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  1. Hello all. Been 3 years since my last posting. Using a old computer, can't really see this web page too well. I'm a old member from the 1998 era, till they switched forums in 2004. Glad to see my account still has a blood pulse, in the database..he he. What am I playing now? Well, just left off World of warcraft Classic era, after a 2019-2022 (march) effort. Trying to play is more like it. The servers have a rocky population health record. I ended up being the sole auction house seller on Stalagg server for a year and a half. Now I'm letting the servers fament abit, to see if they repop properly. So, I'm dusting off old CD's to replay. Looking at Neverwinter Nights (version 1), currently. Havent made contact with any servers yet. Are any of the old Black Isle members still around on this forum? Didn't see any. Anyways, I'm keeping an eye on you Obsidian. Hope things go well for your future projects.
  2. Hello all ex-Black Isle and Obsidian.et forum'ers. Hope you are all well. Returned to add a post, since its been, maybe, 2 years since my last post. Didn't want a script to erase my account here, because of the time delay. Returned to playing Classic WOW. So far, no regrets. On a pvp server, haven't hit 60 yet. I had a WOW story typed here, but after trying to copy post, to prevent its accidental erasal, before a failed post submission, I hit the wrong key on this too-small- keyboard, and it got flushed down the...whatever. Grrr. So, I'll just say, glad this site still has a heartbeat. Thx for keeping my picture icon up, after ..how many years? * counts fingers*…(looses track..gets a pencil)..21 years? Yikes...
  3. Hello Obsidian members..and B. Isle diehards. Been playing BF1942, since last May '17. Still has 2 servers active. Hoping for Bliz to activate the Classic server(s) they promised 11/4/17. ...now ganna browse throu forum, and see whats new since I last logged on here... My best to the staff at Obsidian, laters.
  4. Hello fellow Obsidians and Black Isle Diehards I am attempting to replay Lionheart Legacy of the Crusader. Need patch 1.1 English, but unable to find a working link on google. Tried Fileplanet, softpedia, gamepressure, gamershell, angelfire. No luck. I'm not looking for the widescreen support patch, just the normal bug fixing patch. Hope you guys are doing well, both the forum members and the Obsidian company affiliates as well.
  5. Hello Obsidians ( and old Black Isle diehards) The topic title refers to the Neverwinter Nighs 2 game I bought in 2006, but couldn't get to work .. untill 2 days ago. Bought a new over the counter computer 2 days ago, for the express purpose of trying to get the game to finally work. I was happy to see it load successfully in the store, during the stores testing of machine. Then I bought the box, bought a pizza, went home, and started to play it...finally. Game was probably part of the initial first 1000 games every produced, version 1. So I never knew all these... 8+ years ...if it ws the game's fault why I couldnt get it to work. I was the first (as far as I know) customer to write a review on this game, on Black Isle forum. Since I couldnt say much about the game play, the people who replied to the topic concentrated instead on what kind of pizza I bought during my attempts to make it work. Poor Fergus and the other developers tried to help me get it to work, but in the end my old 2001 box simply coulnt supply the graphics requirements...or the xp operating system needs of the game. By the way, the pizza I bought 2 days ago was a large cheese pizza with 3 toppings of garlic. The interface in NWN2 seemed cruder than NWN1 (no radial click option control). It also seemed very picture story orientated in the official module. My intended toon is my usual caster-scout. This would be a rogue(1) / shadow thief of Amn (1) / sorcerer ( 8 ) / trickster (10). The trickster needed 2d6 sneak attack, thats why I needed the shadow thief. The darn shadow thief membership requiremnet turned out to be a headache for me, since I'm playing blind. I can't level my level 7 guy untill I get it. Finally I googled membership to find out its somewhere along the Neverwinter thief guild quest line. Luckily I used the thief fork in the quest road, and not the guards version. Still, if any replier wants to enlighten me with some walk throu info, I'd appreciate it. If the patches or expansions added NWN radial options off the mouse cursers, later on after 2006, I'd like to know about it. Also I can't customize how my toon looks gear wise, like in NWN1. That saddens me. Can I use the multiplayer option, to run 3 custom made teammates, like in Balder's Gate series? Anyways, this report on the game gives optimistic closure on a worthwile game. I felt kinda guilty that I fed a "cant get it to work" report on the 1st day it hit the shelves (in canada and New England I believe). BTW ... isn't that Volourn guy banned again yet? (wink)
