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  1. The auto update ones should still work. They operate just like NWN updates do. Download the zip file and put it in the root of the Kotor2 directory (do NOT unzip it) and run the auto update. It looks to that first and then will update the game. I did my update this way, as the Auto Update kept hanging for me. Just something to try anyway.
  2. Well, if LA does try to (or does) shut down the mod, they will make an angry community absolutely livid. They'll pretty much guarantee themselves a serious decline in profits and sales on other LA games. Not a good thing to do when they'll be bombarding us with Ep 3 game hyping over the next month. I think they'll leave it be. It would be the epitome of foolishness to do otherwise. Again, this mod team has my greatest thanks.
  3. An eager thumbs up for this! I've been away from the boards awhile, deep in meditation, to avoid succumbing to the dark side of depression and nurse my hope that something would be done. I eagerly anticipate this fan mod with baited breath!
  4. Well, I feel that K2 is an overall enjoyable game. It's not without it's issues, but it is an admirable job from the OE team. As far as some comments about LA not willing to allow a content patch, based on reasoning of poor PR....well, I think it's a little too late to be worrying about bad PR frankly. There's plenty of press out there for K2, both good and bad, with much of it being thrust upon LA. As a big Star Wars fan, I find it a difficult decision not to purchase new games set in the GFFA. I do so enjoy playing them. Getting back to PR, LA is in a sticky situation. Yes, they own (or whatever legal definition is the choix du jour) the game, and they can do (or not do) whatever they please with it. Whatever happens, they are pretty much damned if they do, damned if they don't. The bug fix patch coming will be a welcome thing, to be sure. A content patch....I think it would do more good than harm. A lot of people see it as LA admitting to a mistake. Well, in a sense, they would be correct. Still, releasing a content patch would at least show they also want to fix that mistake. That action alone would prompt me to continue buying LA products. It's all subjective of course, and I'm sure some LA financial group has a bunch of equations they use to determine the monetary impact of such things. For me, if LA continues to stay silent on the issue, I will not purchase their products. If they do not release a content patch for K2, I will not purchase their products. If they release a content patch (or allow one to be released), then I will continue to purchase their products. Yes, I know, big deal. It won't hurt their bottom line. It won't change the way they do things. Quite frankly though, I have no desire to continue to pay for unfinished or rushed games. We'll see what happens I guess.
  5. Well I must say, I was a little surprised that the Petition thread was deleted. It most likely had to do with the fact that some unlisted email addresses for LA folks got posted there. Major no, no I'm guessing. Still, it seems they are aware of the community's general feelings toward K2. Most of us like the game, but want to love it by seeing all the content restored (after bug fixing of course). I do feel awful if OE took a ton of heat from LA for it (and may have something to do with the potential need to shut things down indefinitely). LA has an excellent opportunity here to do right by the K2 gaming community, let's see what they do with it.
  6. The Ebon Hawk is haunted by a spectre from the past............
  7. Ah, my friend. Yet another victim of the craptacular ending so generously supplied to us by LA/Obsidian. Now with that said, there are a bunch of threads on this very subject, as it seems just about everyone has the 'WTF?' words rolling around their head when they beat the game (if not saying it out loud). Here's a few (bear in mind, these do contain spoilers): http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=29764 (big thread, lots of reading) http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30615 (more info about what is missing or cut from the game) http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30042 (a petition to have all that most excellent material restored/finished) That should hold you over and hopefully explain most of the 'WTF' moments.
  8. Sounds like Gegoran, that weapons merchant on Onderon who is 'happy' to have his ability to sell weapons limited. Likely sums up Obsidian's feelings best. While these articles certainly try to bring closure, I still will not rest in our petition until they give us a definitive, yea or nay.
  9. Yeah, I did do that, but all the movies in the Streaming folder are ones I have viewed, in-game. Even the only slightly different ones (such as the Ebon Hawk firing on the asteroids escaping from Peragus). Hmm. Maybe its a bug (still showing unlockable movies for removed content)?
  10. Hey all. Anyone know how to take screenies without the action bar (the one that floats over bad guys)? Or, is this even doable? I want to take some screenies and make myself a nice desktop wallpaper out of in-game action, but those red action menus kinda get in the way. Thanks to any who can help (or educate me). "
  11. I've played through 4 times, with only 59/65 movies unlocked. 4 times consisted of 2xLS and 2xDS. Those were all with a male PC, so if that makes a diff, let me know.
