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  1. Agreed. I've now been playing the game for 52+ hours now, first playthrough, and I've encountered framerate drops on occasion, but nothing that could possibly break the game. There are graphical glitches, and there are some minor bugs, but yes, by all means, buy the game and ENJOY it!
  2. I installed the thing, talked to him for a couple of minutes and took it right out again. It's a terrible thing to do to an assassin droid. His indignation at having it installed in the first place was pretty amusing. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> !! You can take it back out? PERFECT! Pluggin it in tonight!
  3. I couldn't agree any more. I would've loved to see Male Revan and Bastila actually kiss in the game,its not like kissing is rude or any thing...I think the black out screen was a little dissappointing. Unless some lucky PC user can make a mod of the kissing scene or somthing between the male Revan and Bastila that would be extremly cool. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I figured they didn't want to bother to animate the kiss with the various NPCs (although they could've cheated and given every male the same exact mouth for the kiss).....or they wanted to avoid any awkwardness in animation. Could you imagine if it hadn't been left to the imagination and looked like total crap instead? I'll admit I was disappointed, but not too much, since I'd rather have imagine what happened...much like Gabrielle did.
  4. It's true MS doesn't want gamers to perceive the X as a "poor man's PC" (too late for some!), but devs have left coding in before to allow for patches and mods via Xbox Live. KOTOR had the Yavin Station, DOA3 had the extra costumes, etc. -- all that needs to be done is to include coding to allow for it. I love my WRPGs, even moreso than JRPGs, but they are never nearly as polished.... "
  5. I haven't been able to restrain myself from looking at these boards, the spoiler forum included so not much will suprise me. I'm really looking forward to the character interaction, despite some comments that have been made. I agree that the interaction among NPC's in Kotor was what made the game so great. For me, its the depth of storyline and the personalities/uniqueness of each party member that grabs me. And I don't see open ended stories being a problem, so long as the journey getting there was fascinating and fulfilling. See, I'm an optimist at heart. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ditto -- it's all about the journey, more than the ending(s)!
  6. ok. what happened to you? and are you sure it ain't yer Xbox? I assume the game has some game-breaking glitches/bugs, and that's why you're insane with this all-consuming hate for Obsidian and KOTOR2......
  7. I enjoy getting to know the characters as well, and it was the chracters in the first game that truly made KOTOR enjoyable, imho Here's hoping you enjoy KOTOR2 as much as I am.....you'll find that influence plays a large role, so getting to know the other characters isn't as simple as talking to them everytime you level-up, but how much they like you and what path you have chosen.....and BEWARE OF SPOILERS here!
  8. I tried to pervert Juhani to the darkside (impossible!) as a female Revan, but once I decided to join up with Bastilla, that wasn't possible anyway.
  9. look who his father is. is it any wonder? :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> TRUE DAT.
  10. My girlfriend got the OT for me for Xmas, and I proceeded to watch all 3 last weekend -- still enjoy them! Sure, it's kinda cheesy at times, but I enjoyed Vader more than ever! And I didn't remember Luke being so whiney.....
  11. faster, and with more feeling!! ;p
  12. It really must be nostalgia that has clouded my judgment, as well as the high expectations for Episodes I, II, and the upcoming III that has made it hard for me to accept TPM or AotC. I would never even dreamed of comparing Jar-Jar to Chewbacca -- maybe the Ewoks, but Chewie?? Wookies kick ass, imho. And sure, the dialogue ain't the best, but James Earl Jones is the Man.
  13. Wow, I never got this quest. You're talking about the female Rodian on Nar Shadda, right? - dr cloak <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yup, if you help her, and have opened up the trade route on Onderon, IIRC, then eventually (and randomly?), she'll get the Pacifist part for HK-47 -- I believe it's s'oposed to make him fit better for the lightsiders out there......but I haven't installed it yet. I just got HK-47 running, and I love him how he is, even though I'm LS myself. But I do want to get some influence going, and not killing everyone in sight isn't gonna win me influence with him......unless he has this part installed. We'll see.
  14. Exactly. Even with the original Trilogy, I couldn't say which I like best -- I like watching them and taking them in as a whole. And with KOTOR2, it's impact is greater if you experienced the first, and vice versa, imho.
  15. So seeing people standing around, and doing nothing constitutes a solid cut scene movie? KOTOR:1 had no real ending to speak of. Once the bad guy was defeated, you don't discover anything new. There is no epilogue. And the dark side movie shows Bastilla there after you kill her. Some ending. You are entitled to your opinion, but I seriously don't understand what is good about the KOTOR ending. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed!!
  16. all this talk about the Ending......the first was allzabout the journey, and it's the same with this, imho. and hell, I hated the LS ending in KOTOR1 (although it was reminiscent of Episode IV's), and thought the DS ending was decent, but again, it was the journey (the characters, the story, etc.) that made the game so memorable to me.
  17. well, when I played KOTOR the first time, I was male, and roleplayed as "myself" in a sense -- I was a neutral/lightsider, and romanced Bastilla. The second playthrough, I removed myself and roleplayed as an ultra-evil female Revan, and although I had grown to enjoy the company of my party and their character, I seemed to enjoy the roleplaying she provided, but didn't romance Carth (killed Dustil -- oops). I couldn't bring Zalbaar to kill Mission, as it made me feel too guilty, so I killed them both, personally. The impression left by this playthrough was so profound and engrossing that it was used as the template for KOTOR2's first playthrough, which I'm still working on. in KOTOR2, I'm a lightsider senitnel/Jedi Master male, as myself, and I'm actually enjoying it more than I did in the last game! I shall definitely be playing darksider female next game, but right now, I'm really enjoying doing what feels natural.....Revan will be that original male lightsider in the second play.
  18. the veridian crystal is my personal fave -- ooh, silvery-green goodness
  19. I've done that a couple of times, but still, nothing happens. Is it because of Visas being in my party so early on that I have encountered this, or do I just need to run around some more and hope for the best? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm surprised the Red Eclipse hasn't come for you, since the Exchange wants you....have you tried leaving and coming back? I'm also wondering if it's a hardware issue, since your previous disc seemed to have so many issues. Besides this, has the game acted up in other ways? The most I've experienced in my copy (45+ hours now) is a framerate drop to zero, once, and occasionally minor graphical glitches. I'd say make the rounds around Nar Shaddaa one more time, especially if you've done everything, and hope for the best -- I hope you get the invite soon!
  20. hmmm.....then it should trigger soon. try heading back to the Ebon Hawk and see if it triggers then -- I was invited upon leaving the Promenade.....
  21. The first one, yes. Not the 2nd one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You may not be hardcore enough for Hades_One. It's ok, though, neither am I! I say play it however it's most fun for you.
  22. talk to the rat-bat again -- does he say the Exchange wants yer head on a stick? If not, you may have to do more....I got Visas before Nar Shaddaa, as I went to Onderon first. good luck!
  23. it shouldn't stop ya -- you'll love KOTOR2, my friend.
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