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  1. I'm looking for a wireless controller for my xbox. Do you have one that you guys would recommend? Also, if you have one, does it cause any problems with KOTOR or any other games? Thanks.
  2. I agree with Phantom, there are other Jedi still alive. They are just in hiding, and now with Nihillus out of the way, they will probably resurface. I have a question: Why couldn't you loot the three Jedi Masters after Kreia killed them on Dantoonie?
  3. That very well could be the HK factory. I hadn't thought of that. Oh well.
  4. Also, you can pay that creature outside the cantina to put in a good (well bad) word for you to the Exchange. That will definately get you noticed by the Exchange.
  5. Have you went back to the Ebon Hawk and been attacked yet by the Exchange? I had no problems with Nar Shaddah, thankfully.
  6. Seeing Bastila come out of the shadows to talk to Carth. I sure hope that they do a KOTOR III and she is in it. My favorite character bar none.
  7. Would you care to share where you heard or saw this at? I would like to see this franchise at least get one more game. Like the the oringinal trilogy.
  8. I finished KOTOR1 is about 40 hours the first time. Every other time after that I finished in about 20-25. The first time was the best though.
  9. I'll got out on a limb and say that it will at least be in the 9s. :ph34r: " (w00t) 9.3 is my guess too.
  10. See if this sounds familar: "Stay on Topic!" "Stay on Topic!"
  11. Thanks Chris, that's some great info. Romances are bound to happen when you have men and women together for such a long time, and I am glad that there is more than one option to go with. There it is again: Replayability.
  12. Replayability=more for your money. The story and the replay value is what I'm really looking forward to in KOTORII.
  13. Deadeye Duncan as the MSG, now that would be too funny. Vrook was too angry to be a Sith.
  14. I want to go with an orange one. I like violet/purple too.
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