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  1. PCers are already used to getting bugged/glitched games all the time, so why would KOTOR2 be any different?
  2. From what I heard until now, because of people not carefully handling spoilers, I know a lot of things I didn't want to. This has put a considerous dent in my expectations of the game. Ever heard of Schr
  3. well, The how is very nice, but personally, I like to experience the what first-hand instead of it being spoiled.....like the Twist from KOTOR, for example. some #$%@ ruined that one for me at GameFAQs, and even though all I could think about was why/how, I knew it was coming; that sucked. Didn't stop my enjoyment of the game, but the experience could've been even more mind-blowing, imho.
  4. still on my first playthrough, LS, and I'm having a great time! Can't wait to replay. In the first game, I also went LS, then DS -- the impression left behind from playing the DS was so great, I had to choose it as the Previous Events background info in KOTOR2
  5. Agreed -- I don't see morality in black and white, and neither does this game. Well, not as much as the last, anyway!
  6. nothing like a great message baord(s) to make ya paranoid.....I thought I had run into a game-breaker on Nar Shaddaa (after hearing so much about it), when all I had to do was raise my rep s'more with the Exchange. The internet -- a blessing and a curse.
  7. I think I'll try that -- I don't believe I had $2K before, but I should now.....
  8. I need great gameplay to be involved with a story, but a great story to keep going. This one has both, and until I reach it's conclusion, I'll reserve my overall judgment. However, I can't see how any ending could phase me -- the journey has been great.
  9. and for me, Kreia was harassing me about my intentions with the Handmaiden......lol the Dark Side is easily much stronger than going light. It's no wonder many fell to it!
  10. it ain't hard, as I have never been completely decimated, but I'll lose a PC on occasion. However, not if I unleash my combos of death (insanity/stasis + force storm/force wave) -- but that can get boring, imho. The combat system hasn't changed from the last -- it would not be hard at all for those who mastered the last game. However, I want to fully-utilize all my party-members, try new force combos, etc.
  11. LOL (w00t) Damned if you do, damned if you don't, Obsidian. I think the Influence system is great -- the only person I have been set on getting to know my first playthrough is Handmaiden, and let me tell you, she talks alot. And as far as being a lightsider goes, she has surpassed me! But I can tell I have a positive affect on my other followers as well, switching them in to get their take on certain events, etc..... The Influence system isn't perfect, but it's a great addition that I hope to see bolstered in a KOTOR3! In the original KOTOR, the only way to get a really good Dark Side endgame bonus-scene was to not only be nice to Carth and make him fall in love with you, but to save his son as well. Now, as a Dark Sider, I personally gave no quarter, but in retrospect, I would have to "fake it" to see Carth dead.
  12. I'm finding that the game has equal amounts of intense combat and storyline -- I don't die often, but I'd be lying if I said I never lose a person in battle. There are some battles where I'll lose atleast one! On Dantooine,
  13. Ok, on Nar Shaddaa, I -- imho, this board makes you super-paranoid! I'm determined to finish NAr Shaddaa tonight!! I guess I just need to do more quests for rep.
  14. Same here, Ender! I'm allzabout talking to my party members, getting to know them, trying to influence all. But I'm really enjoying the combat as well, playing on Difficult, and see no reason I need to 'handicap' myself. If I wanted an action-packed challenge, I wouldn't play an RPG -- I'd play NINJA GAIDEN on Very Hard or something similar.
  15. I don't think this is true......I travelled everywhere with the fixed-up airspeeder, and did most of the sidequests, and the Red Eclipse showed up. I already had Visas (did Onderon/Dxun before Nar Shaddaa), but I haven't triggered the invite from the Exchange -- unfortunately, I didn't stick around after dispatching the Red Eclipse, so I have to go back and see if I get the invite......
  16. I was a bit unsure what to do on Nar Shaddaa as well, but after wiping out the bad guys that tried to claim the Ebon Hawk, try to go back on the planet, and apparently, you should get an invite to somewhere......let me know if you do! I just took off to another planet instead of getting off the ship again, since I had no clue what to do at that moment either, so I did some askin around.
  17. all it had was the Yavin Station -- woulda been nice in the full-game, but I don't feel like I missed out on anything, having played KOTOR twice-through without it.
  18. Why Vader is a bad ass: 1. "I find your lack of faith disturbing." He can force-choke from long-distance! 2. "Impressive." He's got lightsaber skills, but not many powers -- Anakin musta been a guardian before going Sith Lord? 3. Clothes make the man, so does his voice. The making of Episode III included with the OT boxset almost makes me want to watch it.....
  19. as an Xboxer, I can tell you I don't feel gypped at all. Quite the opposite!
  20. I'd want to be a Jedi/Sith in KotOR3 -- they are what makes SW appealing to me
  21. i went with Sentinel (for the skills, etc.) to Jedi Master -- the next game I plan on going Guardian to Sith Lord
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