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New IP, preferably something non Sci-fi or Fantasy.


There will always be room for more of those. But It'd be interesting to be able to play more role-playing games with a more realistic setting (historic would be interesting for example). Also, more moral ambiguity... akin to that CD Projekt Red have shown in their Witcher series. I'm not saying that Black Isle or Obsidian have put out games with overly arbitrary moral choices. But of all the CRPGs I've played The Witcher series made me think of every action I made, they felt more real than other actions in other RPGs.


And one last thing, perhaps a game with a setting devoid of violence would be interesting as well.

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Easy. Do a kickstarter for making a complete tool set for Fallout 1 and 2. The toolset will seamlessly combine every software modder's have come up with into ONE package.


This means one package to view and edit everything we know. Items, Creatures, Protos, FRMs, Levels and so on. It will be well document.


It may be worth the time to make a better script editor and compiler too. Create an intermediate language easier on the eyes and for producity but which can be taken apart to genereate what the executables actually rely on.


All for non profit. I think with a little imagination we can go a long way towards helping the community.

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I would like to see a turn-based RPG with the rule set of d20 Modern, or the supplement d20 Future. Those would open up a huge amount of options, like a planet-ship that holds billions of people and many different types of weather conditions.


There could also be a campaign set in d20 modern where players work for a secret organization, but something along those lines, that uses the d20 Modern/Future rules, instead of a run of the mill D&D fantasy world.


Lastly, I wouldn't mind a steampunk genre game, but not like Arcana, something different, magic is simply glorified alchemy, there is clockwork machines, and steam powered weaponry. You know, all the good stuff.

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If you would go Kickstarter I would just trust you guys since you always made great cRPG !. So instead of asking what we would like to see ask yourself - what would be your "dream come true" game you always wanted to create and just put it on kickstarter :) We will support it as loong as it will be something good.


And if it's from you - it will be good!.

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After getting my hands on Pathfinder RPG, reading some of the Core books and playing the game, I now wish that Obsidian would make kickstarter for singleplayer game based on these rules :(

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I remember an old campaign I used to run that had an ancient hero brought back from the dead, this was shortly after i'd first played Torment and I was undoubtedly very heavily inspired. This ghost man reborn into flesh after over a millenia of rest in the spirit world, had almost entirely forgotten everything but the vaguest notions of what and who he was. There was very little left of humanity or personality within him, so I had to litter the gameworld with triggers that would unlock his joi de vivre.


Scenic vistas and unchanged locales, pleasureable and painful sensations, and of course written records of his past were all tools in reminding him of what life was. It was somewhat of a mix between the perks of Alpha Protocol and the memories of Torment, and though it necessitated a lot of work and planning (often ignored, overlooked and at the expense of some of the other players characters) it was hailed by my friday nighters as genuinely touching in its denouement.


Your thought on a theoretical Torment successor just brought all this to mind, somewhat prominently. I'd love to see one of these deep and eminently moldable characters brought to life once more in such a fractured setting as you describe.


But whatever path you guys choose to take, i'll be keenly anticipating the finished product.

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Looking at the success you have with Project Eternity, and all praise for past work, I think the chances of success for kickstarter projects to remake the old classics in an improved and moddable form are high.


Planescape: Torment (buy it back!!!) is highest on my list, then come Fallout 1 & 2.


Personally I prefer the gameplay of F:NV to isometric turn based combat, maybe some compromises can be found here. (I think of elements of Dungeon Keeper, Okami, Mount&Blade)


The stories of those games are top notch, and I for one am so nostalgic about them that I'd buy remakes on principle.

Just polish them up, flesh them out a little more, give them a little more love. I'd play them in any form they come.

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