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Big text a-comin, with my humle opinions. Quotations not attributed always, so I don't claim it's my text. But I do agree with what is said!




To win is to lose, but to play is to experience an enrichment that cannot be scored.


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I've also had to sign up to this forum to post this quick message,


I adore games like baldur's gate, planescape, icewind dale. For years ive searched for a glimps off a developer who would take a chance on a new fresh RPG in the "old style" (I dont like to think of it a old)


The last isometric game for me was Lionheart. I got sucked into that game from the start, the beautiful artwork and the soundstrack with a great backstory. It was the first game I seen with real life characters from history woven into the plot witch was interesting. Since then there has been a void in the genre for me.


Where the setting of the game lies isnt what matters, what matters is that it sucks you in. And you can belive in it, and want to explore. Like everyone says a game like this needs depth and meaning. It should be cruel at times and funny at other times. A game that twists and manipulates your character and makes you ask your self serious questions.


If this is what your proposing then I will happily pledge money towards Kickstart.


As long as it has these old games at heart, with your creativeness i'm sure your on to a winner :)

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1) If you give us a planescape 2 or a game like it where you don't care about what sells but you make a game that you want to make that focuses on that strong narrative and character development I would donate 1000$ to the project I swear. If the fighting (If any) is Turn-based like fallout1&2 or the Temple of Elemental Evil

Just say yes and send me your bank account. Take my money!



2) A game like the Temple of Elemental Evil, I loved that one a lot, especially the fighting.


3) Another cool one would be a game like Starcontrol 2, a space exploration -action-RPG game.


4) Alpha Protocol 2, the original was brilliant in parts and I know that if Obsidian had no Publisher pressure and had a second go they would make it brilliant.


Everybody here wants to see the Black Isle magic back, where you guys were able to take more risks, not just answer to people who own the franchises and run with it.

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I guess the point I forgot to mention is that you guys make a game that you 'crave' to do and not feel confined by what we want. Sure, we want you mostly to make it turn based-planescape 2 etc etc.


But if the whole team doesn't really work on it with enthusiasm it would be just another project to finish. I would rather play something that was fun to develop for Obsidian because that would make it a good game.

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Things I'd love to see:




Low fantasy, like Warhammer or GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire. Minimal magic, maximal amount of grittiness and backstabbing. The system should also reflect this (e.g. warriors shouldn't be able to shoot shockwaves out of their weapons or become invincible for a short time; the combat should be fast and lethal, thus encouraging the player to try to resolve problems differently).


HIgh-magic dark fantasy: magic shouldn't be available to all, but it should play a huge role in shaping the world. Some Lovecraftian feel would also be appreciated. It is also entirely possible that in such world magic is considered to be capable of causing harm only.


Anything based on the tabletop systems of: new World of Darkness (especially Changeling: the Lost), Dark Sun, Ravenloft, Planescape, Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy (or anything 40k really, except Deathwatch), Kult. Though I'd like to see my money go toward directly the development process, not licencing.


A somewhat Planescape-like world based on ancient Greece... I've always thought Plato's "Theory of Forms" would be a great theme for a videogame. A world where there are no gods or magic, but there are ideals, and one could gain more and more power by striving toward one (although thus shredding away more and more of his humanity), becoming capable of warping reality in accordance with said ideal.




I don't believe in levelling up, instead I think the players should be able to spend their experience freely along the way as they see fit (to attributes, skills or special training - like spells and combat moves). The problem with game balance should also not be an issue, since there could be a 'minimal xp spent' level until the higher-tier abilities become unlocked, or there could be specific events ( e.g. training, choosing certain ways to resolve situations etc.) regulating what the player can and can not pick up.


I also think "health points" are a good thing if you want a balanced and tried system, but developers should experiment more. I'd try a somewhat Deus Ex-like formula where there are no hit points, but hit locations and severity of injuries (no damage for the weapons either, but a chance to cause injuries of certain severity - this could be modified by the successes gained on the attack roll, and the wielder's strength). It could be an entirely valid option on higher difficulties for the character to become crippled, lose a hand, etc. Of course, this works best in a grim and gritty world, otherwise it's quite pointless.


And finally... in the world of VOd characters, there is a tendency for the main character to be more than a vessel, an avatar for a player, and develop an independent personality. In the world of tabletop RPGs, it was always a natural assumption that the characters have personalities, so I don't think it's a problem. On the contrary, I think the industry should embrace the idea, even utilize multiple main characters (where the player could not choose alignment or personality for his characters, but attitudes toward certain topics and persons; and the game should remember those choices, and when said character's not controlled by the player, it should behave accordingly). This would create possibilities in elastic storytelling which put even Alpha Protocol to shame. In an intrigue-rich world it could be a great thing (but otherwise it would just needlessly complicate things, or not have any impact on the actual gameplay - then what's the point?).


