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  1. Just saw credits roll last night. General off the cuff impressions; The exploration was excellent (nautical/shipfaring theme.. beautiful). Ending felt rushed would have liked the opportunity to explore the final area and to be thrown back into the open world after the final encounter. Overall was a joy, gonna go through it again or start a 'pre endgame' load and do the stuff i missed/DLC. Adored it, bring on Pillars the Third.
  2. Items have arrived and am pretty darn happy with the quality. Box, shirt, painted minis, etc - all good, so thanks for that. Alas i opted for the unpainted minis as well and one of them arrived busted. Have sent an email to the address recommended.
  3. Complete understanding re: those who are frustrated and/or won't support physical tier again from this company.
  4. It's a beautifully constructed world. Having a blast with it.
  5. yep my bear pal just loves to be the first to meet new friends and is well aquainted with the cycle of reincarnation!
  6. if it weren't for my Bear pal, Bubbles, well, i dont know where id be, but it wouldnt be good
  7. algroth covered it but the sooner the trolls and misguided shut-ins on both sides of this "anti-sjw" v "sjw" internet "culture war" narrative utterly destroy themselves the better.
  8. Can understand this, for sure, but I really enjoy the vocal performances in the Pillars games generally speaking. In these ways, its a tricky one.. Should more of the Aumaua/Wahaki/Rauatai have broader Polynesian/Maori accents? When is it too on the nose?
  9. Yes. I mean, if the threat of systematic cultural genocide, in the colonial context, doesn't lend itself to some darkside-humanity explorations, not sure what does. Deadfire seems to tow this line nicely from within the fantasy RPG template. The presence of sunshine and palm trees doesn't preclude epic carnage. In history, look no further than the fate of Captain Cook. There's countless examples.
  10. ... Did not know about this. And im glad someone mentioned sitting. It was 1988 and a game called Ultima 5 Warriors of Destiny released... Have been jonesing for chair sitting animations ever since! edit: very glad to have discovered this walking toggle business relatively early on. cheers
  11. Really appreciate the Colonial era exploration and intrigue, the South Pacific Island/NZ Maori/Caribbean cultural influences, and the emphasis on naval exploration. That stuff is really in my wheelhouse. If its even remotely in yours, cant see you not enjoying it. There's still plenty of room for them to drop in traditional dungeons (and the narrative themes around them).
  12. Came to respectfully disagree with the premise of the thread - stayed for the primo ship combat tips! Cheers
  13. Have thought about restarting. Just briefly, today, though. Likely won't. Still quite early on. Went with Bleakwaler/Ranger (Shepherd) this time, having gone strictly Paladin in Pillars One. Gonna stick with it, maybe tweak some stuff, mess around with the dynamics a bit more.
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