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  1. Fighter -------- -------- Chanter Priest RANGER Mage Ranger Ranger- - - Ranger Mage ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ----Fighter Chanter Priest x x x xxx This is to set up stealth and flanking. I like the stealth mage for fan of flames x x x xxx is good too
  2. I was just thinking this. The preteen gamers are just as comfortable on pc and tablets as consoles. Over time tv/tablet.pc will merge and games like this will be common. That said how costly is it to port this game to console just make the mouse your finger and play with kinnects.
  3. Well said. I was not a backer and never heard OF POE until I heard some on suggest it on the DAI forum. POE knows what it is and will have a reliable loyal following that will grow over time.
  4. It JUST MEANS THE GAME IS SUCESSFULL!! More people in the community. Many of the comments also show a new generation of players has come along since the BG series launched.
  5. My ranger build is 18 might -20 dext 15 const- 3 int 19 perception 3 resolve so I dumped all will saves kept the attack speed with war bow so high interrupts very high reflexes, high fortitude medium deflections and very low will. Play a new clas dump a new stat and open up different dialog options and set up skill for your class. As a ranger I gave up spells for a mobile fast hitting ranged dps it easy to play while I learn the game.
  6. I don't have enough free time to play so my game progress is limited so I don't know what effects some of the weapons have but if you add added stats and effects 2 weapons will catch up. Also the elemental damage and such helps with the dr
  7. I would love for someone to post some teas results on this talent as well as how it works with death God like. Does it work well with aoes and dots
  8. The guy is a troll ignore the post bub good ones. Also I think the tool tip said if you hold tab you can issue multiple commands. Someone can verify though
  9. The team based tactical combat is what makes the game! It is a thinking mans game from beginning to end. How you build your stats how stats and abilities combined and how the PC combines with the party. This guy said is best
  10. I actually find CON fairly useful (in moderation) on my "frontline offtank" PC. It's a stat that should only be taken by "frontline grunts" which is why it is %-based (which isn't neccessarily a poor design choice, imho). If CON got changed to a flat endurance/health bonus, it should be balanced around how much Fighters and Barbarians currently get out of it - which might potentially make it too good on Wizards and the like, depending on how the encounters get balanced. Seems unlikely, but it's something to keep in mind. RES is, in my opinion, a decent secondary tank stat. It's not super-amazing, but it's in line with the majority of the stats in usefulness and I would not want my frontline fighters without at least some RES for that reason. Now PER . . . really stinks, as far as I can tell right now. Whenever I spend points in it, it just feels bad. Interrupts aren't reliable or good enough to invest in, the high deflection bonus is nice (deflection IS useful in moderation because it works on a "1% to not get hit" system) but PER feels like a tertiary tank stat at best and you usually don't have the points to invest in it. Not sure what to change about it . . . maybe make interrupts better ? An ex of how stats are very dynamic in combination. My ranger build is max dex 20 and 18 per. The combination gives max reflex saves. I need both like resolve and perception combine for tanks deflection. The combination of attack speed and interrupts is strong. Every ability combines with multiple other abilities to create many combinations. I gave other ex of barb with max cons and strength for max fortitude saves. Making the barb virtually immune to poisons stun and knock down. but will take damage from direct attacks because you gave up per and resolve. Is a good system of give and take
  11. How about Per/dex save vs refles const might save vs fortitude int resolve save vs will don't dismiss saves and the need to max out 2 save types to get max benefits other than that most damage types will hit How about a mage with high will max int and resolve for drawing fire on enemies with charm attacks saves on all the attacks and the team moves in. The builds are not cookie cutter. Very specific roles can be made. they should have called "might" "power" semantics but sounds class neutral.
