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  1. When the Difficulty Patch comes out. Berath's Blessings Run : [Dual Pistols // Dual Swords - Ghost's Heart // Assassin Multiclass] Preview + Original : ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Pillars Of Eternity I :
  2. As yoou can see here : Mouse0, [Default Setting], is assigned to multiple interactions.If you try to replace "Mouse0 = Move", by "Mouse0 = Party Follow Mouse", it results in Mouse0 being only assigned to this option, permanently. Like here : This is annoying because you can still move around, by pressing Mouse0, which is what we want here. But you can't interact anymore : Select, Interact & Attack, are no longer triggered by Mouse0. Whereas it should work as : "Move = Nothing" // "Select, Interact, Attack & Party Follow Mouse = Mouse0". If you could, [whenever you can], m
  3. My Pleasure -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Had to slightly recolor & shading this one cause it was really, (like... really really) too bright.
  4. Because they were mine too ! [You really want the other two ?]
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I thought about it too, maybe not as far as the entire content, but at least the whole package of mechanics. No restrictions like lvl 9 where, practically speaking, you get to test 3 or 4 abilities. Removing Level restrictions, would have allowed us to give feedbacks on : Testing all Abilities & their Power. Test the Level Scaling. Test the High End Difficulty. Overall Tuning Feedback before release.
  10. It just gives any Conditions, its negative counterpart. Like : Self - Has Concentration, becomes, Self - Has Not Concentration.Is it clearer ?
  11. The first one turned out to be really ugly & unmakable, but still, did this one :
  12. Really dark portrait makes the wizardry harder to do, so.... did my best :
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