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  1. Apple is probably still reviewing the patch before putting it on their App Store. This can take a few days.
  2. I‘m in full screen mode, same settings as on the release version, but stuttering made it unplayable ... or at least unenjoyable, so I had to roll back. Using a Macbook 2013
  3. Anyone else experiencing a serious performance drop with the new patch?
  4. So you would recommend Kind Wayfarer over Goldpact at the moment? Because I‘m torn between these two. Edit: I‘m not planning on being a Nature Godlike.
  5. Does the ranger‘s full attack (something shot) work with melee weapons as it did in PoE?
  6. I mean the combination of ranger and paladin, either ranged or melee. I‘d love the concept. But I don‘t know if it makes any sense from a mechanical standpoint.
  7. I started playing the character and I‘m loving her to pieces from a roleplaying perspective. However, I have the feeling that the druid I played lasted time was substantially stronger. Is this just in the nature of the classes or am I playing the cipher wrong?
  8. Yeah, I was thinking rapier and dagger for my cipher and Firebrand for Maneha. Is this viable? Anything I should be aware of stat- or talent-wise?
  9. Any tips on a two weapon, swashbuckling kind of cipher? I‘d prefer to use Firebrand with other party members ... or is this a bad choice?
  10. I really liked my paladin. I took your advice and used Firebrand ... it was awesome! So, thanks for the tip. I was level 7 it was just starting to get really good. Why am I talking in past tense? Well, some sort of crash ate all my save games, including my very first character and my beloved druid.
  11. I‘m afraid I need your advice again. It seems that I can‘t let go of my tiny, furry Kind Wayfarer. However, I don‘t know which weapons to use. Two handed? Dual? Fast? Slow? I have no idea what is best. Obviously, I want to trigger Strange Mercy as often as I can. Also, should I take Sworn Enemy or is it a wasted talent?
  12. I agree, the Blackbow is cool. Out of curiosity I loaded an old save game and respecced Aloth into arcane archer with the Blackbow. And I must admit, that was fun. However, the spell comes way too late for me to make a character (a main character no less) based on it. So, the search continues ...
  13. I tried the wizard with bows. The ranger with Prestidigitator's Missiles is something I haven't considered yet. However, I always bring Sagani since she's my favourite NPC and I'm not sure if two rangers are too redundant. What would you say?
  14. I'm currently trying a paladin who will use some scolls to simulate wizardry. Not sure if it will work though ... or what will come of it. Not even sure about my attributes or weapons, because frankly, I'm unable to calculate effective combinations. The arcane ranger felt much to contrived. It might be a fun concept in Deadfire when we have actual multiclassing but in PoE I it felt just strange ... and not in a good way, but strange for strangeness's sake.
  15. The arcane archer sounds appealing. I actually never considered wizard as an MC class before. That‘s something I have to try. Is there anything (stats or something) I should consider? I suck when it comes to mastering the mechanics of this game.
  16. Excuse me, if I just chime in. Would something like a paladin/ranger or a paladin/wizard be viable in Deadfire? And how could I emulate that in PoE I? I tried the monk/paladin and enjoyed the character quite a lot ... however I didn‘t like the flavor of the fist punches. The animations were not to my taste either. But the Kind Wayfarer was very flavorful and nice. Thanks for helping me out.
  17. How does using a single one handed weapon play into this? Is it inferior to both two-handed and dual-wielding or on par with them?
  18. If that is true, why do people say the Devil of Carock is a useless character because of her high resolve and low dexterity?
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