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  1. I very much miss the possibility to enchant helmets, I got so many of them in stash but to what use? I also agree with Cryptomancer that if you make an Exceptional armour it should actually look like one, and not keep the dull basic image.
  2. "The murderer by accident" guy in Defianfe Bay catacombs is another possible prisoner.
  3. I'm feeling a bit stuck and the Strat guide don't give any real hints on what to do. I have finished the quest from the creatures on lvl 12. I have killed all the mobs on lvl 13. But the spirits won't talk to me. As in, I don't get any option to retreve the pass-phrase needed to open the door which leads to lvl 14. I only get the "hello?" and "leave" option each time i try to speak with them. Anyone know what to do?
  4. I tried that too, several times, but it did'nt work. Just told me: Disabeld - Enabeld.
  5. Yes, this is quite annoying, I even tried to go back to the first save before I used the codes. But they still didn't work. Seems like if you gotta cheat you gotta do it way big so you don't have to use the codes again. Is this the case with traits as well?
  6. If you happen to have a Nordic keyboard you use the Ö -key to open the console window.
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