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  1. The farther I get in Borderlands 3, the more it really does feel like there's so much less to do than I remember there being in Borderlands 2. It literally feels like I'm basically just playing the main story constantly, unless I want to wander around to grind some XP.
  2. Decided to go back and kill Killavolt. Yep, that was way too easy. But that's what happens when the devs make a boss near impossible for the "recommended level" and thus you end up putting it off until you're well leveled up.
  3. More BL3. The boss fight in the Jakobs manor was ... weird. I kept getting one-shot killed by an attack I'm still not even sure the enemy was using. Thank God for the last stand ability and my mech.
  4. It does feel as though some of these maps, the developers want you to use vehicles all the time. Personally not a fan of them. I like hiking around on foot as I seem to miss a bunch of stuff driving around. I'm up to Level 26 now. Haven't decided if I'm going to take on Killavolt yet or not. That boss fight annoyed me to no end. I don't know how much frustration I could take if I still can't beat him even at what should now be an "overpowered" level to face him at.
  5. More BL3. I don't know if it's just more familiarity with the game, but I found the last two "region bosses" much easier to beat than the stupid one earlier on Athenas? Plus that side quest boss that shoots area affect shock damage.
  6. I've gotten two legendary weapons so far. A rocket launcher that carpets an entire area with that corrosive damage, and a submachine gun that can do both shock and corrosive damage. One I got after beating a boss, the other ... I honestly can't remember. Maybe it was another boss? Or sidequest boss?
  7. I'm surprised at the lack of sidequests in Borderlands 3. Seems like all I'm doing is going from one main story mission to the next because there's nothing else for me to do other than randomly run around the map looking for those "challenge" things like Typhon's logs or Claptrap's spare parts.
  8. That Katagawa-ball boss fight was just dumb. You fight two waves of "regular enemies", including some of the tougher versions and some mech thing, and then you fight him. There's like no chance to re-stock your ammo, so if you used up a lot of it (which you probably did since most of those tougher versions are bullet sponges) there's nothing left for Katagawa-ball. Strategy - use mech ability, run around while mech ability is recharging, use mech ability. Rinse and repeat. Oh, and my reward for all that? Not even a half-way decent purple weapon. I think I got a purple grenade that's not even better than the one I currently have equipped, and one of those special gear things that add points to your special ability. Yay.
  9. They must have already nerfed the loot drops for me then because I'm not finding anything good! I'm up to Level 19, but I'm still using a purple gun that's Level 13 because nothing better has come along. I might end up re-spec'ing my mech because some of the trees don't appeal to me anymore. Plus, I did kind of rush through picking stuff without reading all the future skills in a tree.
  10. I play solo, so if the levels are designed for co-op then I'm screwed. I've been doing the sidequests, but at least early on there don't seem to be as many as I remember there being in BL2. So it's hard to level up doing those because of the limited number of them. One sidequest lead to a boss battle that's even more frustrating than that one at the end of the main story mission. The enemies during the main missions do seem to spawn at or near my character's level. If I return to that area, however, they're always whatever they were the previous time through and don't seem to level up. I'm using Moze. Weirdly enough, I keep forgetting to use the Iron Bear mech, mainly because I try and save it for a really tough fight, but then get caught up in the moment and forget it's ready to go.
  11. Finally came back to beat the level boss on that monk planet in BL3. Had to run around and grind up to Level 18 before being able to do so, even though the quest itself was labeled as a Level 13 quest (all the enemies except the boss were around that level). I'm a bit disappointed in the loot drops so far. Even the bosses seem to drop mostly green and blue equipment.
  12. Some of the boss fights in Borderlands 3 are ridiculously cheesy. It says to do the quest you have to be a certain level, but then the boss itself ends up being like 4 levels above that. So I finish the level, but end up having to grind until I level up multiple levels before I can tackle the boss.
  13. I'm up to level 10 in Borderlands 3. Not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. Maybe it's just because it's been a while since I played it, but the beginning parts of BL2 seemed more interesting than what I've done so far. Still addicting though.
  14. I'm not going to be any help to you. I'm playing the PS4 version.
  15. Picked up Borderlands 3. Way too early into it to even give much opinion on it other than to say it's playing (so far) like the previous game.
  16. Monk's seem to be under-utilized in PoE, particularly when it comes to playing one. I'm trying to play as one on my second play through, but I'm not really seeing any noticeable benefits (ie. dialogue options, story related stuff closely linked to it, etc.).
  17. Finished the final White March boss battle. Now it's time to head back to the Dyrwood and handle the Leaden Key!
  18. I probably should have scaled the difficulty up when doing the White March DLC since I was well past the Level 8 or so suggestion. I'm basically just destroying mobs of enemies with little difficulty. Oh well. I play for the story mostly anyway.
  19. Heh. Good thing I checked online about when is the best time to play the White March DLCs. Almost started the end-game before reading that White March should be played before the "last mission".
  20. Plugging along in PoE. Finally defeated the Adra Dragon. Now just to find Thaos.
  21. That was actually really annoying. Maybe it's because I tend to be a completionist and want to "finish" a quest at some point, but having people give me the exact same quest over and over got tedious.
  22. That would explain why he sucks for me. I'm terrible at micromanaging during combat. I'm especially bad at choosing the right "buffs" for my characters.
  23. More PoE. Reached Twin Elms. Not looking forward to that dragon fight. Also, is it just my build for him or is Durance terrible in combat? His special weapon makes him a melee character, but he's got the HP and END of a frail mage.
  24. Don't get me wrong. All the other stuff is top notch. I'm just currently annoyed with the implementation of the stronghold.
  25. Funny enough, I tried to hire the ogre. I even got the dialogue option to do it and chose it. He's like, "nah" and just walks away. Not sure if that's a bug or not.
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