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  1. Mississippi chose a new flag. It’s not the one I liked the best but it’s pretty good. I believe that’s it. I believe the “Confederate Flag” (don’t get me started) is gone from all state flags now. https://www.fox5ny.com/news/mississippi-voters-replace-confederate-themed-flag-with-new-design-featuring-magnolia-flower
  2. Here comes the lawsuits and the lawyers. I won! No I won! They are stealing the election! No they’re stealing the election! There’s no dignity in this. In 1960 they were voting irregularities in Chicago. Richard Nixon chose not to make a big deal about it. Didn’t want to put the country through the stress that would follow. It took 60 years but suddenly Nixon looks like a good guy again. This whole notion of everyone fighting like freaking savages to have control over their fellow humans reminds me of why I live alone in the woods with a dog
  3. Not that I’ve ever heard of. The political party that wins the presidential race tends to do better down ballot but that is not a hard or fast rule. There are plenty of instances where it has gone the other way. One thing to remember, congressional races are less about parties in about individual. House of representatives members in particular Are often times well known to their constituents. Party affiliation matters a lot less.Are often times well known to their constituents. Party affiliation matters a lot less.
  4. Yes. Unless you can think of another president who resigned and left town with a pardon from his replacement
  5. not like there isn’t a precedent for that chain of events
  6. Everyone just laughs at the silly jackass in plans a transition without him. Hell his own party won’t even support him then.
  7. Fair enough. There really has not been a shift though. If you break down this election along with the last five going back to the year 2000 the patterns are kind of similar. 2008 and 2012 might be exceptions but Obama was a particularly strong candidate. Otherwise were the candidates have been evenly matched what states and what counties voted what way appears quite predictable
  8. I think they were hoping for a blowout and they surely did not get that
  9. LLOL you’re giving Trump way too much credit! He can’t play a game that deep
  10. They are surely disappointing the results of this election. There was no blueshift. The Republicans actually gained seats in the House of Representatives. As for the presidential race the traditional states and counties are falling out as they usually do. The red states are still red the blue states are still blue and the tossups
  11. Apparently Wisconsin is reporting more votes in their results then we’re actually cast.
  12. They didn’t exactly legalize it. It’s still illegal to sell it. Or traffic in it. It’s just not illegal to have it. What it means is a user won’t be facing a draconian prison sentence just for being in possession of a small amount of it. But on a philosophical level it’s nobodys business what a consenting adult puts in their body. Orr has taken out of it for that matterOrr has taken out of it for that matter
  13. Here’s a little nugget. Last night six states voted to legalize marijuana to one extent or another. One state voted to decriminalize drug possession. That’s a pretty good step towards keeping people out of jail for victimless crime’s
  14. He’s going to have a couple of things working against him. The Republicans held onto control of the Senate and are likely going to be generally uncooperative with him. They are further emboldened by the fact that they actually gained Seats in the house of representatives. Plus Biden is looking at the slimmest of electoral wins so he’s not coming in with any kind of a big mandate. Add to that the presidential party tends to lose congressional seats in the off year election. So there is an excellent chance the Republicans will have more power in Congress in 2022 then they do today. However, he’s
  15. I have to tell you it’s extremely liberating not giving a damn about the outcome. All of the entertainment with none of the tension!
  16. There is a scenario where neither candidate can get to 270. The race would be decided by the house of representatives. Oh wouldn’t that be something to see!
  17. Well, I'm not completely content. Jorgensen ended up with 1.5M votes. Less than half of Johnson's total in 2016. I wished she had done better but I'm still pleased my vote was one of that 1.5M
  18. Don't worry. If Biden ends up winning I promise he won't launch any terrorist attacks in Poland! In all seriousness the GOP picked up 4 seats in the House and held the Senate. Trump, even if he does not win, completely out-performed pollsters predictions and exposed media bias again. The rumors of Republican death were greately overstated. Even if Biden wins, we'll be fine. The government will be mostly reutralized for two years. So we're pretty safe from both incompetence and malign intent. And if Biden did win there is a pretty good chance GOP control over Congress will increase in 202
  19. Nah. It's just that close. It's looking like the Senate will stay Republican so everything is good.
  20. I guess we’ll just pop some popcorn and watch it all burn down
  21. 110V pump. I thought about using a DC powered pump with a 12V battery connected to the solar array. But it would have to to be connected in parallel with the batteries in the house. That means a long cable run, 75-80 meters or so. Using DC that means at least a 6 AWG wire. Kind of expensive. If I place the tanks close to the house it means pumping water through a 75-80 pvc pipe run which requires more power off the battery when means the house system does not get as much. So placing it close to the house has too many problems. I have a 110V circuit in the barn and it's only 15-20' from the ir
  22. I ordered four 100 Gallon plastic tanks to make a rainwater retention system to irrigate the garden. I have one already. Going to make one for the greenhouse too. Not sure how that is going to work yet.
  23. Whatever happens today, no one should feel any stress over it. No outcome of this election will appreciably change this country. The ship of state will continue to tack pretty near the center of the channel. The reason is it take a long time to change the direction of the country and our electoral system is almost designed so no one political party gets to hold the tiller for long. As it stands there are five possible outcomes. Biden wins, Dems hold the House, Republicans hold the Senate. This will keep things pretty much status quo. Probably the best possible outcome. Biden
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