In general:


Actually, I'd love to see anything from you guys. You've never let us down. (I sincerely hope though that said "anything" will involve something very-very PST-like).

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Conclusion: If Obsidian were to concentrate on an isometric, 2D game then they'd only be able to release it for the PC and only beardy nerds would really be interested. What we have here is a vocal minority, and this vocal minority would see Obsidian shoot itself in the foot. If Obsidian were to listen to this vocal minority, I frankly doubt they'd raise more than a few thousand dollars in a month, and nowhere near the millions that DoubleFine is raking in.

If anyone is keeping track of just how wrong Wulf is, the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter is fast approaching $400k after just 12 hours - with three backers at the $10,000 level.

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As someone said above, another Vampire the Masquerade game, if done in roughly the same vein, would be incredible. Understandably, a "Bloodlines II" would be off the table (unless Obsidian bought the rights), but I'd be quite content with a story-driven RPG set in the World of Darkness.

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Hello, signed up to the website after being informed of this thread elsewhere:-


I'm a huge fan of the old Infinity Engine games, so a modern homage to those older games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment would be utterly amazing.


I also adore the Arcanum and isometric Fallout games, including the Tactics spin off.


A story driven, isometric, party based RPG would get a substantial contribution off of me everytime. Looking forward to hearing more if you guys do go the Kickstarter route, I wish you the very best!

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Conclusion: If Obsidian were to concentrate on an isometric, 2D game then they'd only be able to release it for the PC and only beardy nerds would really be interested. What we have here is a vocal minority, and this vocal minority would see Obsidian shoot itself in the foot. If Obsidian were to listen to this vocal minority, I frankly doubt they'd raise more than a few thousand dollars in a month, and nowhere near the millions that DoubleFine is raking in.


Except Wasteland 2 is proving you so wrong. Go back to your console, kid. Let real "gamers" enjoy themselves while you wallow in your filthy games.

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I honestly don't care about a new game. Make whatever you want, I'm sure it'll be good. But please oh please make an engine and multiplayer system capable of traditional custom persistant world game hosting. Something in the scope of NWN1 and 2, with a modern scripting system and an easier to adjust (or completely overhaul) rule system.


From 2001 to about 2007, I played nothing but Neverwinter Nights, simply because instead of being forced to play the game that developers wanted to make, I played a game that developers enabled me to make. Another game is great (specially if you can convice sega to hand over the AP license), but I don't just want to play another game. I want to play a persistant online world, that has only 50-70 players rather than 6 million rambling idiots typical of todays online RPGs, in a story world and ruleset of my choice.


So make a fully customizable persistant world SDK.

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I was just about to suggest using Kickstarter and You guys have already thought about it great :).


I would make a BIG donation for:


1. A D&D 3.5e based epic adventure with great story telling & voice acting & role playing comparable to Baldur's Gate trilogy and support modules like NWN series, and of course much more offical modules for epic character levels, and PLEASE make the companions behave like adults and not like preteens as in NWN Ofiical Campaign.


So story telling & rpg like Planescape and Baldur's Gate Trilogy, flexibility and moddability like NWN series.


2. A new Fallout game which is not based on Bethesda Software's fallout engine and game mechanics, something brand new and much more similar to what you guys have done before Bethesda ruined it.


I would donate a good amount for:


1. A vampire RPG similar to Vampire the Masquerade series


I would still make a donation for:


1. Any RPG you guys could come up with the promise of good storytelling

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I'd love to see Alpha Protocol 2, I enjoyed it more than any other game in the last few years, but I know it's pretty unlikely given the limitations of Kickstarter funding. Well, here's the more realisitc list of stuff I'd shove money at.


1. Arcanum 2. I assume it would have to be a spiritual successor rather than an actual sequel (unless you have someone from Troika who has the license hidden under their bed), but that game just had such a wonderful atmosphere with that old world charm and didn't make itself too high-tech a steampunk world.


2. A 4th ed D&D turn and party based rpg (sorry guy above me). That I know of, nobody has even done a decent 4th ed game yet. I'd love to see one, and you guys could probably do it really well.


3. Any rpg that doesn't secretly want to be CoD or Gears of War.

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I would love LOVE LOVE a Planescape Torment sequel and would easily pledge $200 for one. That said, I understand that the D&D rights would be expensive to get, but maybe the game could use the Pathfinder license instead. Pathfinder is basically D&D 3.75 and it has a lot of "planes" lore that is fairly similar to Planescape. So a Pathfinder "Planescape" game would be extremely similar to a D&D one. I think that Paizo may allow Obsidian to use their license for much cheaper as well.

