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  1. I guess this is only relevant if you made certain (namely LS) choices in KotOR I, but still... I mean, she's one of the last surviving Jedi, and after the events KotOR I, she would be a damned powerful addition to your party. If you're supposed to hunt down the last of the Jedi and either bring them togeather or exterminate them, why didn't the developers include her? They brought back that cranky old fool Vrook (I hate him and his judgementality-I even find Atris' attitude more appealing). Why not have her join you or at least be someone you can talk to and have go to Dantooine? They even bothered to include her in a cut scene. I don't get it-there's another uber-powerful Jedi knight left in the galaxy, and you don't even get to ask her to come with you? I would be fine if you could do that and have her possibly decline. At least they could have acknowledged her Jedi status. Honestly, I think this game was rushed through development too quickly. Any thoughts on the matter?
  2. *Please note-this is primarily an idea for LS players, though I have tried to accomidate LS/DS decisions into this somewhat. It's up to the developers to make the good/bad scenarios. Now then... How's about this-you start out as Revan about 10-15 standard years after KotOR II, and you have discovered the weakness of the ancient "True Sith" in your wanderings beyond the outer rim of the Republic. These Sith discover you, and hunt you visciously, fearing that you will give their secret away. (As to the secret-I'd leave that up to the developers) You must struggle and fight your way through their empire back to Republic Space, with the intention of alerting the Republic to this new threat so that it can be destroyed forever. However, Sith spies have put a tracking beacon on your ship, and you unwittingly lead the entire Sith fleet to Atris's former academy on Telos (which has by now more than 3/4 recovered), where the Jedi, under the jurisdiction of the Exile, Visas, the Handmaiden, and Bastila are regrouping. There are Padawans and newly knighted Jedi everywhere, and they all either hail your return or attack you, depending if you're light or dark. Regardless, you tell the Council of 4 about the new Sith threat. As you do this, their massive fleet drops out of hyperspace, but does not fire upon the planet, instead choosing to occupy it and twist it to their own ends, shooting down any ship that tries to escape without the proper codes. (They're all infinately smarter than Malak ever was-especially their shadowy leader, who speaks only through holograms kind of like Goto, except he's acutally real. And maybe one of the actual Sith "species" from millenia past too). The Handmaiden is enraged (she never seemed too capable at controlling her emotions to me) that you have brought this upon them, but depending upon a dialogue and gender choice earlier in the game, Bastila is either the happiest woman in the world or indifferent to your prescence. Visas and the Exile (who should have set genders and voices, I think, as Revan was a clearly superior character in the first game, and therefore should be granted the role of PC) are logical about the situation, and impart all that Jedi-gunk about fighting the dark side and how Jedi should act in defense and not bring harm to others. Blah Blah Blah. You obtain the codes to escape the Sith through the Exile's Telosian contacts, and most of the Jedi make it safely to the world of Ithor, where the Ithorians have allowed their most sacred rule of no one ever being allowed to step onto the planet's surface to be broken for the sake of the galaxy. A temporary academy is set up. It's the perfect hiding place-no one would suspect the Jedi to set up shop on a world where they supposidly can't even land. Anyways, the Council saddles you, (Revan) with the new responsibility of using this newfound weakness to destroy the True Sith Empire forever. They grant you the party of Bastila, HK-47, T3-M4, Atton (who has been somewhat trained as a Jedi Sentinel), and a very annoying young Jedi who is Padawan to Bastila. I think that her padawan should be one of those little green Yoda-like creatures, with Yoda's attutude early in "The Empire Strikes Back", yet still quite wise. He/she's a replacement for Jolee. Carth is too busily trying to organize a defense against the Sith (who strangely enough don't go for Couruscant-they care nothing for the Republic, only the fact that you have their secret, and the other issue of wanting to exterminate the Jedi. As I said, they're smarter than Malak.). But they do officially wage war on the Republic because it tries (and fails) to get Telos back from them. Canderous (Mandalore) is pretty open at this point-I can't decide what to do with him. I'm leaning towards getting rid of him. Juhani and Jolee, you find out much to your chagrin, were killed on Katarr (*weeps for Jolee, even though he'd probably already be dead by natural causes by the time this takes place*), and Zalbaar (is that how you spell it? He's the cheiftan now, anyways.) lends assistance by assigning you one of his best Wookie warriors (you have to have a walking carpet). You are also to help Bastila train her first Padawan if you're LS and didn't kill her on Telos. She's way our of her league, but is obstinate as usual to your offers of help. Also, you really make headway into the Bastila/Revan romance started in KotOR I (if you're a guy) . If you're a girl, you can make sparks fly with another