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  1. yeah, I know the Handmaiden can't drop it like it's hawt!
  2. whatever you say. If it's exactly like PS:T, I wouldn't know. All I know is I've been playing the game for 52+ hours, and you've played exactly ZERO You should make a gaming website -- I mean, with informed opinions like yours, who wouldn't pay??
  3. makes me wonder if the Exile can break it down, sorta like Revan did for the "Easter Egg" ending in KOTOR....!
  4. Here's the info from IMDB: 1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords (2004) (VG) .... Kreia 2. Trial & Retribution VII (2003) (TV) .... Judge Emily Hilliard 3. Mind Games (2000) .... Dr. Davina Ward 4. "Anna Karenina" (2000) (mini) TV Series .... Countess Vronskaya 5. The Going Wrong (1998) (TV) .... Tessa Mandeville ... aka The Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Going Wrong (UK: series title) 6. "Invasion: Earth" (1998) (mini) TV Series .... Group Capt. Susan Preston 7. "The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling" (1997) (mini) TV Series .... Mrs. Wilkins 8. Brazen Hussies (1996) (TV) .... Madame Zarene 9. Cabaret (1993) (TV) .... Frauline Schneider 10. The Last Romantics (1991) (TV) .... Queenie Leavis 11. The War That Never Ends (1991) (TV) (voice) .... Presenter 12. Somewhere to Run (1989) (TV) .... Magistrate 13. Lady Jane (1986) .... Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk 14. Lady Windermere's Fan (1985) (TV) .... Duchess of Berwick 15. Kean (1978) (TV) .... Elena, Countess de Koefeld 16. Break of Day (1977) .... Alice 17. Jack Flea's Birthday Celebration (1975) (TV) .... Ruth 18. Lisztomania (1975) .... Princess Carolyn 19. Under Western Eyes (1975) (TV) 20. Zardoz (1974) .... May Television appearances: 1. "Casualty" playing "Mary Wynne" in episode: "Finding Faith" (episode # 18.29) 13 March 2004 2. "Relic Hunter" playing "Simone DeGuerre" in episode: "Memories of Montmartre" (episode # 1.22) 22 May 2000 3. "Kavanagh QC" playing "Halina Birnbaum" in episode: "Ancient History" (episode # 3.3) 17 March 1997 4. "Van der Valk" in episode: "Doctor Hoffmann's Children" (episode # 4.1) 16 January 1991 5. "Bergerac" playing "Margaret Semple" in episode: "See You in Moscow" (episode # 1.5) 15 November 1981 6. "The New Avengers" playing "Tina" in episode: "Sleeper" (episode # 1.10) 19 December 1976 7. "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" playing "Hagar" in episode: "The Mystery of the Amber Beads" (episode # 2.13) 16 April 1973 8. "Dixon of Dock Green" playing "Sonia Watts" in episode: "The Executioners" (episode # 13.4) 22 October 1966 Her bio indicates she is also a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. I thought she did a brilliant job with Kreia. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> wow -- thanks for the list!
  5. Kreia - Sara Kestelman where else have I heard her voice???? She almost sounds like 'Management' in CARNIVALE....but that's supposed to be a "he". <_<
  6. If I were to hazard a guess then I'd say Zalbarr went back to Kashyyyk to rule his tribe and that Mission went with him. It's just a guess though. As for Jolee and Juhani, I have no idea. It would have been cool to have Jolee in your group pulling you one way while Kreia pulls you the other. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Jolee and Kreia -- what a pair they'd make!
  7. i'd say two jedis and a gunner -- my party usually consists of me, Mira (gunner), and the Handmaiden (trained into jedi guardian)
  8. I would really like to know how the female Exile's options play out......that's my next playthrough!
  9. I don't care about the EU, or if KOTOR 1&2 are canon -- imho, the games were made so we could make up our own stories within the RPGs given, and I can't say what the "real" story is. For me, though, Revan is a female darksider....and KOTOR2 reflected that very well. My Exile, however, is a male Pillar of Light! We'll see on subsequent replays what works best, but I really am enjoying this playthrough, and how the story unfolded.
  10. don't let the haters jade you -- play and judge for yourself! The game deserves atleast that.... I happen to love it.
  11. then, you obviously dont know enough about the game to speak on it. you should actually PLAY the game before you defend it so vigorously. If you play the game as a LS Jedi, then you will see the scene in question, (she and Carth are talking to each other) and its a terrible way to showcase such a major character from KOTOR I. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I believe it depends on the events from the first game -- in my game, Can't wait to play it with the opposite background info, and as a female DSer.
  12. got the Logitech wireless for Xmas -- works perfect
  13. Actually, I have that Twi-lek dancer turnin tricks for me too on Telos. I figured I could have her dancin for a little bit before I'd free her to go back to her man, but uh, that wasn't the case. And anyways, what did her man hafta do wit me? A jedi's job ain't nuttin but work -- I gotta get paid.
