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  1. I don't know whether I'll love Death Stranding or think it's the dumbest thing I ever played.
  2. The armor available were one of the more disappointing aspects of the game.
  3. It kind of makes sense, though. Zora asked you to get the supplies, and her first impression of you is you didn't care enough about what she thought was important to do that. Since you (the PC) don't have that connection with her, she's less likely to want to go against her instincts (which is to attack Stellar Bay) and agree to do what you ask of her. If there are no consequences for decisions you make (ie. no matter what you do, all options remain open to you), then where's the choice and consequence?
  4. Try reloading the latest autosave. I had this issue, but then reloaded an autosave and Zora was standing at the bottom of the stairs in Graham's building and you could talk to her about Sanjar and her working together.
  5. I think I'm one of the few people who preferred Destiny 1 to Destiny 2. Even the story I felt was better (though not exactly good) in the first one.
  6. Did you expect everyone on your crew to move in with you and live as some big family the rest of their lives? Even close friends move on with their lives. I've made a lot of close friends in my life and gone through some real tough times with them (albeit we haven't saved the world -- yet), but they don't all live in my house and don't hang around me 24/7.
  7. First thing I thought. The whole point of the "your choices have consequences" thing is, well, suffering the consequences for making a questionable choice.
  8. I was curious to see how much difference the various choices actually make. Early on in my second play through (no spoilers), I can say that I've had a new questline added and more options available to me by choosing the option I didn't pick my first time through. On the flip side, the quests that *don't* change are a bit more difficult to push through because I know exactly how it's going to play out with very, very little deviation regardless of what choices I make to solve them.
  9. There was a sense of urgency? The people in the cryopods were in there for 70 odd years. They're not going to notice if the PC takes an extra couple of hours to pick flowers for a crazy lady to earn a bit of money on the side.
  10. Playing through a second time, it drives home just how short Ellie's personal quest is. I'm done hers already not too long after reaching Monarch. I've still got more than half the game to go and she's basically just baggage on my ship at this point. I'm a little surprised at that because I thought she'd be a bigger part of the game. Instead, she's one step above SAM in terms of content devoted to her.
  11. On my second play through of the Outer Worlds, decided to opt for a different option with regards to who side with in the main quest. Pleasantly surprised that I ended up getting a whole new quest, and a whole new meeting with an important NPC that I didn't get the first time through. This part, anyway, makes it really feel like the choice you make can provide a (we'll see how much) different experience.
  12. Main quest was a bit short, and kind of hoped for more "company quests". But not so much that I'd consider the game, overall, as being short.
  13. On the map, there's like two or three that are listed but can't seem to be accessed. I'm hoping DLC will allow us to travel to them. A couple, based on description, sound like they should be safe for humans to land on.
  14. Finished one play through of the Outer Worlds. I've started up another. Gonna try out different options and siding with different factions than my first time. Hopefully this time I don't run into that companion quest breaking bug and can actually finish all my companion quests.
  15. Not sure if this is spoiler territory or not, as I'm not going to go into detail. However, I'll list the companions in the post to give my opinion on each corresponding sidequest. 1-Parvati - Only been able to play half of hers because of that bug that has her quest fail because she died for no apparent reason, even though I'm able to talk to her and bring her on missions. 2-Ellie - Underwhelming. I thought she was going to have a long sidequest that really delves into her past, but instead it was a brief exchange with her parents followed by a money scheme that left me thinking "That's it?" when it was done. Really was hoping her sidequest would be about her life as a pirate doctor and some old acquaintances from that life. Only touched on that briefly when you first meet her. 3-Nyoka - Probably the most fulfilling companion quest, largely because you get the backstory that I didn't think we got from the Ellie quest. Also involved multiple steps. 4-Felix - The actual "plot" of the quest was interesting and had potential to be more than it was, but it felt rushed. As though there was a lot more that could have gone into it, but instead it was so quick and felt almost tacked on. Still better than Ellie's quest, IMO. 5-Max - Closer to Nyoka's quest in that you get to learn more about Max. Although, I don't think they touched enough on his prison time. At least it felt like a fleshing out of the character. 6-SAM - uh, did I miss something? Other than getting the acid, there was no quest, right? All in all, I thought Nyoka and Max were the only ones that were good to great. Parvati's is incomplete due to the bug, Felix's had a good concept but was incredibly short, and Ellie's was flat out disappointing.
  16. This bug seems to affect the end-game slides about the fate of your companions, as well. Just finished the game and because of this bug, Parvati is considered dead and I get a quick "Parvati didn't survive your adventures" slide even though she was alive and kicking on my ship the whole time.
  17. The dialogue skill tree can be a bit of a cheat code as you get higher. I maxed mine out and I can talk my way out of so much stuff that I feel sorry for anyone who didn't bother to put much skill points into these.
  18. I haven't found much use in them so far. They're just taking up space in my inventory right now. Maybe I don't have enough skill points in the proper skill to make full use of them?
  19. Yeah, that was dumb. If you're going to have a straight NPC, fine. If you're going to have a gay NPC, fine. Don't make their sexual preference change on a dime depending on what gender the PC is.
  20. Had the same issue as the OP, but the scenario described in the response email isn't what happened for me. I had the "quest failed" message pop up when we were conversing and she was literally standing in the engine room, no ladders near her. I don't think the bug has anything to do with ladders or whatnot. It must be tied somehow to dismissing her from the party and adding a different party member in her stead. That's the only thing I could think of (I replaced her with Nyoka in my party during a lot of the Monarch stuff).
  21. You can solo if you want. When you leave your ship, you can decide on zero, one, or two companions. I mainly bring two along because their banter is kind of amusing. Been leaving Parvati on the ship because I ran into a bug that's causing her to be considered "dead" when one of her companion quests starts up, so I don't want anything to do with her until that's patched.
  22. The biggest issue I've come across is one not listed. The Parvati "dying" bug that auto-fails her companion quest for no apparent reason.
  23. There seems to be a lot of issues around Parvati and the game deciding she dies for no reason (see other threads about her).
  24. This is pretty widespread. Hopefully Obsidian can patch this up as it's a pretty major bug and a pretty major character to have considered "dead" for no reason. I'm not sure whether to continue playing or wait for a fix because I don't want to play another 10 or so hours in only to find that Parvati is still considered dead and it ruins the ending state for me. Edit: PS4 Pro version for me. Happened after finishing the Hiram stuff at the radio tower on Monarch when I returned to the ship and engaged in dialogue with her. She said she had something to talk about, and as that dialogue chain played out, a "quest failed" message showed up because of the bug.
  25. Might have to pause from Outer Worlds until a bug is fixed with one of the companion quests. Won't go into spoilers, but essentially the quest is listed as "failed" as I'm talking to the companion because, for some reason, the game considers that companion dead. Even though, you know, I'm literally talking to them at that moment. I don't want to play further into the game until this is patched/resolved as I don't want to end up having one of my companions considered "dead" throughout the remainder of the game.
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