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  1. This is a role-playing game and people actually do fall in love and have sex in the real world ( ). As a good role-player, I would welcome the ability to develop and express feelings of romantic nature to some degree. Forcing these out of the game completely just makes the experience incomplete and hence less enjoyable for me. Looks like hating on romance seems to be the trendy thing to do now.. For me, playing a sociopath seems only fun for so long.
  2. Play the game you want to play. If you want to have fun that way, impose a restriction on yourself to finish the dungeon with the supplies you have and if you fail, reload to the very start of the dungeon. I actually share your opinion but these games just can't ever be made for everyone. What one loves the other one hates. Luckily you can play the game any way you want and you should not let anything get in the way of that.
  3. I'm only taking Edér, Aloth and Kana for my first run so that I can enjoy the others later.. loving all three, great job! Edér is a cool guy, I have a hard time imagining myself not picking him up in any of my future runs.
  4. Solo, straight out of the caravan? I don't believe you.Possible with a cipher on hard, go have fun ^^
  5. I'm 39hrs in and only like 1hr lost due to one weird bug with companions. Provided you save regularly and make backups and read up on the biggest bugs (just a few), I think you're fine and I'm loving every second of the game. If you only plan on playing the game once or twice I'd say wait a bit. Otherwise I'd go for it.
  6. Should be this week unless there was a change of plans.
  7. Thing is, most of the IE stuff is clearly not intentional, force talking Firkraag and then killing him without getting attacked back is not what the devs wanted. Here the "quality of life" parts of the game is very much intentional, and I hate handicapping myself on purpose because a game is too easy, any game get's difficult if you turn of the screen, doens't mean I'm gonna do it. (Over the top example I know)My gripe with the stash is that even with it turned off, it's not really turned off. All the crafting stuff goes there automatically, and if you press loot all by accident it goes to the stash as well, which then makes it silly that you'd have to walk to your stash because your loot magically transported there. And not being able to drop items also makes it hard to handicap myself on the stash, since I can't remove any of the stuff unless I sell it, and if I don't sell all the trash I'll end up having an insane mess. My current "fix" is to only loot what I would consider "good" loot, no more ****ty armours or pokers from my enemies, fine or better items only. Which will hopefully help with the insane gold amount I got after only five levels of Endless paths. I do my best to stick to proper "rping" but some of the stuff is very immersion breaking anyway. Yeah I would also like these issues to be addressed in the game's settings rather than having to impose restrictions upon myself or use mods. Until that happens I'm gonna keep forcing myself but I suppose it won't hurt to be vocal.
  8. My laptop: Intel HD 3000 (64mb) Intel core i5-2520M CPU @2.50 GHz 4.0 GB RAM Win7 pro Works okay on native resolution (1600x900) with 'msaa 00' set in console to turn off antialising. Gotta do it for every transition which sucks so hopefully that'll be fixed soon. By okay I mean pretty much flawless except for when there are dust particles in the air etc. or sometimes in big fights. Works flawless on 1024x768 or less but for now the UI doesn't scale and on 800x600 you can't even see the entire chat so it's out of the question. I've been playing on native but I'll probably be switching to 1024x768 for dungeons since bigger engagements and some particular spells can be a bit too demanding.
  9. kat7ra I feel you. But for example BG and BG2 are extremely easy games if you chose to exploit the various cheap tricks and AI glitches in the game. So what do you do instead? Don't forget to play the game you want to. Don't feel obliged to use cheap tricks if you discover some. Disable infinite inventory if you don't like it. Don't metagame your second, third or any other play through. Don't reload when you 'discover' a trap too late. For example, I always return to the stronghold to check up on the new upgrade and issue a new one with the statue. I wouldn't have to but it makes sense to me. I justified taking the keep with this char but maybe I won't take it with the next one, even if it proves to be an advantage. Heck, I've been distributing talents and skills on level ups based on what each character has been doing during that time so if we're spending time in the woods, everyone gets some survival. Ofc it's also fun to make the most (im)balanced party. Maybe I'll do that some other time but there are so many different ways to play these games so why not enjoy them all? I think anyone that played the old IE games for a few times will tell you that they're neither difficult nor easy. They're what you make them to be.
  10. People seem to be just looking for stuff to complain about. You'd be tabbing to see if it's a normal npc or someone you can interact with anyway and since they're labeled with color there's nothing easier than to ignore them if you wish to do so. First world problems do seem like a laugh compared to what you guys must be going through while passing by those npcs.
  11. Same issue here. I'm just relieved that it wasn't (entirely) the fault of my rather weak setup and I'm looking forward to the fix. Won't stop me from playing though gotta use those transition times and slow saves for working on my game knowledge and theory crafting.