  12. Actually, I think any mod made to get a better ending will increase the potential for LucasArts to make money. It may entice some Xbox Kotor 2 owners to pick up the PC version. It may entice a few who haven't bought the game on account of the threads detailing the rather poor endgame, to purchase the game (though that would indeed be a tragic and at the same time happy situation, buying a game because the mod community finished it properly). Ultimately, we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.
  13. Once she has agreed to let you show her, take her to Nar Shaddaa where Kreia taught you to 'hear' the planet. She'll become a Jedi at that point.
  14. Sadly, you are correct about them not caring. All publishers equate happy community with money made. For now, they will continue their foolish belief in this, until their next KotoR game is released. They will still make money, but it won't be anywhere near the success they will be counting on. Gamers have long memories. As for Obsidian not checking with LA...maybe. I would have thought though that the script and story would first need to be approved by LA before it was in production, but hell, mistakes happen. They may be incredibly talented devs, but they are still human. Still, LA was in charge of the voice acting, and all the dialogue was recorded, so one has to wonder about things. Anyway, we all have opinions and theories. I will still continue the fight, however hopeless some will claim it to be. My own personal Malachor V if you will.
  15. Hmm, if it was in danger of getting an 'M' rating, that would actually make sense. As for not very Star Wars-like, well, Revenge of the Sith is shaping up to be not very Star Wars-like either (though, I'll leave discussion of the prequel movies at that). If it truly was about the very high probability of receiving an 'M' rating, well, I'll be disappointed but understanding at that point. Star Wars has been, and really should remain, within the realm of 'T' ratings. If the rating is the case, I will then transfer my hopes to the modding community to try to get the endings in there. Would be nice to see LA ease up on letting Obsidian discuss things with the modding community though. An excellent point ShadowPaladin. Now, if only we could get some official word from Obsidian/LucasArts about it.
  16. Head over to the petition in my sig and sign it. It may be a futile hope, sometimes the hope is enough to satisfy our mutual disappointment in this 'game'.
  17. Good to see someone enjoyed it (the ending that is, I enjoyed the first 75% of the game).
  18. You don't. That location is part of the Droid Factory levels that was cut from the game. Petition located here asking Obsidian and LucasArts to restore the content (as much of it was scripted and the voice files still exists for them): http://www.petitiononline.com/kotor2/petition.html This thread (warning, has spoilers) details what was removed: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=29764 This thread is a petition thread on the board to protest the cuts and see them restored: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30042
  19. I think one of the cut lines from master vashe(sp) says if one of the pair falls to the darkside the bond is cut. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yet more evidence to have this cut content restored. A petition exists for just this purpose: http://www.petitiononline.com/kotor2/ It may do little to get things changed, but doing nothing achieves nothing.
  20. http://www.gamebanshee.com/starwarskotorii/walkthrough.php
  21. Dark Siders get it after the Dantooine Council.
  22. Yeah. All the scripting (voice scripting that is) is there and it is clear more detailed engame scenarios existed, which from what I've listened to, brings tears to my eyes. Not necessarily the content (though, Atton's Death is touching), but it's the fact that it was left out. It's so well done and worthwhile to not have it there. The major push this game had was the Influence system. Well, the ending as it is basically undermines it. We never get to see it's ultimate resolution, we never see what effect we had. I'm all for leaving things open for a sequel...but this? Even ESB had resolution. Luke got his artificial hand and had to deal with his feelings of his parentage, a plan to rescue Han is in the works, Luke apparently has a sibling, and the Rebellion is forced to base itself with the Fleet. You just had to see RotJ at that point! With KotoR II, we don't get that sense of urgency to play the next one, as this one's ending made no sense for the most part, and only left questions as to wtf just happened. Sad, just sad. Let's keep our voices heard. Return that content!
  23. Well, the game is solid fun up until the Dantooine Council. At this point, it enters rush mode and it falls apart. So much content was cut that it leaves enormous plot holes and inconsistencies. The gameplay is still enjoyable, but the rush feeling and poor resolutions will still leave a bitter taste with anyone. The DS ending really is no different than the LS ending, for reasons I stated earlier. You do see an extra cinema of Kreia falling into the planet's core, but that's it. Instead of the Ebon Hawk coming in to fly you away, it follows the same camera angle, without the planet breaking apart and no Ebon Hawk. Roll credits. For me, I'm hanging on to the game. It's overall fun to play and I feel that if OE/LA don't add the content in, the mod community will eventually get it in there.
  24. I was never overly fond of Malak. The villain with the goal to just destroy is rather dull. Give me one that has some other reason to be evil. Kreia is the kind of villain I like. Though, Malak was indeed the Villain Classique. Of course I always found it amusing that he spoke his 'P's' with a remarkable amount of spittle for someone with no mouth.
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