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  1. Sorry but, what? No it doesn't ... lol. I don't play on normal, but nothing about the pace and damage of anything feels IE. On normal, it does.
  2. Framerate stable here, and more smooth than normal. The changes look nice so far. I got the Winfrith earthquake effect again, though. Otherwise, 20 minutes in, seems like a good patch.
  3. Too bad he looks like an ingrown toenail.
  4. I like the 3 hour bb 301 build better thand DA2 already. So, no.
  5. However, it is something every GM at pen'n'paper games was 'forced' to do from time to time. There's nothing worse than missing on the thrill of an encounter you ve planned way ahead, only b/c the players have become stronger than you expected. I find nothing wrong with that, nor my PCs the times I tell 'em I did it. Actually, they support my doing it. There is no save/reload system in pnp. cRPG will be less flexible in that respect by default, as you already have a safety net, unless playing ironman.
  6. I'm still glad I backed this, You guys have handled feedback well. I look forward to a complete OE game. Also, Bedlam can have some of my precious golds. It does look solid.
  7. Maybe something else you have (besides athletics) is leading to your success? Also what difficulty is this on? Normal, but with best inn buff as well.
  8. Mussolini didn't have enough time to prove he was as bad as Stalin. Stalin was responsible for far more misery, being in control for much longer.
  9. And I would say they were extreme right wing populists, with socialist organizational structures.
  10. Of course they were. You know what else? They were fascist. Which one had more influence on their society and economy?
  11. Fascists do not support property rights at all. That's not a mixed system. It's just a socialist one. It's a different approach than most socialists, but the core idea of socialism, the opposition to private property (Or all property for some variants); is 100% untouched. The core idea of capitalism, the respect for property; is 100% gone. Both Mussolini and Hitler had mixed economies. They were fiercely anti-communist. They were both fiercely anti-liberal, too. That's true. Both disregarded property rights when it suited them, since they were autocratic opportunists who had essentially declared martial law, at all times. Fascism does not equal socialism, not in any peer reviewed political spectrum. I have a bad taste in my mouth for either system, but I cannot equate true fascism with socialism. Doesn't compute.
  12. Fascist ideology is supported by a mixed economy. The evil comes not from their economic policies, but from their warlike, nationalistic, hypercollectivist vitriol. They are Romulans who think they are Vulcan. It's not useful in the debate of socialism vs. capitalism, as it doesn't fall in line with either school of thought.
  13. Fascist ideologies often have (somewhat) equal parts socialism and capitalism. That was the point. The problem was that they never seem to take the most beneficial aspects of either/both. It's further made inoperable when a strong sense of nationalism is thrown into the mix. It's not a terribly interesting line of debate in current day geopolitics, imo.
  14. Having alpha/beta tested a lot of games, you're not being negative. You're beta testing properly and doing a heck of a job at it. Actually, other than a few oddballs, the beta backer community is pretty good.
  15. The attribute system, while undergoing some work, is a little light on character customization. More gear slots usually* means more customization of the character. People like gear. A good percentage of the enjoyment of these games is the item hunt. More empty slots, more reason to continue hunting for items and more motivation to explore more content.
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