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In my opinion, you shouldn't Kickstart a project that is a sure seller. You should have the courage to do something that you want, not something that gets you the most income. For example, if they'd start a Kickstarter for Modern Warfare 4, they wouldn't get single penny from me.


Also, I think that the reason for Double Fine's success is that they are going back in time:


"This year, you'll be given a front-row seat as they revisit Tim's design roots and create a brand-new, downloadable "Point-and-Click" graphic adventure game for the modern age."


In my case, they are claiming to make a game similar to those I played when I was growing up. After LucasArts' adventure games, my childhood continued with Baldur's Gate. In 2012, there might be games that are a lot better and longer, but they will never replace the old ones in my heart.


I have no doubt that whatever game you make, it will be a good one and I will play it. If you get me that feeling of nostalgia: http://goo.gl/KJOhN


EDIT: On second thought, you are the pros. Do whatever you want.

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I would like to cover a few things.Kickstarter is fine but IMHO, Alpha Funding is better. Heck, if you kickstarted and then gave access to a alpha and future versions, that would be ideal really. I get something to play with, even if it is buggy and feature incomplete and I get to feel like a part of the development. $1-5-10-15-20 makes it an impulse buy because its a range of money I won't feel like I have lost anything, its hard for me to fault games in that price range. Steam probably makes hand over fist because of sales that dip into that range for me and supporting Indie Devs alphafunding projects on Desura is little different to me, I feel like a poor man who can afford to be a patron of the arts because I get to pool resources with others to let someone else have good quality of life while they entertain me.

I agree that Alpha funding is a better model, but I think a kickstarter launch is necessary to ensure that they have some sort of initial budget to work with, plus I imagine a lot of the costs would be the initial ones, it would be great to see Kickstarter + Alpha funding, it would also means cautious people or those who missed the initial funding can still jump on board once the Alpha starts to shine.

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Also I had a charismatic persuasive character in Arcanum.Just talked my way and had 8 companions that basically handled anything bad my way.Felt like getting carried xD.
Yeah, me too. But I want something... deeper. I want several types of Conversation Skills (instead of a catch-all Skill, like Speech), like Charm, Intimidate, Seduce, Deceive, Outwit, etc.,Like, instead of having my companions deal with every threat, I'd rather convince that bloodthirsty rabble of Thugs to join a local youth group and do volunteer work cleaning up the city.


That would be amazing, having entire pseudo-combat phase composed of battle of the wits/tongues, if you fail badly it sends you into combat or punishes you in some way.


I'd like it but I've hit my quota for the day :(

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Of all the videogames I've played in my life - hundreds and hundreds of them - the very best one remains Torment. I love it so much, if I ever get around to getting a tattoo, the first one will be a Torment tattoo. And it was a game that came out of nowhere. I didn't know what to expect, it caught me off guard and blew me away. I would love to see you make a game with a similar impact. Make the game you want to make with no publisher-imposed limitations and compromises - the game you would like to play, and be proud to call your own with no apologies. That's the game I'd like to see Obisidan make.


And please leave Torment alone. It doesn't need a sequel.

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Aside from a Planescape game that's not a sequel to Torment...




...how about a Malazan Book of the Fallen game?

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Not a sequel. Naturally, there are many single player RPGs we'd love to see continued but, even without the concern of licensing fees, there's more value in showing that not only are deep, single-player rpgs worth publishing but you don't have to rely on an established brand (even a lesser known brand like Fallout was to the xbox generation).


A couple of things we've been told also come to mind. One, that Obsidian's Onyx Engine has been designed for role-playing games specifically, and two, that Dungeon Siege III didn't include an editor as the earlier Sieges did, because that would have been as consuming as the game itself. The important thing was assuring the quality of the core product. So with that, I would suggest that Obsidian uses Onyx for whatever you're already planning for it, but allow us to use Kickstarter to motivate you to put together a package of tools, tutorials, and advice for us. A big part of the Double-Fine success seems to be the language they used. Essentially, "Here's you're all-access pass, welcome to the team." This would be similar. We would help you give us the means to develop alongside you, in the spirit of less-than-modernly-marketable RPGs.


I can picture that Kickstarter spawning numerous other Kickstarters to realize all of those Fallout/Planescape/Arcanum fantasies that modders are already trying to force into editors that are far from ideal for those properties, or putting together in games that are already showing their age.

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TB/TBwP tactical combat, heavy on party interaction and meaningful C&C. That is what I would like from an RPG today.

Preferably a new original IP so you can make lots and lots of sequels.

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Well, I consider excellent writing and meaningful choices/consequences to be a given, with Obsidian's pedigree. Beyond that I'd like to see:


1. Turn-based, party-based (at least 2 NPCs with full control over them), enjoyable combat. No tedious filler combat or trash mobs! Every encounter should be at least moderately interesting.