  6. I think thats the best explaination of why I don't like v4..that I have yet seen.. in word form.
  7. New PC Game announced: Neverwinter. From a Febuary article in PC Gamer that caught my eye as I passed a magazine rack. Its a MMORPG thats being put out by the company Cryptic ( who did Champions Online and Star Trek Online). The game is essentially a form of Neverwinter Nights 3 continuation of the Bioware game line. The bad news, in my opinion, is that the company plans on using version 4 DnD rules...and not the generally preffered unofficial (v3.75?) Pathfinder rules that sentimental gamers are fond of. This means I won't buy it. Anyways, since I didn't see any posts about this news during a quick forum search, I thought I'd give you guys here the heads up. Maybe this forum can spam enough objections about the version choice outloud...so that Cryptic will dump the v4 idea, and go with Pathfinder instead.
  8. Hello to all forum members. I just started buying these Pathfinder RPG books, to study the game. I'm pleased to find it paletable. It is a worthy child of the 1-3.5 edition family of D& D. A friend suggested I take a look at it, after learning I was finding a hard time finding something new to play...in this period of depressing PC gaming options of 2012/2013. I noticed this new edition tries to sell its simplification efforts by adding suger and pachachutes to prospective gaming customers...for example dumping the cruel cross-class rules of 3.5, to allow anyone off the street to max out on whatever skill takes his/her fancy, without too much effort. It follows the style of World of Warcraft..when that game began populating limitless graveyards on their maps, so that the dead player only had to walk 10 steps in the world to get back to his/her dead body (in 2008?). Still, snobbery or crusty 'ol gamer remarks aside, I am pleased with the game. ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- I have a question about: Casters using a Feat to allow a different Primary stat to be used to effect their arcane spellcasting class. I am currently interested in a search for such a option, that will allow Wizards to draw their spell power from charisma. This search is out of curiousity mostly, and not for power-gaming purposes. I would like to be tempted with a class that is a no-nonsence arcane caster that is eager to indulge in a sence of comliness-based vanity. So far I've seen only DM-special house rules comments to such effects in google searches. I also read of near-relevant topics that spoke of sorcerers whos sage type bloodloines drew off intelligence instead ( which doesnt help me). Does anyone here know of a feat or even a class..that allows for a vanity-wizard option..who can cast 9th lvl arcane spells by lvl 20. I specified 9th level, so that noone pointed out the duel class presige options out there that offered a weak lvl 8 spell possibility..as I have seen such classes in my books.
  9. Stopping by to say "hi" to the old Black isle die hard posters and new members. I see Obsidian changed the web page. My 2001 computer can barely read anything on my screen. Must be my security settings or sumthing. What am I playing lately? Stronghold (2001 version). Blizzard banned me again from World of Warcraft in April 2012, saying I'm a gold seller...and a disruption of their economic system. Of course ..its not true at all, but that didn't stop em. Sent a reply to em..but no response. Maybe now I'll get a 2nd job..and get a new computer..so I can finally play NeverwinterNights 2, which my current computer can't play..no matter how much I fiddle with the patches and video settings. Is that Volourn still here? Unbelievable.. Well, nice to see a few familiar faces are still here I couldnt find the relpy title entry...entry boxes are either invisable, light blue, or sumthing. I tryed click-searching and cursur rubbing the screen, but couldnt find it. Man, I need a new computer. edit note: Hey! Where'd my BG1 elf avatar go? Hmm..
