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  1. As someone said above, another Vampire the Masquerade game, if done in roughly the same vein, would be incredible. Understandably, a "Bloodlines II" would be off the table (unless Obsidian bought the rights), but I'd be quite content with a story-driven RPG set in the World of Darkness.
  2. I get the overall point of what MCA said, but have Obsidian stated whether or not they are still considering a smaller-scale downloadable sequel to AP?
  3. I'd agree with this, although I'm aware others might not share this opinion. It was a combination of things really, the animation, the VA, the writing. Of course, the character facial animations now seem somewhat archaic but are ironically still better than in other current games. I don't know, Bloodlines just had this vibrancy and creative energy that I don't think has been replicated in any other game. I also loved the modern theme blended with the RPG formula.
  4. Ah, well, thanks for the tips but I actually got it last night after a rushed playthrough. And yeah, it's very easy to get on Scarlet's good side by sending her intel + being honest with her (there's a small number of Suave responses that actually give you a gain in rep with her). I had Mina at 10 (Frienship), same with SIE, but Madison was at a 3 or 4 if I recall right. I decided to take a dock with Mina's rep by requesting Madison's help at Conrad's villa so I could gain rep with her (Madison), since rome was my first hub it could easily be made up later. So, that's it, finally 50/50 for AP! I've been working on getting all achievements for close to a year (started with PS3 version then traded it in and berated mysel later for it then shortly after bought it for 360), on and off I mean. Feels good, but it'll likely be a long time before I pick AP up again.
  5. Perhaps it's telling that the only game I have all 50 achievements for is AP (just got the last one). I did have my gripes with the game, but that is what sequels are for. You could tell though that quite a bit of effort was put into specific parts of the game, the writing, the music, most of the VA was excellent, especially characters like Leland. The little effects were what impressed me the most. Like the dramatic "fading to white" screen at the end of an interrogation scene with Thorton (or before one), and the accompanying music. There were points when it actually felt like a movie. Who owns the IP? Sega? While I expect a sequel to do better if marketing or certain parts of the gameplay were "improved" I simply know that the RPGs that I like to play the most (think Bloodlines) rarely sell spectacularly. Who knows, maybe Obsidian could pull it off. You know, the thing with AP was, there were parts that were downright amazing, then there were areas that could've used a change befor release. I'll always believe that AP had a hidden brillance, mainly in concept, but some parts of the game were executed refreshingly. It's a shame we most likely won't see a sequel. I'm hoping I'm dead wrong on that.
  6. It's been awhile, but I thought I'd update, just got JJ&E. I followed a very detailed guide, not sure if some of the instances were necessary but I did them anyway so as to not waste another playthrough. I have all but one achievement, which is the Ladies Man one. I'm a little unsure how to romance Scarlet, since it's been awhile since I attempted. I'm pretty sure I should just stick to the professional responses and then when I contact her at the hotel in the endgame pick the honest option, is there a guide? I've done this before but my memory is a little hazy and I want this to be my last playthrough for quite some time. In the official wiki, the guide says to stay strictly professional, can can anyone help me out here. The other romance options I've done many times so those shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Yeah, and I'm sure the voice acting took up a large portion of the budget in question. I'm not sure if we'll ever see a project like that again. Mitsoda (who is now working on Dead State) said he did think about working on a project like Bloodlines but that the AoD tech would have to mature to the point that it wouldn't cost a million dollars to make, or whatever. As a frame of reference the VA in Bloodlines costed more than their entire Dead State seems to be.
  8. AP had a complex story, but it lacked much-needed color in its characters, its strength was the vast possibilities in which the characters would respond to you. DS3, I'm hoping is a satisfying romp through a decently told story. Honestly, I thought Jade Empire was a well told story (I know this is Bioware, but still), yet I know not everyone appreciated it. So this is true that there is an element of subjectivity at play here. But, if DS3 has a mildly engaging plot, with characters that possess some depth, I'll be sated. Really, the personalities of characters can over-ride flaws in the general story.
  9. Oh, yes, I agree there is plenty of subjectivity in my previous question. I suppose I wasn't expecting anything spectacular from an ARPG in the story department, just hopeful. Can I at least have lesiurely conversations with my companion? I just want an RPG with a story I can sink my teeth into a little bit, I know even the devs stated it won't have as many lines of dialog as say New Vegas, or AP, but in terms of sheer dialog length is it on par with KOTOR II? I probably sound like a big story nerd, this is a secret obsession of mine I only let out on internet forums.
  10. So not the best story Obsidian's done? (or even close, I take it). So, just so I have an idea, what game would be most comparable to DS3 story-wise, as far as quality goes? I suppose I expected more considering the mastermind behind MOTB was at the helm. But back on topic, nearly 20hrs isn't bad. AP took me less.
  11. Well, I just ordered my copy online. Length doesn't bother me, as long as replayability is high. So, for those that have beaten the game: how's the story/characters? Are they up to Obsidian's standards? I've asked this question on another thread but I lost track of it! (srry for the repetition). Honestly, they are the only reasons I buy Obsidian games, well that and C&C, but that is heavily related to the story IMO.
  12. So, I know this will seem like a weird question concerning an Action RPG, but since this is an Obsidian game I believe it is justified. How is the story/characters? Are they both well-written? How are these aspects compared to say Fallout New Vegas? Okay that was more than one question, but any impressions would be most welcome.
  13. Yeah, I spared Leland and allowed Heck to kill Lake, then I executed Leland, still didn't get the achievement. Of course, I didn't execute Mina on that save. Even without Deng's insight, it was still revealed that Lake was the assassin, though. I'll probably have to play it over, and make sure I did everything right. Is there a detailed guide somewhere so I can follow every detail? I let Shaheed live at first then killed him later, is that acceptable?
  14. Yep, I did that option with Downloading the PDA files and Deng said to kill Scarlet (separate playthrough, before I was gunning for JJE). So, killing Deng is not mandatory to get the achievement? Also, I've heard from many sources that Heck needs to be your handler in the finale to get JJE. About Surkov, do you need a negative rep with him for it to register when the game checks for the requirements for JJE? Oh, and does SIE need to die? I want to get JJE and No time for Love (and the Mousetrap one) for my next playthrough. I want to find a detailed guide so there is no chance I'll miss it next time around.
  15. Thanks for the reply. But, doesn't Omen Deng need to be killed to get JJE? I killed Omen, and I had Heck kill Scarlet. I suppose I could go back to my earlier save, accept Leland's offer and kill Mina, then betray Leland at the end, can I still get JJE this way? I've already killed Marburg, got Youth Trumps Experience today as a matter of fact (well, yesterday technically). Well, replayed it, killed Mina, betrayed Leland but no go. I got the "trail of the dead" perk, but no achievement, which was odd. Oh, also, I didn't execute Surkov as I killed Brayko right away, I knew that was a mistake as soon as I did it.
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