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  1. hell yeah! AP2 please! As others have said, this is such an underated game. I love the RPG feel to it all and the choices/consequences of your decisions.. Splinter Cell Conviction had lovely eye candy graphics but not a lot else really. No customising who you are or choices etc. Just preset character and linear story. I actually prefer AP to Splinter Cell. I think AP is the best in the Espionage genre. Way better than those awful 007 games..
  2. Hi Just registered on the forums to say I love this game I`d read some negative reviews previously and it had stopped me getting the game on the Xbox 360. I`m so glad now that I went ahead and bought it! Having a total blast I find the gunplay a bit weak but really enjoy using the martial arts moves. Great missions, characters, leveling and storylines. Well done Obsidian on a slightly flawed Gem of a game I really hope you make AP2 one day.
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