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I would like to see an rpg in the vain of planescape, mask of the betrayer, and kotor 2, with a focus on philosophy and metaphysiscs. I've always loved obsidian just because you're one of the few companies that makes me actually think as I play. I'd like to see another game with things like themes and metaphors and other fancy-pants literary terms.

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Obsidian is responsible for my favorite RPG of all time, FNV, so I feel that anything you do is going to work, and I'll just straight-up give you money for anything.


However, I do have a suggestion to make: The common science fiction tropes and settings in games and movies are the same cold war paranoia that influenced science fiction in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Science fiction itself has evolved into a state that represents modern hopes and fears, with post-singularity, post-scarcity, and post-global warming issues that my generation and future generations take for granted.


A new IP that represents the best of science fiction in the modern age (Your Charles Stross, your Ken MacLeod, even your Warren Ellis'), with something approaching the political and dialogue system of PST and FNV, would help push both science fiction into the spotlight, and hopefully change a few minds along the way. What could be more important?

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I'd like to see something like a technological thriller set within a persistent open world environment (like a closed colony ship/Island/large orbital space station). Something potentially Sci-fi/Futuristic/Cyber-punk, but without recourse to the usual tropes in terms of visual styling that have become synonymous with those genres, or illogical concessions to game play (Adam Jensen - head of Sarif security having to mooch ammo everywhere for instance). Also something where in violence is rare and the killing of someone is hugely significant. I'm not against violence, but I think we've had enough cannon fodder in games (the kill count in a typical FPS is ludicrous tbh), and it would be good to see the medium move beyond the waves of red shirts approach and make the act of violence impactful (as it should be) rather than the norm. I think by the time I encountered that 'special someone' in GTA IV I'd executed over 600 people, so whether I let him live or die was kind of meaningless (even more so given I had no sense of betrayal by him in the game). Where as deciding whether Henry Leland should live or die was a big moment. More of that please.

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1. (Personal highest regarded choice)

- A Fallout style original RPG in scifi (not in space, though), cyberpunk or steampunk setting.

- Isometric (default) camera (but with options to zoom in and out, and camera rotation).

- Tactical turnbased combat.

- Partymember control would be nice but I wouldn't hold it against the game if it was not there.

- Properly complex and rewarding characterdevelopement and overall rulesystem.

- Multipath multisolution quests.

- Lots of dialog.

- Choices with actual consequences.

- Moral ambiguousness in the setting and stories.

- Adult themes handled in adult manner.

- Themes of political powerplay, racism, religion, violence, etc.

- More down to earth plot (no nameless random chosen one saving the world from an ancient evil).

- No minigames (in the sense of lockpicking and hacking in New Vegas and Fallout 3), but all actions being done by character according to his/her skill.

...in a nutshell.


Serious business. :D


2. Another game in the Planescape setting. This time with well done TB combat.


3. Another Vampire: The Masquerade game.

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First, let me say that I think it's awesome that Obsidian is considering following Double Fine's lead into crowdsourced funding for a niche project. I think there are only a handful of developers with the fan esteem that could pull something like this off on a large scale, and Obsidian is one of them, so fingers crossed this becomes a reality. It holds a lot of potential for allowing vibrantly creative devs to help niche genres thrive by going around the obstructionist min/maxing philosophy of the large publishing houses.


As to what I'd like to see:


1.) Party-based (as in, having direct control of the main character and members of a party); this is essential. There are lots of RPGs getting made these days, but more and more they're either going the route of solo gameplay or real-time/action combat control of the main character with purely AI support. These aren't bad ways to do RPGs at all (and Obsidian's done great with Alpha Protocol and New Vegas), but I love old style party-based control and outside of the first Dragon Age, that's just not being done a lot (or done well) anymore, and I'd want a project like this to focus on giving us something we're not currently getting.


2.) It doesn't have to be a D&D game (in fact, I'd really prefer it not be, as that'd be funneling a lot of money into licensing rather than focusing on making the game everything it can be), but I do want lots of meaty complexity. I want a good class system, I want to pick skills and feats/perks when I level up, I want lots of customization options and plenty of equipment and spells.


3.) I don't want a sequel to Planescape: Torment. What I DO want is a game that follows in the path of PS:T or Mask of the Betrayer by giving us tons and tons of well written, thought provoking, philosophical dialogue. I want complex and interesting characters like Dak'kon or Kaelyn the Dove, Gann of Dreams or Kreia where I can literally sit and have a conversation with this character for a good half hour, exploring their personal philosophy, their history, having plenty of options in my dialogue.


4.) Isometric would be grand. The Onyx engine can do that, right? Because Dungeon Siege 3 looked great.


5.) Can I mention a quality class system again? I feel like this is something completely forgotten these days. I'm so tired of the few RPGs with class systems only letting me pick between fighter, rogue, and mage.


