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  1. Thank you Dan, my collector's edition was dinged up but the statue was in good shape. I was getting worried about the no response yet but seeing your post, I feel better.
  2. Thank you Obsidian, I am looking forward to playing this game and backing your next Kickstarter.
  3. So my daughter's 8th birthday is Saturday and now I have to ruin her special day because of this game. Obsidian is just plain mean to release this game so close to her birthday and I demand an apology and reoperations in return for my hard earned investment in the game. How dare you people do this to her.
  4. Whatever it is, I will commit $100 for some type of big boxed copy. But I would love a game set in the real world with an Average Joe character getting caught up in some major conspiracies.
  5. An MST3K RPG would be awesome. And a sequal PST game would be awesome. I have 5 different versions of PST so obviously I would love another one.
  6. BTW, I just beat that game and have been recommending it to everyone I know. I have a feeling that many of the reviewers went in expecting ME version of modern day spy game. But it is every different than any Bioware RPG.
  7. If you already bought the game, why'd you wait to play it? I understand holding off on purchasing a game to wait for reviews, but if you've already shelled out the money for it anyway, what's the point in not playing it and waiting for reviews? Two kids, a very pregnant wife, and 178 XBOX 360 games in my collection.
  8. I purchased this game on Day 1, but descided to wait to play it due to all the bad reviews. All I can say is that the reviews were very wrong. This is a great game.
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