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  1. Well, I'm under the assumption that Thaos can maintain his soul not because he has powers, but because he has Engwithan tech, which I don't think he is the only one with access to. Maybe this piece of tech is not as widespread as I think it is, we don't know the nature behind it I'm wondering if his power to come back was similar to the one they almost found while working on Od Nua. I remember one of the ghosts saying they almost figured out how to bring a specific soul back from the wheel when the rebellion started. So either that tech was used to create him or he took a hand in ove
  2. I'm thinking other Engwithans could have, especially those who would gain from creating a pantheon or from casting off the old one. I mean look at Thaos in the sanitarium. He lead that one researcher astray for his own purposes of revitalizing Woedica. Who's to say he or someone like him didn't do something similar to the Engwithans? Are you familiar with 1984 and how the memory hole thing worked? It could have easily been the case that someone needed a more convenient set of gods and needed to do away with the old ones that were getting in the way. I mean they were created for a specifi
  3. It feels like an accident that you survived the biawac and became a watcher. That's probably the weakest part of the beginning in that they just glance over that and push forward.
  4. Since I was playing a benevolent paladin, Hylea was the only real answer. Returning the souls to the cycles while they are technically still living was just wrong as far as I was concerned. Wael made me curious, but I didn't want to commit to an unknown ending. The other options all seemed pretty evil to me.
  5. Overall, I think Mother was the best. I like the cipher class in the game, thanks in part to having her in my party, I think she has one of the most unique background of any RPG character (midwife), and I think that she has one of the better reasons for joining the quest. I also kind of like how she comes off as a bit of a mystic or whatever you call it. Durence was probably written the best and is the most fleshed out though.
  6. How could that be? The reason that Engwithans made the gods was because there were no gods. None. I'm not certain this is true based on how the Leaden Key worked. They liked hiding the truth and people didn't know everything or each other. It's very possible that the people searching for the gods were lead astray purposefully in order to justify creating new ones. If you look at the pantheon, a big chunk of them liked to obscure the truth in their own ways and for their own reasons. The "there aren't other gods" thing could just be a carefully fabricated lie.
  7. Aside from Woedica, I don't think they are. Also if they are eating souls, then which one ate Eothas's soul? You'd think there would have been a war over that amount of power but it would have had to been finished by the time the game started. I'm actually thinking that any sequel is going to be very nihilistic probably about athiests vs the fake gods and ending with the athiests becoming just as evil as the religions before them. It could also be about the tribal people, having lost a sense of purpose since those ruins they guard lack the meaning they thought they did, face upheaval of th
  8. I can't even get the option to give him the sword anymore. I got the last piece in chapter 3, but the option for it isn't coming up.
  9. Hello, I just started the game and in the tutorial section, I noticed that when Calisica speaks, the first few words of all her audio files seem to be cut off and she starts speaking audibly mid sentance. This is in both the woods area and in the first cave I've been in.
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