  10. When I first met Drizz't, in late 1997, I wasn't aware of his legenday status in the novel industry as yet. Story time... My shy scout was sneaking through a unfamiliar area..then the lower screen started showing combat results and damage, for something happening somewhere. So, I'm like..."huh?" and I hit the pause button, and look at my guys who are hiding far far away on map. They are safe. Hmm..whats going on? I unglue pause, and rub away more grey map. Some guy is beating up big guys-with-halberds..alone. Another hireable npc? Hmm..I hope he's a Cleric, haven't found 1 yet, and I need 1 bad. Wow..look at him run! His speed is unbelieveable! Now, if my scout could run like that...hmm *rubs chin *. "Shakes head" I'm a nice guy..I don't do that kinda thing. Besides, he looks kinda like a elf. At least, I think thats a elf. *fight ends..and Drizz't starts running toward the magically invisable 'and' stealthed scout Ross Witchen..who is wearing 'Boots of Non-Detection'. He's the primary character and doesn't talk to ANYONE, unless the path of the story demands it* Hey, he's coming right for me! What the %^&$. * hits pause button* I'm too far from the map edge, and he's way too fast. He's probably ganna cough on me, and give me a disease or sumething..or place some dam gees on me. Besides, he shouldn't be seeing me. I've played Activisions's Battlezone custom senarios..so I'm aware of a computer code that lets the computer say to AI's "hey...Mr. Nasty..he's over there..here's the exact ccordinates". Decision...I-am-not talking-to-this-computercheat. He's ganna have to die. So the very parinoid scout turns off steath..and runs toward his party. Party is given attack orders..party = paladin from the ground worm map..A'sumething, the mouse Ranger guy, his girl friend that almost got me killed, a shy elf mage with a sword I want, and someone else that Ived forgotten. Lots of Invisibility spells memorized, since this was a scouting mission only. The attack order makes Drizz't go red circle (I think..unless its after the 1st attack). I pass my guys, who attempt attack, while I run by screaming "get him off me..get him off me". Ya ya...you novel readers are probably thinking...this guy has got to start reading more mainstream books. Anyways..thanks to Black Isl'es unawareness that there are people like me who play computer games, I have a Zues-powered boss on my butt, and I don't know it yet. My guys land ranged attacks on Drizz't. Little if any effect. Uh oh. And the worse thing is...Black Isle has Drizz't programmed with a "kill the main character 1st" script..as if the tatle-tail script wasn't bad enough. Now I hate Drizz't..and the programmer who put him in this game. * I pause the game* I get something to drink..and my hands are sweating and shaking abit. I've lost control of my scouting efforts..and I don't like it. "target lock" that thought , again, made me think of Battlezone (the original version..not the crappy version 2). In battlezone..automatic static guntowers maintain a "target lock" on the 1st target that comes into its 200 meter range..whether they have line-of-fire (or LOS..in WOW terms) to the target or not. So, if u drive a useless non-combat tug near it..behind a big rock..the gun tower will just stare at it...all day..waiting for a chance to fire. During that target lock..another tank can drive up to it...and fire at the tower..while the tower ignores the tank. This is a good thing. Ok, lets try it...you guy cast invisibility on eachother..just to be safe..then make a invisible circle with that big rock over there. Hurry, this wierdo is getting closer. * Ross witchen* uses alot of pause-unpause babysteps around objects, to make crude AI pathing program waste time taking longer to go around the same objects. In 2011, I think the AI takes these turns much better in other games. K, they are almost done...here I come. *runs into the circle, a character closes the door* Gosh...how I love object-orientated game design. Now I start shooting at Zues...I mean..Drizz't, whatever. I run outa bolts, and he's not dead yet. Wow...look at him run around my circle, looking for a way to get at me. He's ganna break my monitor running around that fast. Plus, im kinda weak at shooting. So, I get our best bowman, after carefully pulling him outa the outer circle. I'm cutting it close, Drizz't can almost reach me. Finnally, this guy dies...7(9?) rep point loss toward evil. Who is this guy? Ok, time for those magical items that make him run fast *drools*. Scimitars, and stone shaped like a cat? Nothing else that I remember. What a jip. End of story ---- ------- ------- ------- ------ ------ ------- -- BTW, thanks to WOW's insecure new player access to thier servers, throu a 3rd party ID system, the e-mail account that I almost never ever use had been hacked. The hacker now poses as my e-mail's alias ( P-sumthing). So if this Oblivian...I mean..