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I agree with you Creslin321, since I would like to see a turn-based tactical RPG based on the Pathfinder RPG ruleset. Think of Temple of Elemental Evil (TOEE) but without all the bugs and with a better story. It doesn't have to be in a "Planescape" setting however, since the gameplay is more important than the setting for me.


Right now, the Pathfinder RPG is more popular than D&D.

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Whatever it is, I will commit $100 for some type of big boxed copy. But I would love a game set in the real world with an Average Joe character getting caught up in some major conspiracies.

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I registered just to drop this idea...


A Tactical RPG in the vein of fallout tactics or FFTA, using d&d 4e rules, and only Obsidian has the team that knows how to make trpgs, and authentic D&D gameplay




Gamers have been to long without a true d&d video game. A tactics style game would be perfect for the structured nature of the 4th edition rules. We have suffered enough faux D&D, hack and slash trash. 4th edition comes to mind because, as far as I know we have no games that use the 4th edition rules. 4e is robust enough to handle a large variaty of players, play styles, and opponents.




Wizards if the coast owns the D&D licence. WotC is owned by Hasbro, thus any D&D game developer would have to pay for the rights to produce such a game. This needs to be considered by the appropriate team members at obsidian.


Also, no table top rule set is perfect. It would take a descriminating eye, years of experance, and a great deal of hard work to make the rule set just right. Anyone who has played D&D 3.5 and neverwinter nights 2 should know what I am talking about


Some may say that 4e is to simple, that its like WoW. No, 4e is no wow clone, truth be told 4e was made to be turned into a video game. Yet, we have no 4e game.




I don't know what it takes to fund a game. I have made mods, programmed in c++ and VB, I have tinkered with d&d rules, but none of theae on a grand scale. If I could do this myself, I would, but I can't. That's the point


I don't know if anyone, but Obsidian, could do this right. Kickstarter is not about throwing money at a few ideas, its about having faith in someone to get a project done correctly.


I have faith Obsidian could do a Trpg, using 4e rules, what about you forum?

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In order of preference:


Planescape 2 (Not a sequel. Just a game set in the Planescape Setting)

Baldur's gate 3 (Probably not a sequel. Just a game set in the Baldur's Gate universe)

Something set in the Fallout universe



Please consider doing this. Many of us dream of sequels of these games! (I have literally)

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Baldur's Gate 3 would be made ??later by Beamdog if their Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition are selling well, no need to put such a project on Kickstarter when someone has already an idea in mind for it.


For me, and the only one possible successful project on Kickstarter like Double Fine Adventure or Wasteland 2 is

Planescape Torment 2. I'm willing to give $200 just for see this dream becoming true.


Apart from the Baldur's Gate series, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Deus Ex and Morrowind, the other games are **** compared to Planescape Torment, can be good games yes, but **** compared to it.


Only you Mr. Chris Avellone can made the future masterpiece Planescape Torment 2, since you were the Lead designer of Planescape Torment and you are one of the best developers the last 15 years, having done exemplary work with New Reno of Fallout 2, Planescape Torment, Star Wars KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer, Fallout: New Vegas included its well-written DLC Dead Money, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.




For Planescape Torment 2, the game can be a prequel to Planescape Torment, with a young Nameless One during his lifetime, his real life. You can see what the Nameless One look like during his young on the CD2 of Planescape Torment in the 4 CD version. Here an image -> http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/4650/cd2s.png (if you have a 404 Not Found, remove the last point in the link after "png", I don't know why but a point is still here even if it doesn't exist in the text). A Nameless One probably in his late 30's can be seen in the intro of Planescape Torment, here an image -> http://img811.images...416/ptintro.png


So, the game would have a locked protagonist like Planescape Torment, Deus Ex or The Witcher, but the player could name the Nameless One as they wish, to create a specific link with the player and let him/her choose his real name. The Nameless One could be a warrior, rogue or a mage like Planescape Torment.


Since it's Morte that lied to the Nameless One during his real life, told him that Ravel could make him immortal, he knows it before becoming an immortal and during his real life, and therefore can be used as a possible companion for this prequel, named Mortimer Rictusgrin, his real name during his real life.


Some issues about the story could be solved also. In the intro of Planescape Torment, you can see a woman, the wife of the Nameless One. In the first time, she is in a fire background sad and praying, the scene leading to the Symbol of Torment that the Nameless One has throughout Planescape Torment. After, the same woman can be seen in a house, melancholic but happy, touched by the hand of the Nameless One like a man for his wife. Later in the same house, the woman suddenly disappears and the Nameless One is starting to get nervous looking for her. In the last scene about her, she is seen in a zombie-like form with a tormented face, and after, the scene moves back and several other zombies appears in the background, pointing all the Nameless One, emerging from the scene a feeling of hatred. All that is still a mystery for everyone, and can be solved in a prequel to Planescape Torment in Planescape Torment 2. Here the image with all the scenes: http://img109.images...43/ptintro3.jpg


The game would end to the horrible crime has committed the Nameless One and his visit to Ravel with Mortimer Rictusgrin - later Morte.



