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  1. Hello all ex-Black Isle and Obsidian.et forum'ers. Hope you are all well. Returned to add a post, since its been, maybe, 2 years since my last post. Didn't want a script to erase my account here, because of the time delay. Returned to playing Classic WOW. So far, no regrets. On a pvp server, haven't hit 60 yet. I had a WOW story typed here, but after trying to copy post, to prevent its accidental erasal, before a failed post submission, I hit the wrong key on this too-small- keyboard, and it got flushed down the...whatever. Grrr. So, I'll just say, glad this site sti
  2. Hello Obsidian members..and B. Isle diehards. Been playing BF1942, since last May '17. Still has 2 servers active. Hoping for Bliz to activate the Classic server(s) they promised 11/4/17. ...now ganna browse throu forum, and see whats new since I last logged on here... My best to the staff at Obsidian, laters.
  3. Hello fellow Obsidians and Black Isle Diehards I am attempting to replay Lionheart Legacy of the Crusader. Need patch 1.1 English, but unable to find a working link on google. Tried Fileplanet, softpedia, gamepressure, gamershell, angelfire. No luck. I'm not looking for the widescreen support patch, just the normal bug fixing patch. Hope you guys are doing well, both the forum members and the Obsidian company affiliates as well.
  4. Hello Obsidians ( and old Black Isle diehards) The topic title refers to the Neverwinter Nighs 2 game I bought in 2006, but couldn't get to work .. untill 2 days ago. Bought a new over the counter computer 2 days ago, for the express purpose of trying to get the game to finally work. I was happy to see it load successfully in the store, during the stores testing of machine. Then I bought the box, bought a pizza, went home, and started to play it...finally. Game was probably part of the initial first 1000 games every produced, version 1. So I never knew all these... 8+ y
  5. I think thats the best explaination of why I don't like v4..that I have yet seen.. in word form.
  6. New PC Game announced: Neverwinter. From a Febuary article in PC Gamer that caught my eye as I passed a magazine rack. Its a MMORPG thats being put out by the company Cryptic ( who did Champions Online and Star Trek Online). The game is essentially a form of Neverwinter Nights 3 continuation of the Bioware game line. The bad news, in my opinion, is that the company plans on using version 4 DnD rules...and not the generally preffered unofficial (v3.75?) Pathfinder rules that sentimental gamers are fond of. This means I won't buy it. Anyways, since I didn't see any po
  7. Hello to all forum members. I just started buying these Pathfinder RPG books, to study the game. I'm pleased to find it paletable. It is a worthy child of the 1-3.5 edition family of D& D. A friend suggested I take a look at it, after learning I was finding a hard time finding something new to play...in this period of depressing PC gaming options of 2012/2013. I noticed this new edition tries to sell its simplification efforts by adding suger and pachachutes to prospective gaming customers...for example dumping the cruel cross-class rules of 3.5, to allow anyone off
  8. Stopping by to say "hi" to the old Black isle die hard posters and new members. I see Obsidian changed the web page. My 2001 computer can barely read anything on my screen. Must be my security settings or sumthing. What am I playing lately? Stronghold (2001 version). Blizzard banned me again from World of Warcraft in April 2012, saying I'm a gold seller...and a disruption of their economic system. Of course ..its not true at all, but that didn't stop em. Sent a reply to em..but no response. Maybe now I'll get a 2nd job..and get a new computer..so I can finally play Neverw
  9. When I first met Drizz't, in late 1997, I wasn't aware of his legenday status in the novel industry as yet. Story time... My shy scout was sneaking through a unfamiliar area..then the lower screen started showing combat results and damage, for something happening somewhere. So, I'm like..."huh?" and I hit the pause button, and look at my guys who are hiding far far away on map. They are safe. Hmm..whats going on? I unglue pause, and rub away more grey map. Some guy is beating up big guys-with-halberds..alone. Another hireable npc? Hmm..I hope he's a Cleric, haven't found 1 y
  10. This is a continuation of the thread "Making a honest lvl 300 is possible." (of May 2010). The project to make a honest level 400, started on January 7th, 2010, is about to finish. At present the character is level 390. Leveling is continueing at about +1 level per day. Level 400 will be reached after aquiring about 80 million XP (experience points). As a reminder, the Aventian server family limits XP rewards for non-bosses at 250 xp each (maximum). Other than 110,000 XP awarded from DM's from quests, this has been a non-DM assisted character. Project player is planning t
  11. /// Can you make a honest and legal lvl 300, on Aventia's post lvl 40 action server family, in less than 6 months? Yes you can. /// Below I will provide assortments of documentations that other players can review, to aid them in any efforts that relate to achieving lvl 300. lvl 300 requires a accumulation of 44,850,000 experience points. This must be achieved on the only modern post-lvl 40 server family that exists in the wiorld, that of "Aventia". XP caps for non-bosses are set at 250, thus you cannot get higher rewards for a kill of non-boss targets, no matter how high the
  12. Howdy Black Isle fans Just stopping by to say hi to the old timers, (and so my account here isn't erased because of too many cobwebs ). Been playing NeverwinterNights 1 internet, Aventia action server, since last August. Stopped playing WOW since last...umm March I think. With D&D getting weirder and more limited, spell variety wise, figured my last project should be to make a lvl 2048 charaacter that Aventia supports. Then after, maybe I'll stick a crowbar in my wallet, get a new gameing box, and try a new game. Glad to see the new Fallout making a expansion. Haven't
  13. The game should be renamed... World of Snobbery The strong prey on the weak. The many bully the few. The Rich control the Auction House prices by buying anything underpriced, to resell later at higher prices (called reselling). And the players with no life farm all the mats, so theres none left for the players who don't have time to do such boring work. If you don't have much time to devote to the game, you'll have to settle for making a "niche" character, who trys to be good at some lower-than-max character level...like level 60, level 49, or even the popular level
  14. Still playing World of Warcraft 5 years so far? hmm We'll, as soon as I can afford to buy a new cimputer that can play that NwN2 game, I'll give that a try. BTW, still remember you Mr. Gygax. Didn't put a candle in window for ya on the 4th..but I did buy another WOW gamecard. Hope you are well.
  15. version 4 sounds bad Have'nt seen version 4 yet. But from these posts, its sounds like it was designed by game designers who didnt talk out the changes with the public too much, before writing em in stone. Gnome were out eh? Hmm. How 'bout the spell durations? Are they making em even shorter? * cringe*
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