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  1. I'd like to see an original (not based on an existing franchise or IP) RPG which explores new ways to integrate gameplay into the storytelling and dialogue. My ideas: -Not set in a generic european medieval fantasy world. If there are non-humans, please no elves or dwarves. -Perhaps try a fantasy setting with modern or sci-fi elements, as JPGs often do. Something I haven't seen much of is games with the freeform structure and character building and more mature cast of a western RPG combined with the bold visuals, exciting set pieces and whimsical settings of a Japanese RPG. -The protagonist is finding out about themselves as the player is (like kotor2, Planescape:Torment) and also can be influenced in how they develop throughout the game. Your choices not only impact the character you become, but impact your past and the character you were. --Maybe even there are parallel narratives of your past and current selves? One playthrough you may play it you were an evil bastard in the past, but in the present you're a tortured anti-hero, while another, you were saintly in the past and have given up on being nice. Perhaps the combination of past you and present you impacts your abilities gained so that your character's emotional development is reflected in their character development? -Not black and white character alignment. Some sort of alignment system that doesn't just reward extremes of good or bad behaviour, but rather gives feedback that is in keeping with the character's actions throughout. -A cast of whimsical, interesting characters and the opportunity to build relationships with them. Not just romantic relationships! You can build friendships too, and romantic dialogue options are flagged as such. Options for non-het relationships with certain characters. --Optional side quests that will develop your party members as characters but also in terms of their abilities. -Gameplay that rewards tactical play in battle rather than grinding up to a high level and smashing things, and finding non-violent solutions if desired. -Multiple endings. -A plotline that's as dark and bitter as black coffee, but dialogue with wit and levity and quirky characters and bright settings that aren't all brown and grey like these current gen western titles all seem to be. Excitement and adventure and amazing places to explore and mysteries to unravel!
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