Otherwise, if you don't want to do a sequel, you can set the game in the Planescape Setting, will people might sometimes mention the Nameless One. Some old companions of Planescape Torment like Dak'kon of Shra'kt'lor, Annah, Fall-From-Grace, Vhailor (canon ending would be the good ending I guess) and Morte can be in the game, and some could be a companion for the new hero. Several opportunities are offered to you for the plot, but only Planescape Torment 2 is sure to be a successful project on Kickstarter. See the pages, almost everyone ask for a Planescape Torment 2 ;)! Please Mr. Chris Avellone, make ??the right choice!

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Sigh, my original post has been lost while I have tried to edit it, so here we go again...


I would love to see again some spiritual successor to Infinity Engine games (thad means 2D isometric games with handmade HD backgrounds), which are still one of my most favourites game I have ever played. In order of preference, my dream wish would be:


Sequel or game based in the Planescape: Torment universe - IMO the biggest jewel ever created in gaming industry. A game with such huge quality would be for sure hard to make, but anything with the half quality of the original would beat most of the shovelware we get from big publishers nowaday.

Van Buren - I want finaly to play this game I hear so much about :)

Icewind Dale 3 - but in AD&D 2nd Edition Rules again :)

Arcanum 2

Lionheart 2 - Original had an awesome idea and very inspiring setting, but unfortunately, the game have looked to me after leaving Barcelona, very rushed and unpollished. Realy big shame, I had realy big hopes for this game when I started to play it.


I know it would be very hard to get the rights to all these jewels, but one can never stop dreaming, right? :)


So, if getting the rights for all these games would be impossible to get for you, just start your own IP, with the quality as close as possible to original Infinity Engine games, and I bet, you make lot of 30+ years old gamers, which have grown up with SSI, original Bioware and Black Isle games, very happy :)


Thank you for reading this.

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That depends on the project. Obsidian Entertainment proved its talent and value. Just gotta kill those bugs. I'd definitely help fund a game... if its the right game.

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I love the work you guys do and I just signed up to toss my 2 cents into the wishing well.


All games should have choice and consequence, because that is what enjoy in your games the most.


1. An isometric, turn-based RPG with a sort of Pokemon type system that involves enslaving the souls of demons/spirits and using them to battle others.


The appearance and abilities of the souls' physical manifestations could be based around how they are aquired and the choices you make when interacting with others.


The souls could have different categories that straight up attack, manipulate matter, project energy, or some hybrid of them all.




2. An isometric and turn based RPG involving people who travel around in and battle using robotic exoskeletons sort of like a small scale mech warrior.


The robotic suits could have a general style for each character in your team and allows reconfiguration or addition of offensive, defensive, and mobility systems.


3. An RPG, mystery, or adventure game set in modern times that involves a combination of magic and good ol' fashioned firepower.


There could be one or more parallel dimensions that host magical creatures, civilizations, and enviroments. Solving puzzles and/or investigating could involving going back and forth amongst these worlds.


Finally, please, please, PLEASE, whatever you do, make sure there are lots of choices and consequences.

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1. All my life i wanted something like a kung-fu fighting role playing game...not unlike "Jade Empire", but that one - although a great game - dissapointed me a bit. Imagine a far east version of Skyrim, with a fighting experience like Tekken in 3D and maybe as many different fighting styles and much more of NPCs and Potential party members....sigh...and the possibilities that weapons would add...faint...aside from the fighting, the easten world provides a spiritual setting, that would make possible a character development, which rivals the virtues in Ultima 4. Bring back a Geisha on the run? What would a spiritual monk do? What would be the choice of a ninja, working for money...


2. Yes, i like endgame settings. And i like a good old zombie apocalypse. But i'd love an endgame zombie apocalypse RPG. And as i'm writing this, i recognize that the awakening of the Nameless one in the catacombs of planescape torment is somewhat resembled by the introductory scenes of the movie 28 days later... NICE!

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A game with the positive aspects of Dragon's Dogma(Dragon's Dogma Review) but without the negative aspects.



Grab System - Boss Battles the way they SHOULD be!

Action-oriented combat with tons of variety.

Flexible Class system lets you try out all 9 Vocations on a single character!

Day/Night Cycle with dynamic enemies.

Pawns are helpful in battle for the most part.



Restrictive Fast Travel System leads to tons of backtracking.

Pawns wont SHUT THE HELL UP!

Lackluster Storyline and Quests.

Lacks Overall Polish with bad lip-snycing & poorly detailed character models.

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