone is dead. if in doubt there is the force the party used the force to keep the ship from being destroyed the movie is needed to explain how the EH gits onto M V it can be pressumed from the cut content that the party goes after the exile the remotes hologram is a message from Bour from werever he is. Hanhar/Mira returns to the ship or goes to the acadamy after they win thier fight goto is the only party member to be dystroyed origanol ending everyone is in the ship and go gits the exile when it is disloged the EH can enter flight evan while it's falling. It is known from bour's hoolo message that the party knows what the exile is plaining.
  4. i would say based on T3's hologram that Bastila or Carth told T3 to find help T3 was given the EH by one of the party members from KOTOR1. Then Kreia found T3 or vice versa. Kreia then goes to save the exile and barly escapes. Durring the escape hk-50 hides\traped in the compartment. prolgue hk-50 slices out of the compartment EH docks at Peragus
  5. i noticed durring the cutsene in Perogus mining tunels a maitainance droid spys behid you but after the scene it isn't there anymore surprisingly the droid looks like Bour's remote
  6. I'm wondering what will happen if i only kill one or 2 of the jedi masters is it possible to have an endind with only one or two masters left
  7. Jolee was a nuetral because he did not imbrace ethier allinment Krea is nuetral because she turned away from both allinments for thier falliers. I like Jollee because of his storys and his humores behaivor
  8. Jolee's robe has an impressive over 30 defence but is restricted to nutral. I would love to have the assasin rifle to give to HK
  9. for the pc version you can downlode a mod that lets you change candorase's armor. I sadly don't have the link but it can be found with some luck go to google.com and image surch KOTOR then try looking at the pages the image links to you might have to try varios nicknames or full name in your search. If you played K1 then Candorase is ovious some clues are mandolores voice his attide tords clan Ordo and that he comes with a repeating blaster his weppon in K1
  10. did you use force sight to sea he was darkside or did you just base your presumtion on his uglyness. if you use force sight you can sea the alignment of all charectors. you can do this by useing first person mode with kriea or Visis or activating the force power after you unloke it. As far as fighting moves i think each class has a difrent style of fighting your equipment and activated feats also afect your fighting style.
  11. the ravenger was never repaired by the republic it was in fact rased from Malicore by Darth Nuhilus he then had it repared and piloted by his crew of slow dieing zobies feeding the hunger of thier master
  12. Death of the Ebon hawlk is just the movie title in the movie the ebon hawk isn't siverly damaged, although phyicly it should be trash but maybe someone used the force to keep it safe. it can be presumed that the exile told the party what they were going to do. while the exile is in the acadamy the ebon hawk can go pick up mira then head to the core to pick up the exile as it callapses.
  13. I would injoy an expansion that had Vash alive instead of dead. however i rather have filled plot holes and restoration of cut content.
  14. GO-To is my least favorite npc I think he's boring and useless. I only use him on Duxon to git past the the mined path and to shutdown the sith defences unnoticed. Bao is ok but gaining influnce with him is hard I also don't like his lack of dialoge I like Hanharr he's a meelee monster and has some nice DS dialogue
  15. vaddar didn't know how to heal himself when he got cut and burned also it take a lot of concentration and energy to heal wounds
  16. in kotor 1 on Korriban Master Uther's apprentance mentions the supper sith if you follow the correct line of dialoge.
  17. your mising the colors purple cyan and bronze my favorite litsaber color is bronze it can only be found in remains.
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