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  1. Pizza is fine, as always. Takes a Greek to know how to make pizza good. Lots of cheese, large size, and a pizza box that has double gauge cardboard. Umm, also, EB sold a Strategy Guide for game. This is a good thing, as it can offer extra info, incase manual is too skimpy on the Creation info. I haven't opened NWN2 yet, pizza comes 1st. And I wanted a X-mas list from you guys as to what I should say, and what I shouldn't.
  2. I bought NWN2, and a large mushroom pizza ( w/ 3 toppings of chunky garlic). Do you guys want a report on it? Or Are you satisfied on the reports you have so far? If so, what do you wanna know? The game I mean...not the pizza.
  3. I see NWN2 (till any expansion comes out anyways) removed the fire and acid shield spells from sorc / wiz spell list. Good. Many serious caster gamers considered them the best way to kill dangerous threats at top end play, cause the damage bypassed saving throws. It was all "reflection" damage. Everytime a mob hit the shield, if hurt itself. But, the reason I'm glad, is because when they were allowed in game, caster would run up to a mob...spread out its arms and expose itself..and say.."hit me, hit me". Thats not the long range hitting, cowardly, very parinoid old D&D caster I'm used to seeing. Too weird. Oh...hi Pope, volourn, and (hairy) Sarg. Nice to see your still around. I see other familiar faces too.
  4. WOW = World of Warcraft BTW ( by the way :D), you must be the 1st computer gamer I've ever met that is from Turkey. Are you connected by satalite, or wire, for your internet access. Are you from the interior, or from the more developed cities near Europe? And how are the canadians on this forum treating you? Volourne is behaving himself, I hope? You gatta keep an eye on these canadians here, they can be tricky.
  5. Still playing WOW. Stop by at Tichondrius, and say "hi", on alliance side of course. Need to make your 1st charachter ever, on WOW? Say your from Obsidian forum, and I'll set u up for faster lvl'ing. Laters
  6. Yikes! I've been away from the Obsidian Forum for months and months. Stopped by to make any posting, so that I could keep my account. And I see that the Forum has shrunk, by alot. Some Kotor discussions ( whatever that is..never played it), and some idle chit chat. No spam from the Dwarf Volourn? And the one entry from Fionovar was a boot licking...don't pick on Bio plee? ( he he, yes the 60's are indeed dead i guess...Nixon, come back to life...its safe now). Ok, I'll scan throu the forum some more. Maybe the comments from famous Dwarves or 'ol Furball are buried somewhere. Then I'll return to my WOW games.
  7. I bought BF2 yesterday. Hoped I could get it to work on my W98 Operating System. No luck so far. Any1 have any tips on how to shoehorn BF2 onto a W98? Ya..I know it sounds like a repeat of my last "shoehorn" atttempt....to put ICE2 on my 200 mhz PC years ago...what can I say. I don't feel like buying Win2000, and another harddrive. Oh..BTW...Hi everyone. Playing WOW on Tichonderous server...so stop by an say Hi.
  8. Whats my status in WOW? Currently playing WOW 66 hours a week. Started on Febuary 11th, 2005. I have 2 "Rosswitchen" characters. 1 on Khadgar PvE server. 1 on Tichonderous PvP server. I run 2 non-Guild goldpiece money making organizations called the Orbb Corporation. Orbb sells raw materials and potions in Auction House everyday. Over 100 members / associations in Khadgar server (company HQ u might say), and a weak starter franchise on Tichonderous ( 11 player members / associates ). Orbb depends on the following: Gatherers ( rogue miner / herbalists ), Auction House Stockbrokers ( AH buy / sell price specialists), Chemists ( I never have enough of these ), Engineers ( to turn our stone / fabric into higher selling dynamite ), a few blacksmiths, and a few leatherworkers. 80% of members are gatherers, who "feed" the money making machine. Members don't see eachother, since all business is conducted through the mail. Members are part of various other guilds..or are non-guilded...for their "fun" time activities. Need to study servers, or find a player? go to www.warcraftrealms.com Why am I setting up on Tichonderous PvP server ? Tichonderous is 1 of the earliest servers made, and is thus using better computer hardware. Newly made servers seem to be getting weaker computers and server babysitters, just to meet the demand for handling the new thousands of extra players. Generally all servers capp out at 20,000 players. There are about 98 servers so far. Tichonderous (PvP)was also picked as my primary server, because Horde outnumber the Alliance here, more than any other stable server (53% of players are Horde). And I only play Alliance, so wanted the greatest challenge. Khadgar (PvE) was picked originally to learn the game, and it had the least lag for me. Need help playing WOW? You can contact me by making a temp / perm character in Tichonderous, then either whisper to me, or mail to me. Add a note u r from Obsidian Forum, so I don't scratch my head about why a stranger is talking to me. Posting here may not work. Was ummm 2? months since I last posted in Obsidian. Plus they keep changing forum organization, which keeps me lost in here.
  9. 3 favorite PnP with continuous worlds: 1) All the D&D s (1973 version on up ) 2) Twightlite 2000 3) I.C.E. (a better D&D'ish version...for the dedicated hardcore D&D'ers only) 2 non-continuous world types, but PnP technically 4) ASL ( Advanced Squad Leader) 5) UpFront ( barely a PnP..used a card game mechanics) BTW...waaaa haappened to the General gaming Discussion sub-forum? Everythings a bit specialized on this forum. No Internet gaming discussion zones..etc. Sorry I haven't posted here 4 awhile..busy playing WOW. And yes, it still lags at major cities and in large battles. Still fun. Good for developing internet player to player communication, and organizational skills. Esp on PvP servers.