*looks up at top of screen* Obsidian gets spam mail from my old old old e-mail account, know it wasn't me. And, I quit WOW because of this incident. ---- ---- ---- --- Edit: Noticed I keep refering to Battlezone 1. I also know that wiki currently says BZ didnt appear till 1998. This is an error on wiki's part, as BZ and G-Police were distributed free with STB video cards. I had bought the video card to play BG1, and was surprized to find the 2 free games
  11. This is a continuation of the thread "Making a honest lvl 300 is possible." (of May 2010). The project to make a honest level 400, started on January 7th, 2010, is about to finish. At present the character is level 390. Leveling is continueing at about +1 level per day. Level 400 will be reached after aquiring about 80 million XP (experience points). As a reminder, the Aventian server family limits XP rewards for non-bosses at 250 xp each (maximum). Other than 110,000 XP awarded from DM's from quests, this has been a non-DM assisted character. Project player is planning to have 110,000 removed to make it 100% non-DM assisted before the level 400 goal is reached. As this will be the highest recorded honest and legal 'Gary Gygax era' type D&D character (technically...editions 1 to 3, or editions of 1974 to 2008) ever made, I am inviting all interested NWN (NeverWinter nights) players to join in the closing event. I will be spending the next ten + days (till August 12th,2110) at a special "afk farm" on Aventia's South Isle subserver. You are welcome to join me there to witness the final processing and to chit-chat with me, or others that may be there. If watching a 390+ running circles around a XP farm area bores you, you can brouse through the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of dungeons and areas that have been added to the Aventian family, since 2002. Yes, Aventia is a very old NWN1 server family. It takes five subservers to keep the content sorted properly (and increased needed server population during the busy times). But, don't let this description lead you to think this is an advertisement for players. Aventia, like many of the old NWN internet servers, are slowly dieing away. The few old and faithful sentimental members are the only thing that provide a living blood pulse, to keep such servers alive. But, Aventia is not dead yet. And the disatisfaction from other Internet games, such as WOW, have resulted in alot of ex-NWN'ers to taking a 2nd look at their old stomping grounds. This means old players with knowledge of old tricks, class development, non-hack applications of soft bugs, and boring statistical mathematical formulas (combat, saves, etc) are back. They can teach any new players their secret tricks. Invitations to the special level 400 event have been issued to various gaming magazine contacts, old writers of Dragon Magazine, and gaming designers of todays modern XP using systems. They may be available to discuss anything D&D, or about systems that rely on experience points. Philosophies of the use of experience points in gaming will probably be discussed, given the nature of the special event. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- Incase you unwilling or unable to review the earlier "Making a honest lvl 300 is possible." thread, here is some details about the Aventia world, from which this soon-to-be level 400 is developing from. Aventia was founded in 2002, as a Action type PvP setting. It soon became one of the top three Action servers to choose from, allowing 75 players per sub-server. At that time level 20 was the highest possible, and the present system for post level 40 advancement was of course not yet in existance. Dozens of scripters and dungeon designers and dungeon designers, from all over the world contributed areas to the Aventia world. Today you can see various headstones and signs that inform you who made the area, and when. As the years went on the levels grew, 1st to level 30, then to level 40. Soon after the level 40 upgrade, the decision was made to allow leveling past level 40, all the way to the theoretical limit of about level 2047 (approx) (* see far bottom). Special Aventian scipts gave very meager rewards for continuing on past level 40, so basically players only went on past level 40 for egotistical reasons (subject to opinion by others). Never-the-less, the new Aventian leveling system did allow for new challenges. As the policies in WOW (for example), in 2009, became increasingly annoying to the older WOW-classic-players, the old WOW'ers (like me) left, reluctantly, to look up old friends, like Aventia. After kicking the can around there for abit, I took up the challenge to make a level 400 D&D character. Maybe I saw it as a last chance to do something very old-D&D'ish. Its similiar to the attitude, why do climbers climb mountains that have never been climbed before? Yes, I was aware of the massive time required to do something boring, more than one called me crazy for trying, but, I was willing. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- .. -- Anyways, the present Aventia is kept on life support by a noble gentleman called Ralt Gaither (player alias), out of his own wallet. Aventia uses the latest CEP rating, incase your wondering why you can't get in. So, come on down and see a bit of D&D history take place, before the silly 'D&D version four' and fake-D&D gaming cronies take over for good. Talk to the old D&D'ers that have been stopping by lately and say hello. After lvl 401, I'll add a update to the "Making a honest level 300 is possible." thread, then retire...kinda, and go back to playing level 1-8's, which is more fun for me. * (comment to above ) some say it was after level 20 that Aventia had balancing issues, like other servers, which led to its popularity to slowly bleed away. This accelerated as more maximum levels were added. Kinda reminds you of WOW's problem eh?
  12. /// Can you make a honest and legal lvl 300, on Aventia's post lvl 40 action server family, in less than 6 months? Yes you can. /// Below I will provide assortments of documentations that other players can review, to aid them in any efforts that relate to achieving lvl 300. lvl 300 requires a accumulation of 44,850,000 experience points. This must be achieved on the only modern post-lvl 40 server family that exists in the wiorld, that of "Aventia". XP caps for non-bosses are set at 250, thus you cannot get higher rewards for a kill of non-boss targets, no matter how high the CR (creature rating) is. Boss kills, which are not numerous at all, max out at around 1,000 xp. It is possible to recieve xp rewards from DM's, for completed quests, and that will be discussed abit below. Below I will discuss a character of mine, Ross Witchen, who just achieved lvl 300 today. ------ ------- ----- * Ross Witchen: Rogue(2),Sorcerer(38). 1/2-Elf Chaotic Good. The current Ross Witchen lvl 300 was started in August, 2009. On May, 12th 2010 he achieved lvl 300. * Primary spells used (Spell name(spell lvl)): Black Blade(9),Acid Fog(6), Incendiary Cloud(, Isaac's Greater Magic Missle(6), Item-Magic Mushroom-Storm of Vengeance(9), Item-Ring of 9 Lives-Heal(6), Scintillating Sphere(3). Feats maximum spell, Empower Spell used on most AoE(Area of Effect) casts. * XP rewards from DM's (total = 110k) 10k (10,000) xp from DM tasx in 12/2009 from quest 100k xp from DM/admin Ralt Gaither in 01/2010 from quest. No xp was transferrd to this player from another toon. * XP farms used: Marshland-Orcs,Bugbears(naria sub-server)..lvl 10-20. Dryad Forest-Dryads(naria)........ .......lvl 20-40. General Party Adventuring......... .......lvl 40-50. Tas's Expert Dungeon(Test,later Dusk)......lvl 50-80. Tas's Professional Dungeon......... ......lvl 80-100. Village of Time, area 1-Bears,wolves(naria).lvl 100-242. Village of Time, area 2-Horses,boars ........lvl 200-242. This area used with reluctance and infrequently. Void,Crypt of the Sleeper-Stingers(dusk)....lvl 125-198. I loved this place. Void, Haunted House-Shadow Wraiths.... ....lvl 198-242. Path to Wolfguard Castle-Winter Wolves(South Isle)..lvl 100-200. Outside Wolfguard Castle-Frost Wraiths......lvl 200-242. These were hard for me to do. Ellurygoth wasteland-Yuan Ti's ... .... ... .. lvl 242-300. Yes, this was the best farm I could find at the highest food chain, CR 650'ish. By lvl 299 I was getting 148 xp from each when solo. * lvls gained by date: lvl 128 = 1/9/10; lvl 192 = 2/8/10 lvl 256 = 3/18/10 ; lvl 300 = 5/12/10 * Attack Bonus's rewarded to casters, using the Aventian post-40 system ( for any1 curious) +1 AB at lvl 80; +2 AB at lvl 149 +3 AB at lvl 200; +4 AB at lvl 254 * QP(Quest point) Item aquisition sequence: 1st=Grtr Caster Rune=September/2009 2nd=Necklace = October; 3rd=Boots = November 3rd=Sling = December; 4th=Cloak = December 5th-6th=Belt/Glove = January 7th-9th=Helm/Ring1/Armor = 2/13/2010 10th-11th=Ring2/Buckler = 04/27/10 2nd-11th were each a lesser qp item of 1 million gp in value(each) ----------- ------- -------- \\\\\ General Notes \\\\\ * Flow rate: This is what you are interested in when farming, xp in relation to time. Generally your looking for at least 10k xp between caster rests. And you want to find areas that give you at least 20k when complete (after about 10 minutes of effort). * The lower the average party lvl is, the more xp rewards u get per kill. Most know this already. Basically, the bigger a bully you are, the less reward game will give you. So if some low levels want to follow you for free xp, you let them join. * 80% of the farming done by this Ross Witchen was done alone (solo). Aventia is currently not heavily populated, so, if you see 6 players on one server, its a high point. Most of the time the Aventia servers only have 0-1 players on. * Most monster spawns reset after about 18 minutes. * Since Aventia has 3 interconnected servers that offer xp by kill, I used a special technique from lvl 125-242...called "Log farming". In log farming, I selected the best farm I could use on each server, and simply logged to a fresh server after I cleared a certain area of all its monsters. By the time I returned to a certain server, the monsters had reset. * Till lvl 200, elemental based AoE spells kept trying to kill me. Sometimes it succeeded. At level 200 the chief administrator sold me a armor with 75% acid immunity (and 25% sonic vulnerability). This made my farming much less stressfull. It was custom item that is bought using aventia's qp system. ** The major effort for the lvl 300 project was started on 01/7/10 when Ross Witchen was lvl 125. I announced to player Ice that I would begin a non-stop push to get lvl 300 at fast as possible, then move on to lvl 400. this effort involved a minimum of 6 hours per day of farming xp, on some days 12 hours. At first 5 levels per day were possible, but by 280+ only +1 was possible, tho I did two +2 level gains per day (after lvl 280), to see if I could do it. Before lvl 125 I had been relaxing, and just leveled up multiple characters, as most players like to do. And I was playing other different game types, such as BF1942. * How was my character geared, and how did I play it? All his custom gear was designed for defence and caster stat-boosting only. He has no extra spell slots, no skill boosters, and no bonus feats on gear. He rested after killing four piles verytime, even if he still had plenty of spells left to cast. Each pile had about 14 monsters. After 14, I would lag abit, or server might initiate a despawn (south isle sub-server had despawn). He was designed as a "Caster-Scout", which is a design to operate solo in any situation, even in a boss kill effort. If you read Forgotten Relm books, the famous scout Vallas Hune was a "Blade Scout". My scouts operate very much like Vallas: shy, solo, mobile, and prefering events to occur on his terms. Except, I don't use melee, I use spells. I don't use a staff, I use a sling that has no ammo, and that doesnt work at all. Thats so that I can use special "game mechanic" tricks, which I won't get into here. Aventia should be publishing my custom gear in a gear book, viewable by all in Halls of Commerce sub-server. -------- ------- ----- Final Note and advice: If