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  1. Kreia ain't so pretty (I think she was when she was younger...) ... But damn she has great attitude! Which makes her hot on her own way... Maybe not by looks, but... Heh.
  2. Yogi bear! DS Yogi bear! Hahaha! Darth Yogi!
  3. Off-topic = Little thing that makes forums worth to read and write... Eh? Jep, ei tapella.
  4. Depends much of game type etc. Well, I like to play as mage, bard or assassin. Something like that.
  5. -Laugh- Whatever. Heheh. But then it would be "Pahapersekala".
  6. It seems. And I prefer "Badfish" instead "Evilfish." "Badfish" souds more... Er.. Evil?
  7. Lot's of mentions about d20 system in this thread. If you wan't game system that really let's you customize your character, get yourself Rune Quest. Just to mention couple of things: 1. Realistic rules (IMO). 2. Rules can be easily customized. 3. Large world and you can get far even with basic set, not to mention if you get all other books too. 4. Interesting world, god and race -history. (IMO) 5. (For all you who don't like class restrictions) There is no character classes. Your characters abilities and skills determine what he/she is. Oh, badly said. Put it this way: If you wan't to have a class, for ie. thief, ofcourse you get yourself high dexterity and put points in hide and sneak etc. Everything depends, like to say, no class restrictions. I once got pretty strong wizard casting lightning bolts, and when not casting, then swinging enemies with two-handed sword and wearing platemail. Yep. One ugly ****, who barely got that sword up. Heh. 6. And what else... Yes, the game system itself. No d20 used. It's d100 system. Like skills are in percentages. If your, lets say, skill with longsword is 50% it simply means that you got 50% change to hit someone. Also no AC things, your armor only protects you against damage. 6 point armor reduces damage 6 points etc. Well, there was some good sides, there would be loads of more, but... Oh, some bad sides: 1. Rune Quest is pretty hard to find from anywhere nowadays. 2. Game rules can be hard to learn. I've seen couple of times people who have got used with D&D system to have lots of problems learning d100 system. And couple of more words. Dices: Everything between d4 - d100 are used.
  8. Haven't played pen and paper games for almost two years now. Just to tell, I have played them like 9-10 years. Games I've played: D&D Rune Quest Stormbringer Middle-Earth GURPS ShadowRun Cyberpunk Twilight 2000 (I'm sure I forgot some games...) Well, but my favorites of those are: Rune Quest (First I ever played) ShadowRun And last but not least, D&D, not as pen and paper, but without rule books as text based storytelling via e-mail. A little off-topic at some points... Oh well.
  9. Sorry, but I didn't read whole thread before posting. Well, anyway... I like both KotOR and KotOR 2. THey both have something that works really well. Ofcourse first part didn't have all those fancy things as influence and all the other things like giving beggar some money so that he could get mugged. Anyway, as a game experience, both were great. Only thing botherin me, is that second one didn't have any good closure like first one did. I mean, first one's ending tells what happens, but second one's doesn't, atleast not so clearly... Dman, I played first KotOR through just to see the ending. Yea, I could have easilly go to check the movies in main menu, but what's the fun in there? Ending in KotOR 2 just left me cold and I was just WTF!? Okay, there's much to it. If Obsidian would have finished their work... No, I shouldn't blame Obsidian, it was the Lucas Arts and their death lines, damn. Well, much of the content left experienced and that sucks. Final words: I could compare the ending in KotOR 2 to Halo 2. My thoughts were exactly same: Now I need to wait for the third one. I didn't have that feeling when I played KotOR 1, and that was good. I wan't sequels to come as surprise, not by force.
  10. Wasn't Sasha's speech a mix of Mandalorian and Twilek? Or do I just remember everything wrong...
  11. Oh, the sorry about that 'using effect' thing. Heh. I'm no teacher, though, just selfish ****. Yea. I'm sure there's people here, who can give a tip or two. I can only say that Smudge Tool thing. It's same as you used your own finger to mess two colors together, or soften the edges of light and shadow etc. Laugh at me, if you already knew this. Yep, that's about it. http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se That's address to go for more info. That goes to front page, so just try to find what you're looking fo from there. There's couple of tutorials to drawing and coloring with PhotoShop. There should be somekind of Tutorials page or something.