  10. Warning: Lag periods on WoW servers. Please keep backup internet games at the ready. *********************** This is no drill ***************************** Horde have been organizing 25 + player invasions on outlying outposts and towns. They kill the guards, and then form up into a compact circle formation...or just a dense circlular group in center of invaded area. Then...they stay for about half a hour, by which time counterattacks become too heavy, or server shuts down for repairs. The real bad news is...during these attacks, players can only move their cursor one second every four seconds. Avatars on your screen will be frozen, showing no movement. Any chat you send won't show up untill after a 3 minute delay has passed. Blizzard's last patch (about 3 days ago) claimed they tried to solve problem, but it hasn't. Yes, their world is "seemless". Yes, you'll find world populated with more internet players than a subway station during rush hour. Yes, game is generally populated by polite and considerate blokes. But..Horde vs Alliance conflicts are a Blizzard server admin's worst nitemare. But, thats what the games about right? A war between Horde and Alliance. Tho plain ol' fun is of course the goal of any game....its the above theme that the game is about...isn't it? We'll, at least Blizzard is under the hood trying to fix it. But I'm wondering if maybe their servers aren't as fiber-built as they should be. Comon Blizzard...use that money to buy Nortel Network fiber servers...it not for buying a Mercedes for your co-workers.
  11. Bought WOW last Wednesday. Game is fun. Interface, esp the view interface, is slightly stiff (compared to NWN). Currently I'm on a pay-type Normal server...called Khadgar ( which the "recommended" button sent me to). 1st thing I did was add 3 levels, then I spent 14 hours swimming along the coasts ( plus a lucky by chance ship crossing) to get to Ironforge City( located on a different continent across a ocean)...to get my crossbow training and gear. I figured swimming underwater far from the coast would keep hostile encounters ('Aggros'..as WoW calls them) to a minimum, which it did very well. Game designers didn't figure on that kind of travel I suppose (saw a ocassional shark and warrior-crab rarely tho). Presently at lvl 11 Rogue, and feeling the money pinch on my potential. * ? To other pay-server type WoW'ers on this forum: What servers are you on? And what's your character name and class? After I get used to this game I'm ganna make a second Primary character and find a permanent PvP server to call my home. And it would be more fun to be playing with forum members I am familiar with. They could influence what home server I decide on later on. If anyone is interested in buying WoW, but wants to ask questions about it, feel free to post questions/concerns to me. Game setup and interface wasn't completely easy, so you might get stuck like I did a few times.
  12. Decided yesterday to take a look at WoW. Never studied it before. If I do buy game, it'll take me awhile to get used to it. The rule system is very foriegn looking. I'll probably stop by here alot to ask advice from my Obsidian (Black Isle) buddies. So far I'm considering a Elf Rogue Engineer, maxed out in Subtlety. I do have two questions tho... 1) Can you put BOTH primary skills in Engineer...so that you can get BOTH the Gnome and Goblin specialties? 2) Is there a non-pay area, on disk, or on a free server, you can conduct at least crude practice with the character? Lastly, saw that Mages don't have Invisibility in latest Blizzard version. Forums show alot of players trying to vote it back in (it apparently existed in Beta), but they are unsuccessful so far. It saddened me to hear that about the class. NWN servers are anti-magical-undectectability as well lately, so its becoming a trend. Slowly, the foundations of Gary Gygax's 1973 view on mage classes is being buried.
  13. Ya...Fallout 1 & 2...in that order. Fallout 3 if you got adicted later. If you like space planetary based combat and base making games...try this classic,tho old 1997 introduced game: Activision's Battlezone (1st edition...not the worse 2nd edition). Its my personal favorite still, and can still be played on a public server on internet. Game hard to find but still possible. But try Fallout 1, else no one will ever respect you as a gamer...he he.
  14. At Insane difficulty, if you want to powerplay it, its a easy game: Just keep 6 spellusers at lvl 2 untill you reach the Big Bridge, then lvl up to the max (lvl 30), then stand behind 6 high lvl super-undead till the end of the game. Those undead are mean sucka's. Let them kill the endless monsters in game, while your invisible characters stay back and prune their fingernails. Game was a closet fight kinda, and sometimes game would grab your characters and walk them face to face to bad guys for a conversation...then a fight...whether you liked it or not (something I disapproved of). No real spoilers here..so I posted no warning. But its worth playing once. Treat the game seriously tho, since the game is out to get your characters killed big time. Theres no occasions to smell the roses...unless the area is secure. But...then all you'll smell is rotting enemy corpses.
  15. 410 Ok, does this post remind any old Black Isle forumeer of anything? He he *wink *
  16. I click on Interplay in favorites...."page cannot be displayed" I try a few days more.....same result I enter "Howling1" and "Interplay" in Google.com....I get sent here I scan through some posts.....I see hairball Sarg Albrax, and many other old aquaintences ...............................................I hear interplay is...umm...dead So...I register into this black background'ed mystery world, to ask this 1 question...... Where the heck am I? Obsidianent what? Obsi make breakfast cereals? Or is it a fast food chain? I never heard of it. Why are you old old Black Isle posters here?
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