anyone is interested in making very high level characters with honest rolled up sleeve effort, I recommend using a caster to do the killing. Its much faster, and you can always use Aventia's re-leveler program to change it back to a melee tank, etc, after you are finished. Whenever you're making a character on D&D servers as flexible and modern as Aventia, I highly recommend you have your lvl 1 character possess at least a 14 in a caster stat..such as intell, wisdom, charisma. This enables you to temporarily make a caster type..to level up much faster, even if a tank is what you really wanted in the end. I will discuss spell casting tips, mechanics tricks, and farming techniques in a different post
  13. Howdy Black Isle fans Just stopping by to say hi to the old timers, (and so my account here isn't erased because of too many cobwebs ). Been playing NeverwinterNights 1 internet, Aventia action server, since last August. Stopped playing WOW since last...umm March I think. With D&D getting weirder and more limited, spell variety wise, figured my last project should be to make a lvl 2048 charaacter that Aventia supports. Then after, maybe I'll stick a crowbar in my wallet, get a new gameing box, and try a new game. Glad to see the new Fallout making a expansion. Haven't bought Fallout 3 yet tho, old box. Can't even play the NWN2 game I bought yet, cause of the error messages. Well, tell Fionovar and Howling 1 I said hi. Good luck with ur company Feargus.
  14. The game should be renamed... World of Snobbery The strong prey on the weak. The many bully the few. The Rich control the Auction House prices by buying anything underpriced, to resell later at higher prices (called reselling). And the players with no life farm all the mats, so theres none left for the players who don't have time to do such boring work. If you don't have much time to devote to the game, you'll have to settle for making a "niche" character, who trys to be good at some lower-than-max character level...like level 60, level 49, or even the popular level 19. Whatever you do tho, game $ (gold pieces) means everything. If you don't enjoy the economic aspects of the game (like I did) you'll get bored with the game real fast. Bags space is vital. Use all ur 10-man per server guys to simply have lots of bags space (extra players used only for bags are called "Mules"). I played it for over four years faithfully. Then Blizzard began taking away items from players who worked hard for them, to support even more snobbery game interference from the game designers themselves (for example, if you were under level 35, they didnt let you wear the hard to get "fishing boots" anymore). Think of it as if your at a D&D game, and your DM'er says hes ganna take away your Paladin's "Holy Avenger" sword (that the paladin went throu heck to finally get) because he didn't like it in the game anymore. Thats when I left. Bliz took away my gear, told me to run many insecure scripts on my computer ( to reduse lag issues on their servers), and demanded more private info about myself before I could submit a "Time-Card" to pay for my account. But, I can say, I'm glad I played it. Especialy the 1st two years (which we old WOW'ers call the "Classic" era).
  15. Still playing World of Warcraft 5 years so far? hmm We'll, as soon as I can afford to buy a new cimputer that can play that NwN2 game, I'll give that a try. BTW, still remember you Mr. Gygax. Didn't put a candle in window for ya on the 4th..but I did buy another WOW gamecard. Hope you are well.
  16. version 4 sounds bad Have'nt seen version 4 yet. But from these posts, its sounds like it was designed by game designers who didnt talk out the changes with the public too much, before writing em in stone. Gnome were out eh? Hmm. How 'bout the spell durations? Are they making em even shorter? * cringe*
  17. Found out kinda late, from a notation in World of Warcraft's latest patch. Good Bye Mr. Gygax, thanks for the game you helped make. And yes, I agree Dark_Raven. Good thing he won't see what the rule version-upgrade addicts will do to the essense of D&D rules. Changes just to get $, "streamlining", and a easier interface with comptuter gaming. Course, maybe I'm just being too sentimental. But I still say thief..not "rogue". He he.
