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  1. Yep, had the exact same thing happen. It was at that point that I realised just how broken this game is. It's a ****ing dragon. And I auto attacked it to death in about 30 seconds. What are the devs thinking. How is that an acceptable way to release a game like this. "We'll patch it in a few weeks". Great, accept a lot of people will be done with your game by then, or at least through the majority of it.
  2. Difficulty 3 will set game difficulty to PotD. I don't know if it will limit you to one save or not, but it does increase combat difficulty. You can even increase it more (to 4 or 10 for example), but I don't know the point at which combat will become impossible. I haven't figured out the scaling command yet, but I'll keep trying. Hmmm interesting. What do you mean by limiting me to one save or not? Do we know if it causes any other bugs/issues?
  3. Has anyone figured out how to change the difficulty from Veteran to PotD? Or being able to enable up scaling? Combat for me right now is so dull and easy that it's ruining a lot of the fun for me. I desperately want to get the most out of this game cause I'm in love with it. But the combat is making it so hard to do so. I need a challenge. And I'm not restarting my 35+hour playthrough to get it. Would really appreciate any help on this.
  4. Why would they not mention that anywhere? I planned to change it later in my play through once I had a grasp for how difficult the game was. How can they expect anyone to make that decision before anybody has played it? It's ridiculous.
  5. No I'm playing on Veteran. Reason being I was worried the game would be too hard on PotD and I didn't want to be stuck in a place where I couldn't lower the difficulty. Boy do I regret doing that... The game is a ****ing cake walk. I could count on one hand the amount of times I've come across a fight so far during my 30 hour playthrough that I needed to actually think about.
  6. There better be a way to change the scaling mid game. This game is waaaay too ****ing easy. I decided to go with Veteran cause I was worried I'd be stuck at a difficulty that I couldn't lower, but holy **** do I regret that right now. The ease in difficulty this game has is ruining a lot of the fun for me. I'm way too far into the game to restart at this point, and killing 90% of mobs is so ****ing boring cause there's no thinking that needs to go into any of it. Need a way to fix this asap.
  7. I'm about 25 hours into the game right now on Veteran difficulty and am finding some fights, especially random trash mobs a bit too easy and it's ruining some of the fun for me. I want to turn on upwards level scaling only but I'm unsure how too. I know there's an option under difficulty in the options menu ingame, but it's currently grayed out. How do I enable it? Can I? Is it bugged? When I first created the game I saw the option to enable it, but I figured I'd leave it as default and just change it later if I felt I wanted too. Please don't tell me that the only time you get to adjust that is at game creation. Surely they would've said at the start that it was an option you can't change at a later date? Cause if that's true I don't know how they can expect someone to know whether they want level scaling on or not before they've actually had a chance to play the game. I'm gonna be so pissed if this turns out to be an option you can't change mid game. Is it possible to turn it on? Are there console commands to do so?
  8. I'm worried of being in the situation later down the road of wanting to lower the difficulty due to frustration but can't without restarting. I'm not the type of person who'd be okay with doing it all again. I typically play through rpg's once and that's it. I didn't play the original PoE much, so I don't have experience with how the game played on PoTD. Where you having to use everything at your disposal for every fight? I do want a challenge, but not so much that I'm getting frustrated with most fights. But I also don't want to just blindly attack move my way through the game. Which was why I was thinking of doing Hard, but if even PoTD looks like it isn't giving much of a challenge... having a real hard time trying to decide right now.
  9. Has anyone watched Cohh's stream? I don't want to watch cause spoilers. How difficult does it seem on PoTD? How have the encounters gone so far? Obviously it's the start of the game so it'll start out gently, but I'm wanting to know how difficult it seems cause I'm unsure yet if I want to start on Hard or PoTD. For me, I'm looking for a challenge, though not so much that I'm getting frustrated with most fights. A fight here and there where there's some real challenge is good with me, but having to reload again and again during most fights is too much for me. I would hate to find myself in a situation where I want to lower the difficulty but can't without having the restart the entire game. How does it seem so far to you?
  10. Right now I'm thinking; Eder - as a tank. Unsure if I want to multi into rogue yet (not sure exactly what benefits it gives) Aloth - as pure Wizard (DPS/CC) Xoti - as pure Priest (Support/CC) Tekehu - as Druid/Chanter (A mix of dps/support/cc. Not exactly sure what this class can do) PC - a two-handed dps/offtank greatsword Paladin/Fighter (DPS/Support) I haven't looked into what each class is capable of, but with the limited knowledge I have I think what I have planned should work well.
  11. That's something I hadn't thought about. I didn't play much of the first game, so I don't know how prevalent is it to come across an enemy who's resistant to your type of weapon attack. Don't know how common of a thing it was to carry multiple types of weapons due to resistances. Even still, I'm not expecting to respec all the time, just whenever I come across a weapon that's so badass I have to give it a try. I don't want to be in a situation where I come across the god of all weapons, but have to reframe from using it cause it's not speciallised in it.
  12. But if it's possible to respec, is that actually an issue? Respeccing every time I find a new cool weapon. Sounds awesome .... I'm still after confirmation whether it's possible to change your specialisation for a devoted fighter by respeccing. Cause if it's actually true, doesn't it completely nullify all downsides to going Devoted? Unless repseccing is a huge pain in the arse or comes at a high cost, why wouldn't you just respec when you come across another good weapon everytime? I'm not seeing what the downside is yet.
  13. Ultimate solution to a general hedache. For few coins, you could be devoted to any superb weapon you find/craft. Are you saying I could for example go Paladin/Fighter(devoted) for greatswords, but if I come across someother badass two handed I can just find an inn and go change my proficiency to the new weapon? I didn't think that would be possible. What's the drawback to respeccing? How expensive is it? Is there a limit or does it take a lot of effort? I'd say it doesn't feel quite right doing so unless there's not some big 'cost' attached to it. Or am I missing something? Do we know for sure that that's possible in PoE2?
  14. I'm thinking I'm just going to go for whatever feels right. I can't believe that in an rpg, their design choice would be to limit what armour types you should use so heavily in the way they have. I think I'll aim for plate armour for my tank. Medium (maybe?) for my Paladin offtank/dps (I hate as a frontline I'll be punished so hard in terms of dps for trying to protect myself a bit. Naked or cloth on the frontline just feels wrong, especially for a Paladin). And cloth for ranged. I just hope I'm not going to be punished too hard for doing so.
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