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  1. Thanks guys, patch is nice and game rolling well!
  2. Same here, no almost any bug yet (about 30 hours behind). Some small but not any major. It is very interesting that some people have so many some people nothing. I dont envy Obsidan job try to fix and to please everybody...
  3. Yes, I try this iron man also now my first game but only hard difficult.. I save PoD little bit later and that time I try my plan the Five Godlike -party. That will be amazing I believe but without iron man mod I think..
  4. I haven't wait any game this must at least 10 years... People said it well before, feeling is almost same that in Christmas time when I was seven But soon is "PoE Eve"!
  5. This is so hard.. I have tested different build in BB and I 90% sure playing my first play through with rogue. In particular if I start straight out Path of the Damnet . This will be very damage centralize so stats are 21 Might, 18 Dex, 18 perc. and some intelligent. Race will be Island Aumaua because I want 3 weapon slot in the easy way. Also Chanter is interesting but I think it must wait before my rogue get killed..
  6. You Sensuki are pro, and exactly in a good way: I have liked your comments and videos, but I laughed only with that Dudepro style video
  7. Shortly: My Druid character is now invisible and I think is happen when my Spiritshift Cat abilities ended. Only little bit annoying and maybe it is good abilites but I think it not give now any bonus.. Here is link to pictures: http://www.upload.ee/files/4223678/Invisible_Druid.png.html Also my output log file what is full also other problems i think: http://www.upload.ee/files/4223680/output_log_2014_08_23.txt.html
  8. I get missing string status to mine Druid weapon when I used Spiritshift Cat abilities. It also make double copies.. I haven't see this before Screenshot is here: http://www.upload.ee/files/4223662/Missing_string_Druid_weapon.png.html
  9. I vote this idea and also is good Obsidian think about more how this part can be more intuitive. It must have very clear what happen and when you or enemies are near to die. Now it is very much more messy than BG1/BG2/IWD1/IWD2 and them are old games... Excample in Di:OS it is very clear.
  10. I like also most of spell and abilities and they have lot! Thx. But many times effect are little bit difficult see now and then you are uncertain what happen. I think it is good have very clear and also that you can see to enemies "details" what have happen. Sorry to bad english
  11. Game feel to me same that come to home from long trip. Atmosphere is very good many way (music, conversation, mission etc.) But compat is messy and far a way enjoyable.. System can be good but it will need much much more working. And some things example inventory can learn something example Di:OS... But have faith yet, it is first beta day and Obsidian have time make good developing
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