  18. Fallout 1 timer fixed, but new crash-bug at large Thanks for the advice Starwars, Fallout 1 Master-Timer is off, after 1.1 install. There is now a new bug. Everytime my character, who is wearing BoS Armor, is hit by a lazer shot from a Mutant patroler, near the (ex-)Dipping Base, game freezes up. Didn't happen in previous 1.0 version. Is there a way to bypass this bug?
  19. Question for continuous play, Fallout 1 I want to play game continuously, just for fun. I'm getting close to the point in March, where game will automatically end if you didn't kill the Master. How do I get game to allow me to keep playing, without having to resort to hacking into the save file, to change the game date? Doing all the water merchant payoffs aren't helping. But I remember there was a trick, or download that some1 could do, to keep playing. But that was years ago, and I forgot.
  20. Still playing World of Warcraft, on several PvP servers. 99% of em are rogues. Specializing in low lvl super-twinks for Contested zone PvP ( lvl 8, lvl 12, lvl 22-23 mostly). I have a QUESTION tho, about NWN2: I bought the game many months ago, but couldn't play it due to it not working. Also I didn't have room for the 10 gb patch. My questions are 1) Do the NWN2 games on the store shelves right now need that patch too, or are they shipped already upgraded? 2) If NwN2 still shipped with original "defect", is there a way I can download the patch in a series of smaller pieces?
  21. Can someone list the exact alignments of the following for me? : - Khelgar - Neeshka - Qara - Grobnar - Shanora - Ammon Will be a few months till I re-try to load NWN2. So I'm ganna do some overplanning. Also, side question: if i remove 10 levels of sorcerer, and replace it with Prestige spellcaster ( Trickster in my case), will I make it easier for a enemy to roll DC vs my spells? Both the SR or the overall save DC, in otherwords. I don't want to bother with Prestige, if my spells are easier to avoid..even by a tiny amount.
  22. Ya, me too. Can't patch up. Need crit rebuild. I can't play the un-patched version either. I get a 0xc0000034 error message. I'll wait 2 months, and come back later to forum to see if game is fixed. I don't wanna push my luck, and get any "curse of Pools of Radiance 2" thing. Gatta get ready for the WOW expansion anyways. March I think.
  23. Its the retail version, bought from a EB store, to answer your question. And I found the support page link. But, there was no file there to deal with the "crit" problem.
  24. Load for NwN2 took 50 minutes. But, upon hitting Play, game " failed to initialize" Clicked on update, but each of the 2 attemptes ( and 1.25 hours), update failed after reaching 52 % ( patch_english.html#crit...which came after unzip of Data\NWN2_models.zip. I was directed to go to http:/nwn2.obsidian.net/support/....but I can't find a link for any such address. So right now, I can neither play game, nor patch it. Will keep trying..somehow.
  25. Ok, opened box of NWN2. System requirements: Pent 4 2.4 GB+; 512 Ram, 8x CDRom, Nvidia 6600 +, Win XP compatable sound card, Direct X 9.0. Inside:177p manual. Printed out like the last NWN1 manual. 7 Disks. Thats it, no flyers etc. Spells: As posted on web sites. No different spells that I could see. Sorcerer / Wizard spell list choices much smaller that what your used to in NWN1 2nd expansion. At least 9th lvl Bigby Crushing Hand is still in there. Else I'd be crying. Misch: Acid Bombs are listed. Thats a very good thing. Almost every end boss hates acid. On my mind right now is henchman to mule my stuff easily, sequenser robes, bags of holding. If they are all there, I'll exhale. I sure hope this game doesn't have a vital NPC, that if he dies by his/her own actions, stops the game. I remember that dwarf in ICE2, at the beginning. He attacked some goblins, died, and I got a message saying I couldn't play anymore, cause some vital NPC died. I was like..."what?!". I hadn't even met the Dwarf yet, so I didn't know what they were talking about. I was far far away busy fighting for my life from wave upon wave of gobby's. Ok, loading up game.
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