member of the crew, the rest of whom are up to the developers to create. I think it'd be neat to have a Yoda-like creature in the group, but that's just me. Later, you pick up the Wookie warrior on a visit to Kashyyyk (sp?) when you drop by to see Zalbaar. Mission Vao (who is slightly more mature) is elated to see you if you didn't kill her in KotOR I, and joins your party without taking no for an answer. You visit many (at least 8 total) different planets (and for the love of God, let us go to Coruscant this time!) in your quest, and either save the Jedi or ensure their destruction forever. Some ideas for planets would be Sullest, Ithor, Coruscant, Nal Hutta, the ruins of Taris, and other planets within the boundries of the True Sith Empire that only Revan knows about to this point. All choices are ultimately left up to the developers. As to technical issues, I think there needs to be better graphics, better framerates, better loading times, and less (read: WAY LESS) bugs than were in KotOR II. The engine needs to be updated. So, what do you think? Obviously, many changes have to be made to allow DS players, but as my username clearly states, I'm overtly biased towards the blue end of the spectrum. I don't know weather this should be the last KotOR-there seems plenty of story potential later on (say, about 3000 years into the future with the whole Darth Bane and the Jedi Army of Light thing). It's just too good a concept in my mind to kill after 3 games. Then again it could get boring, and it may be better to retire it before people start to hate it and let it pass on with dignity. I can't make up my mind. Any add ons or modifications are welcome to be presented.
  3. Last night, I decided to start a new game as in my previous one I had gotten stuck on Nar Shaddaa. I didn't delete the first game, but after I saved the second game and then went to load the first game, I discovered much to my dismay that it wasn't there. All I could load was the auto-save and the second saved game. Well, after checking my X-Box's memory, I discovered that it really was there, but the game wasn't letting me load it. I still haven't deleted it. I had the same problem with my very buggy first disk, but hadn't expected it with my almost-perfect second. My question to you is this-is this obviously serious error due to my X-Box or my disk, and has anyone else had the same problem? Thanks in advance.
  4. Well, after my issues with the first disk, I went into the memory screen for the X-box hard drive and manually deleted the whole thing. After I did that, I had no problems with the new disk until my problem as noted above and something I discovered just last night. I cannot do multiple saves. If I'm playing a game that I have saved in one slot and then save the same game in a new slot, when I start the game, I can only load the auto-save and the newest purposely saved game. But when I take a look at my X-Box's memory, it tells me that there are two saved games and the auto save, I just can't access one of them. I had the same problem with the last disk, but never had this problem with KotOR I. I wonder if this is due to my X-Box (unlikely, as I've never had any problems with it before) or the disk. Besides some widely known framerate issues and the whole Nar Shaddaa thing, the game is otherwise perfect.
  5. I've done that a couple of times, but still, nothing happens. Is it because of Visas being in my party so early on that I have encountered this, or do I just need to run around some more and hope for the best?
  6. Yeah, the rodent says repeatedly that they want my head on a plate, but nothing changes. What gives?
  7. It is my personal opinion that Obsidian Entertainment has done a really crappy job in terms of quality control on Knights of the Old Republic II. If they make a KotOR III, I want BioWare to do it, if only to reduce the number of bugs. I got my second disk from GameStop the other day after I exchanged my first one because workbenches weren't working, I couldn't talk to people, conversation elements that should've come up weren't, and blackouts. So, I get my new disk, and am overall very satisfied until I go to Nar Shaddaa (my first planet other than Peragus or Telos). I do everything that is supposed to make the Exchange mad at me, save the "seeking passage" quest. I even paid that squeeky rodent NPC in the entertainment promenade 2000 of my credits to tell the Exchange how much I don't like them. The lizard-heads (I think they're called Trandoshans, but I'm not sure) haven't taken over my ship yet, and I haven't been contacted by the Exchange, and I'm starting to get really frustrated just running around doing nothing. I've only saved in one slot, so I can't go back before I hit this planet. After my expieriences with the first disk, to get 16 hours into the next and have to restart would really dampen my enthusiasm. It should also be noted that throughout this entire expierience (on Nar Shaddaa) I have had Visas Marr with me. I went back on to the Ebon Hawk shortly after touching down, and my character automatically sought her out. I read earler that if you get her before the Red Eclipse boards your ship then it makes it so that the plot dosen't advance. I have the Prima guide right next to me, and according to it I should be done and gone with this place by now. What's wrong? Is there anything I can do to advance the plot, or do I have to start over and forget about Visas until after Nar Shaddaa?
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