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  1. Apple is probably still reviewing the patch before putting it on their App Store. This can take a few days.
  2. I‘m in full screen mode, same settings as on the release version, but stuttering made it unplayable ... or at least unenjoyable, so I had to roll back. Using a Macbook 2013
  3. Anyone else experiencing a serious performance drop with the new patch?
  4. So you would recommend Kind Wayfarer over Goldpact at the moment? Because I‘m torn between these two. Edit: I‘m not planning on being a Nature Godlike.
  5. Does the ranger‘s full attack (something shot) work with melee weapons as it did in PoE?
  6. I mean the combination of ranger and paladin, either ranged or melee. I‘d love the concept. But I don‘t know if it makes any sense from a mechanical standpoint.
  7. I started playing the character and I‘m loving her to pieces from a roleplaying perspective. However, I have the feeling that the druid I played lasted time was substantially stronger. Is this just in the nature of the classes or am I playing the cipher wrong?
  8. Yeah, I was thinking rapier and dagger for my cipher and Firebrand for Maneha. Is this viable? Anything I should be aware of stat- or talent-wise?
  9. Any tips on a two weapon, swashbuckling kind of cipher? I‘d prefer to use Firebrand with other party members ... or is this a bad choice?
  10. I really liked my paladin. I took your advice and used Firebrand ... it was awesome! So, thanks for the tip. I was level 7 it was just starting to get really good. Why am I talking in past tense? Well, some sort of crash ate all my save games, including my very first character and my beloved druid.
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