  12. I like my ranger. my Build is wood elf . 18 might 20dex 15 const 19 perception 3 int 3 resolv. the might and const combine for good fortitude saves. dex and perception give major refles saves deflections neutral. will save are my bain. The need for 2 stats to achieve strong saves is a good mechanic. I just don't thing people understand it. Deflection is only one type damage. A mage with max int and resolve will resist all those pesky charm spells. You need to max 2 stats of the same saves type to benefit too achieve a ultra high save so you get grazes on a particular type of damage you give up a weakness. as for the ranger and pet I took Wolf I use it as a kite Once Abilities like knock down and masters call are good level increase abilities
  13. My plan is to max dex might per, and dump INT and resolve. Take the lion for the added cc. keep the pet back the pet only engages someone who focuses on me or the pet and we focus fire back. The way I see it is you must play cautious with the pet. The build give Extreme reflex save medium fortitude saves, moderate deflections, and very low will. I should be able to interrupt casters frequently with max perception and high rate of fire. Cant wait to play tonight
  14. What does number of companions have to do with their memorability? Actually, it's quite the opposite, less on quantity should make it more on quality.Nothing. But if you want to evoke Baldur's Gate as an inspiration for companions, there should be loads more than 8. I wasn't commenting at all on memorability, but the plurality. Planescape: Torment also had very, very few CNPC:s (but they worked them differently, so it was alright) but they were all amazingly memorable, but they chose to sell the CNPC:s using Baldur's Gate as an example. You remember the original number of the NPC companions in the pitch right? We got more through the additional funding and you still complain about that? I mean wtf? It is on par with PS:T in number and hopefully quality. Remember that we are in 2015 and the game had a very limited funding with a ton of things to be developed from the scratch unlike BG which had lore and combat mechanics only to be ported. The fact that the number of CNPC:s in the pitch were underwhelming doesn't make the fact that a few were added underwhelming. Something can be bad, be improved, but still be pretty bad. It's not like pizza. As for BG "which had lore and combat mechanics only to be ported" ... all of my lols. This is so true. After some thought I think it plays into character development/ creation too . But not choosing the combat option for the xp seems to add some fun
  15. I am looking at playing a ranger and from what I see in the wiki perception increases accuracy AND range of non melee weapons. The wiki also shows a plus and minus 1 for above and below 10. So if you dump perception you will lose range added perception will increase range. As a ranger I will dump INT I am single target DPS with no AOE or DOT abilities. I will max might and walk the line with DEX and PER I need added range and Rate of Attack I am not sure If I benefit from max range via PER and max DEX with dump INT - 1 or 2 cons and 1- or 2 resolve. Perception also effects Deflections so If you are going negative on deflection beware. I will defer to all bata backers to confirm but that the way it read to me
  16. I am with you man. I have been lurking and waiting. I am looking forward to playing the game. It looks great. As far as trolls go I truly believe that some companies have trolls on their pay roles to put gams down to help sell their game. Think negative ad campaigns by politicians.
  17. Anyone know how the royal edition digital guide works. can I look at it on multiple devices like say may phone the on my tablet then on my pc?
  18. I am buying it and was not a Bata backer. In my opinion these games appeal to older gamers 25+ and every year that goes by there are more gamers in that group so It should do well. Just look at the Dragon Age franchise what game was best received. DA:O or DA:I
  19. I will play Ranger Death God Like Godlike Aumaua Parents Back Ground Deadfire Archipelago Hunter Pet Wolf RP Left for dead in the woods and raised by wolves. Now I bring death to those who bring death to the woods. I could use some help with the build. If I understand correctly Perception will increase the range of ranged attacks and accuracy of attacks correct. So Perception is a must. Makes use of Ranger Talent to increase rate of fire at cost of accuracy. Dexterity to the point where I get max Rate of fire but limited to Armor Restrictions The combination of DEX and PER will give me max reflex saves so AOE wont wipe out me and the pet Then Max Might dump resolve and INT Cons maybe - 1 or 2 Is it feasible or viable to max dexterity and where no armor. MAX rate of Fire =Max damage My thought is perception put other range classes in my range while I am out of theirs do max single target damage
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