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  1. Yup but im on Europe Infinity. Master Sabers, Healer, Enhancer Ahhh the BH dont know what hits them
  2. Lightside Points Gained Net-Lightside Shift
  3. Why 9 levels too much? The Exile is explained to be similar to Nihilis when it comes to gaining power so why shouldnt he be high levelled?
  4. You do not decide when you get it, it is given to you at a certain stage in the game, dont worry about it
  5. Well you have to rewrite part of game data, but personally i wont try with K2... tried with K1, works... but i ended up having invisible party members and stuff <_< Not worth the hassle
  6. If you understood the story and played it as a RPG you would understand why... Fool <_<
  7. I dunno if this has been answered but here goes nothing: The Chosen One prophecy said that 'He would bring balance to the force'. Did it state what side of the force was underbalanced? It seems to me that the Lightside of the force was overbalanced at the time of the preludes. It only seems fitting that if he were to bring balance it would be to the darkside
  8. On this game you hardly get the thug bully boy as DS... But becoming lightside mastery is like getting blood out of a stone!
  9. Yes, its meant to be that way <_< Quit crying wolf
  10. You would have to alter alot of code... You could try the faster way though and change the pause mode (activated by space bar) with x0.5 speed
  11. My DS Exile couldnt get it out of him fast enough... i was just laughing my ass off :D
  12. Sub-Light drives get to that speed. However making the Jump to lightspeed can go considerably faster...
  13. Lol Jedi Guardian + Jedi Weaponsmaster + Force Enlightenment IS invunerable, and can kill anything
  14. How about (this is not a serious idea btw): KotORIII: The Circles Completion?
  15. Obsidian Entertainment is based in Orange County, Florida.... i assume thats in America
  16. Do I know you? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nope... i just remember someone (either you or someone with a very similar screen name) Being on this forum.... around half a year ago?
  17. Touch'e... however eyes turn that colour when using force rage...
  18. In SW however eyes turn yellow...
  19. It is in this very thread and fairly obvious. Here: http://www.griskey.com/ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cheers... im not usually this lazy
  20. It is... But it always goes some shade of gray / dark colour
  21. The player characters have hair colours changes... experiment some
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