  14. Visas -- FORCESEX'd. I thought I was nice to her when she boarded, but because the Handmaiden and I already had a strong bond, her arrival was not enough to make the Handmaiden jealous, and I was able to get to know (and "see"!) Visas. When she propositioned me, she mentioned how she would like to see and feel how the Handmaiden does in my company, and that she loved me -- no joke. And I hardly ever had her in my party, since I chose to be with the Handmaiden! Brianna -- ROMANCE'd. I believe only those who have won the Handmaiden over know her true name, and of course, must be male! I'm a Pillar of the Light, so of course she is as well, and backs up every good thing I've done, unlike Kreia. As her parents did before, so shall we stand and fight together! Atris -- BROKENHEART'd. She had feelings for me in the past, and this "betrayal", by me, and her own Handmaiden, caused her to fall.....but yet, upon defeating her, I could not kill her. Instead, I forgave her, and left her to pursue the female Sith Lord that had guided me. Kreia -- DISS'd. I failed her, as a student. She never hid her plans from me, and I admired her -- but I did not share her feelings of hate. I killed the remaining Jedi, but only because they attacked me......revenge was never my motivation. It's unfortunate Master Kavar and I had been on opposite sides of a civil war on Iziz -- perhaps if he had lived, things could have been different with the other two. But their unwillingness to forgive opened my eyes to what Kreia already knew about the Jedi order -- it is fallible. Mira -- playin hard to get. But she told me she didn't wanna hafta show the other girls who's boss, and that she'd be too much for me.....and thought me and the Handmaiden were POWER-COUPLE'd. So I am neither Jedi or Sith -- I'm a heroic p-i-m-p. :cool:
  15. No I am not, I judged FF X-2 before I played it and seen my judgement remain the same after I play it. I hate when some people go around saying "you cannot judge something before you play it" since for me it the same "you have to eat **** to know it taste bad". <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Go ahead and judge it ahead of time if you want, but I can tell you comparing KOTOR2 to FFX-2 is the worst thing I can imagine. <_< I liked FFX, truly. And I HATED FFX-2 -- so much that after 8 hours of force-feeding it to myself, I traded it back and never plan on playing it through, or touching it again. KOTOR2 has an excellent story. And since you're judging it by the bits and pieces you read here, I say you go right ahead and skip it. But for the fans of the first game, looking for compelling characters and a more personal story of a jedi knight's redemption (or fall to darkness!), ENJOY the game.
  16. I agree that they are both important and needed, but I think the ending leaves more of an effect. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It does, cause it's the last thing people see. If you went to a 5 star restaurant and had the best meal of your life, and while you were leaving you saw a waiter picking his nose and another sneazing in someones food, would you ever go back? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This example works well with food, of course, but for me, after playing through KOTOR a second time as a female ultra-darksider Revan, I couldn't care less about the ending -- I fondly (!) remember slaughtering party members, and other acts of cruelty that made me laugh.
  17. ! huh, I guess I never pay attention to the default attack (since I'm a force-abusing, flurry-mastered maniac) upon switching, but instead was hoping the PC's stance itself would change when lightsaber forms were switched.......
  18. Agreed, absolutely. With our RPGs, however, I admit I give them more slack than I would a novel or even a movie -- I mean, it's interactive multimedia more than it is a solid work of fiction at this point in the genre! And it's still all about gameplay to me, first and foremost.
  19. This makes me think of OPEN-ENDED RPGs versus LINEAR -- like MORROWIND, which is basically all about the journey (with no real ending to speak of), and of course KOTOR, which wraps up. I found myself engrossed in the depth MORROWIND offered, but ultimately lost interest when all it amounted to for me was lonely adventuring.....but that was after about 200+ hours or so! KOTOR was played for about 100+ hours, and although a single playthrough wasn't nearly as long as a "life" in MORROWIND (or lack of one!), I've always preferred a great story and cast of characters.......but I digress.
  20. lol, yeah, the good ol' days! How's about a simple 'CONGRATULATIONS'? Gotta miss those. Then again, games used to be all about getting the highest score, rather than seeing a game through to the end. Perhaps some started with RPGs with CG-endings, and expected all to follow this mold, but hell, one fo the first RPG endings I remember seeing was the classic "And they were never seen again...."
  21. The ending can be good, bad, short, long, whatever, but if the journey isn't captivating, I could care less. The journey includes getting to know your characters, plot twists, revelations, and the meat of the roleplaying. But for some, a "lame" ending can ruin the whole experience. So for all you RPGers, which matters more? For me, it's all about the JOURNEY.
  22. It definitely seems KOTOR was more difficult at times, but really, I feel KOTOR2 is easier for me mainly because the combat system was previously mastered. I like the characters in KOTOR2, and although influence is required to really get to know them, I'm okay with that. It seems more natural this way, and although there are some characters I won't know until I replay, it doesn't matter as I know I'll be replaying it anyway. I do agree that each member should have had a sidequest of their own (like in KOTOR), but I enjoy the banter between party members and find Obsidian's writing enjoyable. T3-M4 was definitely given a lot more character, and is the stronger for it. I like the story here, and that it's not as straight-forward -- it's simply different, and depending on how you want it to play out, it's more customizable than the previous game's. I can't wait to see even the minor differences, simply by saying what happened last game (not to mention the cameos I didn't get!). You're right about the variety of side missions -- there could have been more, like the trial at Manaan, or the Jedi-detective stuff. Instead, we have more of a focus on combat, and I did enjoy when the party would be split up.....no one felt useless to me, unlike last time when some party members hardly saw any play, unless I sought to know them more. Bastilla was cool, and . However, I think Kreia is a really great character, and feel the others I've gotten to know through influence are good too. I like that your skills matter more in making work/lab bench stuff, as well as some dialogue options. I also love the robes, and the other minor tweaks here and there. The game's presentation could have benefitted from "flashbacks", less loading times, and more polish, but as is, there is no other game I'd rather play.
  23. I may be the only one thoroughly enjoying this game, here at the forums......
  24. Haven't ever run into the black screen myself, or had loading freezes.....I had the framerate drop to zero once, and had to wait 2 seconds before the game came to, and resumed kicking ass.
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