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  1. That is the true jist of it. We were all like-minded back a year ago when everyone posted on these boards. But on the BioBoards we get all kind of whimsical creeps, both strayers from NWN forum and people with veritile little understanding of what makes a good game. Rhomal was more a protest to set a waking call in thoose people, then anything people here really needs concern themselves with. No need to concern yourself with the man, when he is trying to deal with people with an average IQ of 75 on this other forum.
  2. Usually, discussions go beneath the level, not above it. Which is quite appearant here... Read the article as: Rhomal does not have a problem with twitch games themselves, he enjoys them himself. The problem arose when people on the Bio-Obsidian forums posted as if they wanted the game to become the next Diablo-like game, rather than the next Baldur's Gate. Speed-clicking, linear story-lines, little focus on the character's developement all deviates from how the RPG genre should be. The suggestions leads up into dividing the RPG genre into two branches, and labeling the game by what standard you go by. At least that is how I understood Rhomal in this article. Even though the article headline could be put more mildly, it's not so easy, if you had seen the crowd we attend at the Bioboards.
  3. I agree. Neverwinter Nights 2 stand on wether they fall or rise. I find what happened with KotOR2 a shame, having to loose as much content as they had to loose. Because it didn't fit into their ultimate plan, which was the end of the game. That Atari is withholding screenshots on the game from the public is of some speculation, however. :ph34r: I sincerely hope they get around to make NWN2 the best sequel there could ever be. And hopefully, the community can make KotOR2 the game it should have been.
  4. In this final encounter, me and a friend had played pretty similary, except he had a more powerful character. So we both go at the final boss and defeat her first time, then she summons her regular three lightsabres. I was to weak to face them head on, after loading three or four times, I ran around the platform, boosted up and chopped down Kreia alone. My friend used his dark side powers and croaked both the lightsabers and Kreia. Now, what happened was that he just got the final ending where the ship flies out of Malachor V, while I got a final conversation where I can ask Kreia about every detail on what will happen in the future of every party member I had. Now, I begun to wonder if people knew this, as I felt the ending was satisfactory, while my friend found it lacking. I told him to do what I did, and he felt it was a lot better ending. What do you say? Have the whiners on the net done this the wrong way, or...
  5. Alright, so I've gotten to the old war base where Czerka corporation has set up. I've freed the guy who was lost there, defeated the big tank, and prepared for launch. So, I try to board the ship, I 'sense' a movie going (my computer acts abit funny whenever it tries to switch between ingame and movies) and then I get a crash message. I figure it is the movie that causes the crash, for when I enter the movie section of the game, it also crashes when I try to fire the bottom two entries. I tried searching for 'movies' and 'crash', but that really swamps me. Anyone can save me? Is a reinstall recommended? Thanks. EDIT: Make that ANY movie from the movie folder. I tried disabling it, but gosh, I miss an entire sequence!
  6. Neverwinterian Knights of the Old Republic sounds like a cool game. I actually have more faith in NWN2 due to their current team Either way, both of thoose games are going on my shelf!
  7. I'm here because I was anticipating NWN:1 7 years ahead it's time, I expected something similar to StarCraft for en editor, and I wasn't really dissapointed in that area. Later, I have come to play on PW's, play singleplayer, play multiplayer with a small group of friends, make mods, script, DM, quest as DM and so on. I'm just terribly excited about an sequal and what it would bring me.
  8. Dragon Age won't support Online gaming, so NWN 2 is my definite long-term game, whereas Dragon Age will be a fun 40-hour singleplayer waste. Tada.
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