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  1. I'm an Obisidan fan. I like the whole bunch of em, Fargus, Chris and Chris and Sawyer etc for all the great games they created in the past and (hopefully) the many more to come. However, these guys who manage the company and whom I'm a fan of, better look in the mirror really hard. It seems they're doing things wrong and others have to pay for their mistakes. I mean hiring a guy and after 1 day laying them off after a day or a week or even a year? This screams inept management I'm sorry to say. You have many more problems in your company if this is going on and I think the wrong people are probably laid off. Besides, you don't go on laying off the technical talent, you usually go to the marketing and sales and start off from there if you are spending more money there than you should. I hope if this ship sinks; it is not for bad management or favoritism, as a fan I would be sad.
  2. I really liked the role playing parts and would love a sequel. I hated the mission based level design (felt less RPG) and the gameplay was average. The problem is that the game wasn't deciding if it wanted to be an RPG game where your stats mattered or an action game. For instance, sneaking in an action game would require you to pay attention to the line of site of enemies. But in AP you could become practically invisible if you had the skill. If they made the blend of action/RPG and bettered the combat, this would sell tons.
  3. I guess the point I forgot to mention is that you guys make a game that you 'crave' to do and not feel confined by what we want. Sure, we want you mostly to make it turn based-planescape 2 etc etc. But if the whole team doesn't really work on it with enthusiasm it would be just another project to finish. I would rather play something that was fun to develop for Obsidian because that would make it a good game.
  4. I would like it, but they really need to work on it to be much better in terms of gameplay.
  5. Nah, most likely the fans who support Wasteland 2 will hear about this and support Chris while the people who support Chris will go and support Wasteland 2. I knew about Wastelands 2 kickstarter from Chris blog so I'm going to contribute to both games (if this actually goes ahead). Niche audiences are usually very passionate and would like their niche to be fulfilled through as many avenues as possible.
  6. We're all crossing our fingers. I hope this gets the go-ahead, I'm sure I won't be disappointed with the outcome if it does.
  7. 1) If you give us a planescape 2 or a game like it where you don't care about what sells but you make a game that you want to make that focuses on that strong narrative and character development I would donate 1000$ to the project I swear. If the fighting (If any) is Turn-based like fallout1&2 or the Temple of Elemental Evil Just say yes and send me your bank account. Take my money! 2) A game like the Temple of Elemental Evil, I loved that one a lot, especially the fighting. 3) Another cool one would be a game like Starcontrol 2, a space exploration -action-RPG game. 4) Alpha Protocol 2, the original was brilliant in parts and I know that if Obsidian had no Publisher pressure and had a second go they would make it brilliant. Everybody here wants to see the Black Isle magic back, where you guys were able to take more risks, not just answer to people who own the franchises and run with it.
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