6.) Give us a fairly unique setting. Again, I don't necessarily think this needs to be a D&D thing, but the best games from you guys are the ones that tend to stand apart in their settings. Planescape is obviously unique, but so was a shamanistic/spirit-focused barbarian culture, a modern day espionage setting, or a remade Las Vegas. Whether it's fantasy or space or cyberpunk or steampunk or contemporary or post-apocalyptic, whatever -- just be creative and totally outside the box in the details.


That's it. I'm not that picky.

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Whatever you guys were passionate about doing that you've never really gotten to do, or have done in the past but have been unable to do since....


Seriously, your passion behind a project and ability to control it are what will make it great.


That said, my preferences -


A sequel to Alpha Protocol

A create your own 6 party member, isometric view, turn-based cRPG using 4E (or your own rules if you prefer) in the style of Icewind Dale


That's what I'd like to see from you guys. After South Park. :)


You MUST do the Kickstarter.

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First let me say that what is happening in the few days is almost making me cry of joy, after so long listening to publishers spewing their nonsense about pc gaming being dead and old-school games having no place on today's market, the kickstarter fever is making me look at the future of the industry with hope for the first time in many years.

Now about the game I would like to see, i will echo the sentiment that seens the rule on the coments, do an old school CRPG about what you guys are passionate about. Obsidian has the best writing team on the industry today, I realy looking foward to see what you guys can do with no pressure from publisher and no arbitrary deadlines. I have full confidence that will guys can deliver something memorable.

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Well, the obvious thing I'd like is another Planescape game. Definitely not Planescape: Torment 2 but still Planescape: Something.


If original IP would be preferred/necessitated by license troubles, then I have a simple request: keep it way out there. No vanilla sci-fi/fantasy, no burdening yourself to make it "realistic" or down to earth.


And perhaps the most important thing, that I assume is obvious to you, but I'll still say it: I hope you're treating all this questioning the fans as a loose hunt for ideas, not as simply surveying what's most popular. Just make what you guys want to make - you have enough of our trust for that.


Good luck.

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Modernize the Infinity Engine, and create an accessible toolset with which players may create their own modules, assets, and systems. Sprite-based, fixed angle isometric graphics. Tactical party combat that can be paused to issue orders but isn't necessarily turn-based.


Effectively, Baldur's Gate with a NWN-like toolset. This could be a perfect platform for Obsidian to deliver their fantastic storytelling and premium modules without the expenses of 3D asset/engine development, and foster a creative community which would put out its own content with ease. With low system requirements, the engine could be made to run on a wide variety of platforms.


To keep the project small and self-sustaining, maybe adopt an episodic release schedule and payment system.


Note: This could be used to develop any kind of RPG setting Obsidian, or the community, desires.

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A cinematic, viceral, emotional dating-sim just like Bioware!

hehe, just kidding


Truth be told, I only see two outcomes of this:

1- A turn-based Arcanum 2, without question!

-dat steampunk vs magic setting

-dat soundtrack

-dat writing

-dat character creation

-dat Fallout-like gameplay


2- Planescape 2.




Please God Emperor Chris Avellone! Don't waste this chance making a game that only publisher suits and the PR guys from EA would want! Remember the days of Black Isle and Troika, when devs decided what most of the game would be like instead of the PR department!

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I would love a true sci-fi RPG isometric game:


* Dont want science-fantasy, but hard scifi! (Or kinda hard, I accept that too). Just no psychics, no mystical forces and powers, no silly mumbo-jumbo pseudoscience... I don't really care if its space "opera", cyberpunk, a what-if set 50 years from now, life in a colony out in some solar system, a post-cyberpunk detective story... whatever Obsidian thinks can be good, for then it will.

* It should be 3D isometric (really isometric, not 3rd person shooter with option to "zoom out").

* Turn based (remember those?).

* No sandbox world. It's okay if you can travel freely back and forth the different areas, tough. In fact its preferable, for it can mean the game is non-linear.

* Real party (ie. you go around with ALL your party members, unless of course you decide to leave some or the story demands you leave them out at points).

* More recuitrable NPCs than your party limit, with personal quests and some form of the "influence" system Obsidian does so good.

* World interaction and reactivity. Nothing breaks immersion more than NPCs not reacting properly (or at all!) to things you have done or are doing in front of them. And nothing brings you in as much as interactive object worlds (ie. not just decoration).

* Any and all NPCs can be slaughtered if you so desire. It would be cool if accomplishing large slaughters (cities) is borderline impossible though.

* I still love the SPECIAL system. Specially (see what I did there?) the way your attributes affected options and gameplay, intelligence affects your ability to process information and come with new dialogoptions (gasp!), perception can change what the game shows us via its descriptions (Unbelievable!), etc.

* Different approaches for solving quests.

* Dialog trees! Skill checks!