  12. Yeah, same. There were also no wichts in the closed off room to the NW.As for wichts, I didn't notice any until I killed all the constructs, 'talked' to Azo and went upstairs to talk with the warden. I thought it's weird that I got no dialogue options with Azo and there was no quest update so I came back down one more time and suddenly there were some 4 wichts in the middle of the main room that attacked me. I found an extra construct that I killed and nothing changed. The quest finished when I left the building.
  13. Those big boys of RPG you spoke of also had plenty of immersion breakers. Jokes referencing reality shows and whatnot. I don't see the tombs as a problem myself. I did feel the keep came a bit too early but then again I enjoy playing around with it. Some extra npc servants should def. be added. I can imagine them but I shouldn't need to.
  14. I think one is coming this week. I didn't personally run into any big issues yet but what I would like to see is an updated thread of 'Things you should avoid doing' that would list the currently unfixed bugs and how to avoid experiencing them. Is there anything like that available on the site/forums? I can't seem to be able to find it..
  15. You can also access the throne room by taking the stairs down in the room where you get the robes for cover, fighting your way through and sneaking by to the right of the throne room. Hope that helps.
  16. Haha I spent like 20 minutes before I figured out you just walk through the main gate - there's no door clicking, you just need to find the ground to click and march forward. Is that the problem? I wondered if I was alone keke Also I blame Kana for whining about how he can't get in.
  17. Like Justinian, I convinced Azo to let me in, then killed everyone else and talked to Azo on the way back. He's asked me 'what have you done?' To which I said I had no time and that exhausted my dialogue options with him. Everything okay upstairs.
  18. I just did it with a 6 member party on hard. All LVL 3 iirc: Edér, Cipher (PC, mostly mind control), Kana, Aloth, Priest, Barb. Don't forget to eat all kinds of food and drinks before the engagement to give you buffs. Otherwise it's all about picking the right targets. I tried fooling around and retreating, putting one guy at the front etc. but that never worked, just lost a man for free and then got overrun. I opted to just choose one side and target one of the paladins/champs with pretty much my entire group, while spider-webbing and fan-flaming the rest and using cipher to distract the champs/pals. Perhaps the most important thing was to look for anyone weak (spellcasters/archer/guard guy) and slay them the moment they got within reach, then re-focus back on the tank guy. Ranging the archmages at the start of the fight as Prestidigitator suggests seems like a more elegant solution but I didn't have the firearms to do that, so it was just about waiting which one decides it's a good idea to run within range. I was probably going to die as I ended up exhausted and a member down while facing two champs and Raedric but then they targeted Aloth and I knew he was done so I just ran him as far away as I could and that bought me the needed time to then mind control one of the champs, gang the other guy and then deal with the last one. It took me about 2 hours so there was a learning curve (if you're a sub-par player such as myself) but I'm confident I could repeat that now. Good luck.
  19. Well I enjoyed every single one I encountered and am looking forward to reading some more. But like others said it would be much better if there was some further way of interacting with the NPCs. I'm sure that mod will come one day
  20. You disagree because it's wrong, or because you love banana's? I'd seriously like to hear some counter-crits here as the OP has pointed out some factual issues. Except they are not factual issues. I've been playing the game on hard without any beta participation, just previous IE experience, and I'm having no major issues and I'm enjoying the combats thoroughly and usually have all my spells exhausted in no time. I can't identify with a single issue he listed because I simply haven't encountered any of them. OP if you have been playing on 'nightmare' or whatever it's called, please do consider lowering the difficulty to at least 'hard' so that you can have as much fun as I do. Don't worry, others won't laugh at you for it. I would like to applaud the people who came up with the system as it seems to be a lot of fun Particularly the 'combat only' feats are a lot of fun to play around with.
  21. Maybe this will help? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72049-workarounds-for-several-known-issues-3-27-15/?p=1601572 Worked like a charm for me, smooth as Minsc's head!! Many users have reported running into framerate issues and frequent crashing. If this is happening on your machine, please attempt to disable anti-aliasing to increase performance. This can be done by pressing the ` key, (the one to the left of the 1 key on your keyboard). This opens the command console. Then type into the console "msaa 0" without the quotes, and hit the enter key. After doing this you should notice an increase in performance and hopefully this will help to resolve the issue. This needs to be repeated on each transition. We are working on creating a toggle in the options menu. Otherwise lowering resolution also solved the framerate issue for me but the UI doesn't scale (yet?) so I'd get parts cut off. I hope that'll get fixed soon so that I don't have to push my laptop to its limits But for now it's well worth it.
  22. Okay hi everyone, sorry to bother you but would anyone have any thoughts on my chances of running the game with a 64mb card? :D Since it's a laptop I don't think I can upgrade it :/ I'm of course thinking lowest details/resolution/no effects etc. That's how I play all games anyway. Or, will there be a way to try out the game to see if it runs, like a demo? Or can I get my money back if it doesn't work? Sorry, I'm new to Steam.
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