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  1. He killed some 3-10 year olds and the jedi knights in the temple,Ki-Adi-Mundi wasn't there,Obi-Wan wasn't there,Yoda Wasn't there,the only Master he beat was Mace Windu of which he surprise attacked when mace was expecting a friend he gets this whiny little bastard that kills him to Save Sidious and his knwledge of bringing people from the dead to make sure Padme doesn't die in birth and ends up killing her himself.Palpatine had already surprise attacked Shaak Ti,Stass Allie,and Kit Fisto(saddest part of the battle besides mace's death,losing kit fisto)
  2. or you can talk to the droid with Bao Dur and use his repair(it shows yur chars. face but it goes by the char. talking's skills.
  3. well there were atleast skin tissues left because Yoda is the clone of vandar.
  4. it seems nice,but I would not be happy at all with Brianna dead.
  5. Are you reffering to me?because I'd imagine I know more(but not alot more)than nur about SW.
  6. and like palpatine,she is hurled into some ungodly shaft and soon sends up a torrent of energy that looks oddly misty.
  7. if Yoda has listened to Obi-Wan and had palpy fight Obi and he fight Anakin Yoda couldve killed him right there and Palpy would have to find a weaker apprentice,obi would die ofcourse but still,its a pretty nice deal to go for.
  8. Luke is newschool,so Palpatine wanted a weaker apprentice when he tried to get Him to kill Vader and come to the Darkside?
  9. Funny how he gets his ass handed to ihm on a senatorial platter then eh? <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  10. Dooku had it easy because Anakin was arrogant and stupid. Had Anakin listened to Obi-Wan it would likely have been a very different story. And Dooku was not toying with Yoda. If Dooku had seen a chance to effectively "behead" the Jedi Council he would not have hesitated for a nanosecond. No, they were testing one another and after finding no major weaknesses Dooku decided to make a strategic retreat. After all, his true concern was getting the plans for the Death Star to Sidious. He was apprenticed to a Sith Lord named Darth Pelagius whom he eventually killed as is the way with the Sith. I don't know much other than that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Anakin had a second chance to defeat Dooku - and with two lightsabers-, but was humiliated. Obi wan was thoroughly beaten by Dooku. Actually in Episode 3 I think it's Anakin and Palps that gang up to kill Dooku. Except for yoda, nobody can go toe to toe with this guy in a one on one duel. He is the jedi/sith dueling master, So palps first learnt how to use a lightsaber as an adult, not a child? well that discounts his ability all togethor, <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No,actually it's just Anakin,palpsy doesn't reveal himself to Anakin until about 3 quarters or 2 1/2 quarters of the way through,and Dooku gets his ass owned right at the beginning(if you read the book"Labyrinth of Evil" the SW novel,it makes ALOT more sense.)
  11. Thats funny,I was thinking K2 was better suited for console over PC,funny little conicidence.
  12. could you make a picture of Revan(in his black cloak,hood up,mask on)with his lightsaber raised in the position he had with bastila in the vision right before Malak Betrayed him?Because if you could I was wondering if it turns out as well as your other pics I'd consider buying it.
  13. in the words of the rakatan droid "my calculations speculate 10,000 of your standard years."
  14. People,people,please,you both have different opinions,lets just leave it at that,neither of you is wrong,you're both right in different respects,now c'mon guys,in the spirit of SW,just shut the hell up and agree to disagree. and if no peace is made,I can and will call the voice actor of JAR JAR BINKS(dun dun duuuun)to make multiple plays on his movie lines until you make peace,and nobody wants to hear more Jar Jar,do they?
  15. well just try force storm,one time I tried it and it ended up zapping the hell out of everybody so they all dissapeared(no I wasn't using the apathy is death)
  16. could you fix the link?I've tried multiple times yet it still leads to a nonexistant page thingy.
  17. I thought Darth was GL making Dark and Father(since Vader is father of luke)and Vader was his moniker as a shortened version of invader,meh,I guess I gotta read up more on these things. :D P.S. For the record,the above post was one of the few on this thread that was innocent and not insulting anybody. :ph34r: Edit:and while speaking of the Herculoids,the goo creatures were badass,they (begin noob transmission)r0x0rs m7 s0x0rs.(end noob transmission)
  18. how exactly do you know how the transformers sign looks like? " (w00t) besides,descriminating somebody because they watch a Tv show?and you call THEM childish?what next,gonna build a fort and put a no girls allowed sign up?
  19. Ironically I was thinking the same thing(minus him being the coolest.Theres still Vader,Jango,Clone Wars Obi Wan,the entire wookie race,both crews of K1 and K2,Mace Windu,Kit Fisto,and ofcourse our favorite disgruntled lawn gnome,yoda.)
  20. Bah...Juhani is so uber annoying. I don't understand why they made cat-woman join your party anyway. <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> why do you think they let you kill her?
  21. :ph34r: To fall for luke she really MUST have been blinded by the dark side. :ph34r:
  22. You do not question the wookies,Learn From them,obey them,and fear them. and yes we know about the underground railroad of ewoks,they are being hunted down.*evil wookie growl laugh thingy*
  23. well reality wise if you get tapped by a vibroblade or lightsaber it's pretty much a crit.hit :ph34r:
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