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  1. Yeah but they only work with the automatic update. No manual ones yet. Gah!
  2. Hurry up and release the international manual patches. And if it's not you then phone lucasarts and get them to do it. Today please. Some of us still can't actually play the game at all.
  3. Yeah you cant manually install it. And i can't auto update. did you even read the post?
  4. I see they've changed the headline to say patch available for ALL versions. However the Lucasarts site still only has the US patch. Am I missing something here? How do i get my UK version patched? I can't Autoupdate as I am not connected to the internet (i mean, i AM just now, but i'm not at home just now.)
  5. Come on, just tell us for definate if there is gonna be a patch release. just a simple yes or no will do. preferably from someone who actually knows.
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