  12. Much depends of your charactrer. Heheh. I put that lil' lizard to stasis with my Consular/ Jedi Master. Killing was other thing though... My poor master had somewhat hard time trying succesfully hit that lil' beastie in stasis... Heheh.
  13. Nice. She looks like she's from somewhere near Mediterranean. Or something. (What's the word exactly?) Firs-time photoshopper? Good work though. Don't know if your using same technigue in PS that I am: coloring with pencil and then softening and messing the colors with Smudge Tool...? Although, her hair seems that, you have cut them off and pasted as new layer and used effect (seems Plastic -Smiley-). Yea. Sorry if I offended you in any way. I just have bad habbit to mention about the effects in photoshopped pics whenever I see them.
  14. Well. In what situation has that happened? It's known, that KotOR 2 randomly generates items. You can have that same container. First time you open it with security and it's empty. Then you load game and bash it. After loading, it can actually contain something, but by bashing, you destroy that item. I have tried that. I found locked container, opened it with security, it was empty. I loaded my game for some reason (not cuz of that container), later opened it again and there were some stimulants in it.
  15. Starting stats for my Sentinel: Str 8 Dex 14 Con 10 Int 14 Wis 15 Cha 15 Stats at lvl 28 (15 Sentinel, 13 Jedi Master): Str 8 Dex 15 Con 10 Int 14 Wis 20 Cha 16 No bonuses included. If are, Light Side Mastery +3 Con +3 Wis. A little explanations. Strenght is 8, cuz character that mostly uses powers to disable enemies, doesn't need strenght. But I took Lightsaber Finesse... Some points to Dexterity to keep up defence. Intelligence 14 is enough for this char to get all points needed (IMO). Well, you all can figure out why so high Wisdom and good Charisma. Yep. Constitution is 10 so no minuses to throws, I don't invest in it, cuz I have never found any good implants for some reason, even that I've played game through four times now. Only some crap that give like +1 to Dexterity, so... This was my latest character. I always do differend kinds of character with differend stats and class combinations.
  16. What about spend a night with HK? I'm pretty sure that he would say something that would make everyone laugh their ass off.
  17. Hmm, I got this strange bug. I have played KotOR2 through 4 times now. With DS female and DS male, LS female and LS male. First time I played it with DS female and that was the only time I got that dialogue. Other three times I've never got it. After finishing sabers comes cut scene, where Kreia falls to pit and after that, depending of my chars alingnment what final ending movie I get. That's it.
  18. I like Visas, that 'mysterious' -look about her. Yea, Light Side Visas is cute. Heh. Oh, and Dark Side Bastila is hot. Emm... What am I talking? I need to get a life. Talking about polygon-girls... Err... Yea. Life, somewhere, hope so...
  19. I use same names all the time just because I like them, so here they are: Female Revan/Exile: Malica Winterdark, Amelie d'Amon Male Revan/Exile: Dalachai Bloodmoor Don't know if they are very original, but...
  20. What I recall from chatting with Mandalore, he tells that Mandalorians expected Kavar to lead Republic and Jedi in war against them. Instead Kavar, Mandalorians faced Revan.
  21. No, Rakata might be the first ones to use force, either Ligh or Dark, they propably are the ones who originally invented hyperspace travel etc. Sith are humanoid kind of race, as far as I know. They were twisted by ancient Dark Lords that came to their home planet. This is really short version. Longer can be found somewhere on this forum, I don't recall where. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. Or it wasn't Revan. They say that Jedi can see to future, and so can Sith. So what if the true Sith saw what Revan might become and what will happen then. Use Mandalorians to turn Revan to darkside, then use Revan as their tool of darkness to turn all the Jedi to darkside or destroy them. You could also add to the plot, that Revan became aware of that in some point and left to nowhere to be found.
  23. Me too. And Force Lightning is darkside power. But... Does it matter, as long as it's fun. Heh. But I prefer Force Crush, now that's fun.
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