* Main character should be silent protagonist. Don't care for fully voiced NPCs (too restrictive for the gameplay/options). It could go the Planescape way of just an audio snippet off important characters so you get their voice in your head or could go the Fallout way of "talking heads" for these important characters.

* Several factions with true agendas, no real "baddies", some of them emerge as you progress. Ability to join different sides if it makes sense for the story.

* Preferably something more down to Earth, where you - sure!- ultimately make decisions that affect people (even millions of people) but you are not the intergalactic hero out to conquer the baddies. You can be just a guy who is good at something ("something" you decide during character creation) and as s/he travels around doing jobs/missions/quests/minding his own business, s/he gets better until his actions shape some aspects of the world in a mostly subtle direct or indirect manner and/or he eventually gets noticed and receives resources.



Or, you can indeed make Planescape: [insert Subtitle Here]; which of course, as everybody else wants, should be a game that shares the spirit (and mechanics as most as it's possible) of the original, takes place in the same universe but isn't a direct sequel. Instant classic.


But after that, please consider a new sci-fi IP!


Aaaah, how nice and cheap it is to dream!

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I'd like to see an original (not based on an existing franchise or IP) RPG which explores new ways to integrate gameplay into the storytelling and dialogue. My ideas:


-Not set in a generic european medieval fantasy world. If there are non-humans, please no elves or dwarves.

-Perhaps try a fantasy setting with modern or sci-fi elements, as JPGs often do. Something I haven't seen much of is games with the freeform structure and character building and more mature cast of a western RPG combined with the bold visuals, exciting set pieces and whimsical settings of a Japanese RPG.

-The protagonist is finding out about themselves as the player is (like kotor2, Planescape:Torment) and also can be influenced in how they develop throughout the game. Your choices not only impact the character you become, but impact your past and the character you were.

--Maybe even there are parallel narratives of your past and current selves? One playthrough you may play it you were an evil bastard in the past, but in the present you're a tortured anti-hero, while another, you were saintly in the past and have given up on being nice. Perhaps the combination of past you and present you impacts your abilities gained so that your character's emotional development is reflected in their character development?

-Not black and white character alignment. Some sort of alignment system that doesn't just reward extremes of good or bad behaviour, but rather gives feedback that is in keeping with the character's actions throughout.

-A cast of whimsical, interesting characters and the opportunity to build relationships with them. Not just romantic relationships! You can build friendships too, and romantic dialogue options are flagged as such. Options for non-het relationships with certain characters.

--Optional side quests that will develop your party members as characters but also in terms of their abilities.

-Gameplay that rewards tactical play in battle rather than grinding up to a high level and smashing things, and finding non-violent solutions if desired.

-Multiple endings.

-A plotline that's as dark and bitter as black coffee, but dialogue with wit and levity and quirky characters and bright settings that aren't all brown and grey like these current gen western titles all seem to be. Excitement and adventure and amazing places to explore and mysteries to unravel!

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A new Planescape game. Not Planescape: Torment 2, but another Planescape game. Same style, same world, new story and/or characters. Meaningful choices that impact the game would be bonus.

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Time Travel. Would be amazing and is so rarely done or executed correctly I feel.


They are already working with another developer on a Wheel of Time RPG

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Ideally I'd like to see the Source engine Arcanum game in some form. Probably not on that engine in particular now but I'd take it.


Something very similar in style to Bloodlines would be incredible as well. Licensing not required; it's not why the game was great.


Oh, you know, Troika stuff.

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Planescape Universe with either 2nd edition or PATHFINDER!


- Alot of text

- Little to no voice acting

- Isometric 2D Painted

- Story/Character driven


I'd be willing to kick in $25-75 for pretty much anything.

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If getting something in the Planescape universe isn't possible, I think the Dark Sun setting could use some love.



Just as long as it's weird and deep.

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I'd happily chip in a few bob on any game Obsidian chose to make, from Kreia's struggle to escape a binary tyranny to Jayne Kassynder's betrayal of herself and her people, your games have proven to be engrossing and thought provoking in equal measures. A rare things in this era of accessibility and demographics chasing.


What i'd really like to see is a struggle versus prophecy, a character who will not accept the mantle of a "chosen one". Who will proclaim, like Patrick McGoohan in the Prisoner. "I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered! My life is my own!" An inversion of the glorious rise to championhood, where the pawn of prophecy will turn on his otherwordly eminences and tear down their palaces. Refusing to accept the little victories or to meekly accept martyrdom for the greater good.


Somewhat like the magnificent bastard "coat pocket" ending of Alpha Protocol.

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The kickstarter project sounds like a great idea to me. I'd prefer if it was not a sequel. I would chip in just to see what you'd make.


I would really like to see a rpg that doesn't have tons of combat encounters. Ideally, there'd be a fairly limited number of them, but each would be more involved than most combat in rpgs. Also, perhaps the PC wouldn't need to be a mass murderer.


Also, I'm still waiting for good, proper wild west rpg.

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