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  1. I'd recommend that you play it lightside for your first time in case you decide not to play through it again. You'll get more out of the, imho, crappy ending. I'd say get it for the PC since there's a patch for it and another one coming up that adds the higher quality movies and music. But there's still a chance that you'll run into a gamestopping bug.
  2. The "true sith" are giant midichlorians on some dyson sphere in unknown space.
  3. Here's the newest version of my pink saber mod. Added the Double & Short and changed the beam a bit.
  4. Homework, waiting for my hard drive so I can continue modding (learning) without concern, and playing Civ III.
  5. You did put EnableScreenShot=1 under the Game Options section of your swkotor2.ini file, right?
  6. Awesome, thanks for the fix. I suspect it had something to do with my attempt to change e-mail addresses. The address I tried to change it to probably wouldn't accept the activation e-mail.
  7. If you're talking about lucasforums, then it's Prydeless. If it's pcgamemods, I don't have an account there. I'm just not uploading it there until I finish the mod.
  8. Here are the files if anyone wants to try it out. I'd post it on pcgamemods as mentioned above, but it's not done yet and i'd like to get more modding knowledge so it doesn't conflict with mods from other modders.
  9. Since I can't post on lucasforums, I thought i'd get some feedback here. I decided to make this when I noticed no one was making a pink saber and I have free time while waiting for the patch. This probably won't be done for a while since i'm having computer troubles and there's still the short and double to work on.
  10. Great job. It's refreshing to see non anime art for KotOR. Not that the anime fan art is bad or anything.
  11. I don't know what kind of box you got, but mine says "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords"
  12. Is much better than Visas <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When that happened, did anyone else think about that Demolition Man scene where they have sex via those helmets?
  13. Thanks for the links and info. I'm surprised a lot of this was cut out.
  14. I just finished the game for the first time and I am utterly confused. Could anyone help clarify some things for me? 1) After killing Nihilis and leaving the Ravager, was there supposed to be something that happened? The game just skipped to a FMV of the Ebon Hawk leaving a hangar in Telos then crash landing on Malachor V. Why am I alone on the surface? 2) I defeat Kreia and push her off of the platform. The game cuts to an FMV of Malachor and the debris around it, then to credits. Was something supposed to happen with the Remote and Goto? Where's the closure? Are these normal for a dark side ending or did I just get victimized by game glitches?
  15. Well, HK-47 kinda acted like a homosexual (as you put it) after I repaired it, although HK is definitely not a coward. Anyway, i'd like to see Yuthura Ban and Jolee in K3. Yuthura is the only worthwhile Twi'lek character ever.
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