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  1. How can I select an enemy in order to mouseover over it's buff/debuff and get the info about what they do exactly? In pillars 1 is easy to select enemies, in tyranny you just could put them on focus and check it, but I don't find how to do it on poe2.
  2. The Spanish localization has big flaws and several points that should be addressed. I cannot speak for another localizations. In Spanish version: - Gender is not always well used. If you create a female, most of the times they are calling you with masculine pronouns. - Missing quotes. - Abilities and descriptions totally wrong or uncomprehensive. - Some text is translated literally without any sense in Spanish. I know pillars 1 also had big flaws with the Spanish localization and community worked hard improving the translation. Is the official localization going to be reviewed/improved?
  3. We all know POE have good graphics and characters and that the conversations feel a little empty outside the textbox. I suggest to zoom the camera to the character who is speaking at that moment. This would center the action on the speaking character and also, zooming the character, showing his details and most important creating a stronger bound player/character. This is something lacks in POE + WM that I think woul be a great addition to POE dynamism.
  4. Some trash mobs in the wild areas are bugged and broken. Lions have x2 accuracy than they should, comparing tooltips and battle log, and the same apply to damage, and other mobs while some others are ok. You can see this ingame, some encounters even being trash mobs are really tought and let your tank with varely 20 healt points and another trash mobs, of the same lvl, focus your rogue and let him with 90% healts. This is cose mobs are bugged. Just, check the accuracy of enemies in the tab toltip and then check the combat log to see that the enemy is hitting or critcs you because their accuracy attribute is wrong.
  5. Sure, but regardless, AI will have problems reaching ranged targets because of: a) melee engagement b) unrestricted movement for people outside of melee engagement [addressed in part 3] Also, PrJu, simply "rebalancing" ranged weapons won't solve the issue of certain attributes being less useful for characters who focus on ranged attacks. melee engadgement is not so powerful. I moved my characters away from foes and my heroes maybe recieved an extra hit but anything else. It is really easy to breack engament right now. I prefer a method with aggro, spells to taunt foes and the foes going to kill the high dps people instead of stay attached to the tank waiting for their dead. But this game is gonna be like baldurs in that sense, so...
  6. I like the Final Fantasy system for this. YES to super weapons, but as an endgame long, hidden and difficult story-quest. I hate the option to be able to obtain one super sword in the early game like dark souls does with the dragon tail. That just ruins the experience!
  7. Would be awesom to be able to click in the enemy names in the combat log to target or select them. This way, if you read in the combat log that an enemy is performing a special attack against some squisy character, you can click in that enemy name and focus that specific enemy. This is useful in combats with several enemies with same name. Sometimes you don't know which one is the reported enemy in the combat log and I think that the new engine is capable enough to do this and more.
  8. I really like the new TAB information of all the enemies. And I don't think that it's excesive. The only thing is that the popup's too big. Little font and more information like damage, buffs/debuffs, spells avalaibles, etc. and most of the critics would gone. Then of course the target per heroe is a must, and the same apply to the enemies, we have to know who the enemies are targeting!!
  9. This game as a 2D backgrounds, forget about rotate camera. The background is a 2d image.
  10. I lost mage's grimoire and shield+sword of the priest. I just realized that when I entered in the zone with the bettles, without save the game nor load. I began the game, spoke with the guy in the bridge, the farmer, leaved the map in the nord-east exit, killed a couple of beetles and then I realized, I'll try to find where exactly I lost them. I was playing with a Cypher.
  11. Maybe this is a noob question but, how can I see the enemy debuffs? I mean, i cast a dot on the enemy, where can I see the remaning time of the dot on the enemy? Where can I see the buffs and debuffs that that enemy has at that moment? would be amazing be able to click on the enemy and see the enemy portrait with all this information along with the "TAB" information.
  12. The Spanish location has a lot a lot a lot of missing strings, Every screen has something, even the beta characters have missing/unstranslated their names. The quests, dialogs, etc. texts are very good translated.
  13. Crits are x1.5 damage. You can find it here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63207-update-39-non-core-classes-cooldowns-attack-resolution-damage-vs-armor-and-a-tileset/
  14. Normal speed is ok for trash mobs. Click the slowmotion button and will be ok for bosses.
  15. You can click directly on Voice button (Top buttons) and that makes a predefined fighter with a wierd portrait and with basic stats. These buttons should be disabled and enabled at each step.
  16. I have been playing a little bit with the sheet and I think that instead of nerf Might, i really hate nerf things, nerfing makes the games bored, rather I would chose an increase on the crit damage to 225%. With this change, crit damage move from 150% to 225% The curve is the next: With these numbers we get: Instead of the regular: We changed the curve making Acc vs Might not a win win for the might, if not with the 225% crit damage, accuracy is better in a zone and might is better in other zone. Further more we all love to make insane crits :D. PD: If you do not understand the tables we can say that Might increase damage in 2%. Right now dext(Accuracy) is giving a benefit of 1,5% max in the damage.
  17. I have seen that accuracy is different fromn the tooltips and the combat log. In this screen you can see that the Elder Lion has a 47 Accuracy. But in the combat log we can see that the real accuracy is 77. Also I saw that sometimes the trashmobs are doing a lot of damage in a single hits. In that case, lions were doing around 50 damage per hit which is a lot of damage, even when i'm doing no more than 30 damage per hit buffed, but I found that sometimes the lions could hit by 80 damage or even more than 100.
  18. I have a 480GTX SLI and at this moment the game only runs one card. Sometimes, this issue is only things of nvidia and it's nvidia drivers but good to report.
  19. It's normal for software to have a ticket system for tracking bugs and check it's development. Valve does it with dota and other software ( https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Dota-2/issues ) There you can follow the issues, look for solved bugs, old bugs and its more clear and easy for the testers to follow them or create new ones without duplications. I feel the beta bug with its 5 or 6 pinned threads a bottomless pit.
  20. I really think that this game needs a GLOW effect surrounding the characters or anything else because I cannot control anything between the grass and the woods. I don't even know where are my heroes. Maybe a better control of the transparency could work.
  21. I agree with that the circles have to be redone. Sometimes I fould my self at 5cm from the screen trying to click the enemy and not another ally, the hud sometimes gets translucid and it makes even harder to find the correct spot.
  22. I spent the half of my healing spells just healing my tank when fighting against 3 or 4 beeltes, and my tank was near to die (really low life). While I could keep the stamina up with spells the life was something alarming after a couple of fights against those beetles, and they are just trash mobs giving 0 exp. I think the better is entering into hide mode and evade them.
  23. I hate the XP system that divinity origianl sin has, and it's you can combat but it's sterile xp, you only lvl up through quests, this means that it's only important the development that you do on cities or zones with tons of quests and not fighting. This can be a good system with a game focused in lore and storyline but Pillars of Eternity is a more varied game where the combat is an important part of it.
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