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  1. The archmages are indeed appearing too frequently, and, more importantly, are weaker than the Watcher. For unique geniuses who probably have access to spells that nobody else has, it is not reasonable for them to be defeated by another level 20 wizard (who, few months earlier, was at level 1), at their own turf. If they are to be fought against, they should have been more of an end-game boss, with an entire main plot revolving around them (including find some way to defeat them), not some optional sidequest. I also think that we met too many gods, but I suppose it is somewhat expected sin
  2. As much as i hate meaningless whine, accepting some meaningless BS which the devs expect us to perceive as "balance" with joy is even worse. If they wanted to shield themselves from crying, they should have utilized the Early Access function, as Larian did with DOS2. Adding a bunch of enemies with ridiculous damage and HP(Gorecci street, i am looking at you), instead of fine tuning of AI is not good balance. Nerfing the **** out of already somewhat crippled 2H(WotEP, Falcon's Helm) is not good balance. Removing chain proccing is a good balance, on the other hand. Making Ranger's life
  3. I feel they went a bit nuts with nerf *grade*. That is, remove Brilliant entirely instead of making resource recovery tick 15 sec instead of 3 and seeing how that fares. Unbending is a similar case. I think nerfs should be applied more gradually, like, make it 33% healing by default, 40-50% with upgrade. Regarding charge - i really think they should branch this skill out. Like, when you take it at 4 PL, you get only primary attack on targets, then, at 6 PL you get a choice of applying some affliction(Dazed), or Full Attack.
  4. Sadly no, it's the reason I always buy SP RPG games on GOG, because steam does not allow to disable upates totally. Only way on Steam is: Start offline, go to games, right click on game- properties, go to Updates and select "only update this game when I launch it". This way as long as you are in offline mode you will not update game you can play as you want. Alternatively you can just copy crucial files from POE2 folder (like items, abilities, status effects etc.), update game and them copy paste old files and replace them and you have new game with old abilities, items etc. Nothing nerfed
  5. You really feel that? I think literally every other 2H in the game is better than WotEP now. That puny damage really doesn't work against single-targets, which is what matters (melee guys aren't really crowd controllers.) The same character with BotEP likely out-DPS WotEP with ease. If you manage to hit two enemy with WotEP, it does almost same damage as other 2h swords. But the shining point is you can put affliction on anyone u hit. And with good mobility I’m able to hit 3 enemy usually. And the riposte is really good if u r a paladin/wizard who has high deflection. Riposte might not be
  6. I feel they went nuts with the nerf. Honestly, if its a freaking large two-hander, why it does so small damage? I think they should have made it so it works more akin to Carnage, dealing like 70-80% of normal 2H dmg to the original target, and 30-40% in the cone(which is also a friendly fire one), instead of making the dmg so small tis ridiculous. I didn't even bother to check when i got it because of the dmg being so small.
  7. So, does it scale with PL? Can you change the scaling? If yes, i think that 10 base(assuming 5 fire + 5 crash) and +10% per PL is adequate for something which can be kept indefinitely in a quite large AOE. It also looks that it doesn't account for penetration, which is good.
  8. Hmm, i'm on Veteran(didn't start on PotD), and i too can't see the skulls for areas\quests\enemies anymore. Some kind of a bug?
  9. It looks like it is dropped in one of the random sea events, tied(possibly? not sure of this part) maybe to negative reputation with certain in-game fractions.
  10. Currently at least, in saves created with the new game's savemaker, she just has to be dead for any reason; you can choose her as blood pool victim and still buy her armor. Did not work for me. I got the Effigy talent from he after Hasongo, but no armor.
  11. Nice job! I think, though, that greater versions of invisibility should have a limit of attacks before dissipating, otherwise its pretty OP.
  12. Yep, you can only get "specialists" to Master(4 ranks). Otherwise, they cap at 4 ranks in any combination.
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