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  1. Fighter -------- -------- Chanter Priest RANGER Mage Ranger Ranger- - - Ranger Mage ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ----Fighter Chanter Priest x x x xxx This is to set up stealth and flanking. I like the stealth mage for fan of flames x x x xxx is good too
  2. I was just thinking this. The preteen gamers are just as comfortable on pc and tablets as consoles. Over time tv/tablet.pc will merge and games like this will be common. That said how costly is it to port this game to console just make the mouse your finger and play with kinnects.
  3. Well said. I was not a backer and never heard OF POE until I heard some on suggest it on the DAI forum. POE knows what it is and will have a reliable loyal following that will grow over time.
  4. It JUST MEANS THE GAME IS SUCESSFULL!! More people in the community. Many of the comments also show a new generation of players has come along since the BG series launched.
  5. My ranger build is 18 might -20 dext 15 const- 3 int 19 perception 3 resolve so I dumped all will saves kept the attack speed with war bow so high interrupts very high reflexes, high fortitude medium deflections and very low will. Play a new clas dump a new stat and open up different dialog options and set up skill for your class. As a ranger I gave up spells for a mobile fast hitting ranged dps it easy to play while I learn the game.
  6. I don't have enough free time to play so my game progress is limited so I don't know what effects some of the weapons have but if you add added stats and effects 2 weapons will catch up. Also the elemental damage and such helps with the dr
  7. I would love for someone to post some teas results on this talent as well as how it works with death God like. Does it work well with aoes and dots
  8. The guy is a troll ignore the post bub good ones. Also I think the tool tip said if you hold tab you can issue multiple commands. Someone can verify though
  9. The team based tactical combat is what makes the game! It is a thinking mans game from beginning to end. How you build your stats how stats and abilities combined and how the PC combines with the party. This guy said is best
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