2. Option for a female main character and decent visual design of female characters in general. No whore/stripper/high heels/steel bikini estethics, please! DS3 visuals were utterly cringeworthy and ensured that I'd never, ever buy it.


3. Exploration should be about more than just combat. I'd really love to see some pit traps, secret doors, illusionary walls, etc.

I know that a lot of RPG fans are in arms about puzzles, but surely something that takes into account stats (but not to the extent of PST's puzzles, which were all about stats) and is strictly environmental could be acceptable?

Party needing to affix a rope to get over a chasm, strong character being able to lift something heavy and uncover a secret passage, a mage (or an explosives specialist) being able to blow something up ditto, or maybe freeze water with a cold spell/some tech gadget, etc. Indie iOS (!) games reminded me how enjoyable something like that could be.

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I made a comment earlier, but it was rather short and I want to elaborate a bit more.

Isometric - Not just for the sake of nostalgia, but for the fact it gives a more tactical feel to the game. Controlling your party, picking out enemies, determining movement etc is all easier and more fluid from the isometric view. Following from that...

Parties - One of the biggest problems I've had with recent RPGs is the fact that it's always only about the PC. Being able to have a sizeable party (six or more is a good number, 3 or 4 is irritatingly small if you have any decent amount of NPC followers) is a must, as is being able to control them in combat, and control their improvement.

Turn-based - more strategic. We have no shortage of real-time games to play, how about letting those of us who enjoy taking their time. I don't even care if it has a real-time mode as well, so long as it has a proper turn-based mode (though hopefully one better balanced than, say, Fallout Tactics' implementation).

Character Customisation - I understand that there's been a recent trend to streamline character customisation, but I'm the sort of gamer who enjoys this part. I also don't just mean customisation in terms of combat abilities.

Good story - an absolute must for obvious reasons. Anything inspired by Planescape here would be brilliant.

Settings - I'd enjoy a cyberpunk or near-future setting personally, but if it's fantasy at least try to avoid plain high fantasy or dark fantasy. You can make high magic fantasy without making it elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons and humans. And low magic fantasy doesn't need to be grimdark.


Definitely 2-D Isometric, it looks like everyone wants that.


Definitely parties, preferably large parties(6+), but filled with detailed characters with complex interacting stories, whom are all directly controllable( or as close to this as it makes sense for the combat/story).


Definitely Turn-based, preferably with strategy/tactical elements (maybe a tile based battlefield, where positioning is important)


Having lots of customisation options would be nice, no forcing the player to dress the characters in drab faceless armour because its the highest level armour, How about full character creation for each of the team members you encounter, and how about a fully customisable party transport vehicle, as well as customisable party logos/flags/mascot?


Good story is a must, no need for Voice over, maybe a bastion style Narrator but no more than that, fill the world with lots of flavour text.


As for the setting I think Sci-fi > fantasy, too much fantasy in RPGs, but don't do space opera, do something more grounded(get it cause it's not in space) cyberpunk/near-future/Venus cloud colonies(Mars belongs to Double Fine stay away from there and nobody gets hurt).

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I'd love to see an RPG that has the following:


1) Morally ambiguous characters and factions.

2) Meaningful choice and consequence.

3) Skill checks everywhere.

4) Equally viable stealth, combat and diplomacy solutions for every quest.

5) A unique setting.


There are many settings and themes which have yet to be really explored by RPGs. The old west, feudal Japan, steampunk and the mafia in 50's America, for example. A mafia RPG has amazing potential for morally ambiguous choices with significant long-term consequences.


Really, though, if you can make something that matches the freedom of choice and quality of writing shown in New Vegas, I'll be happy. I don't need voice-overs or even 3D graphics. Just need a game that lets me properly play the role of my choosing.

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One cool thing, make a game where I can play as an old, wise man, that changes a lot the pacing.


I mean, like having a "Old & Wise" Perk or background choise when creating your character that make him almost useless im combat but boost all the other abilities and open unieuqe dialog choices!

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My christmas list would be:


- Planescape universe, not a torment sequel, new characters and story


- 2d isometric engine (brand new one, upgraded Infinity/TOEE engine?). 3d top-view engines often (always) tend to be sluggish as hell (im looking at you NW2)


- party based and awesome companions, like BG/Torment


- romances, banters and all those awesome party member interactions that make them living characters. It may not seem that important but it is actually what makes the player care for the game characters. Such mods has been developped for years (and still are) by the BG2 community, which show their importance.


- dialog centered game, ala Torment


- mature / deep / morally ambiguous writing, ala Torment.


- tactical turn based combat system


- like said many times, the most important, a game that you and your team would heart to do.

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Oh if you actually want to take my clouds of Venus setting seriously, you can know the idea of humans colonising the clouds of Venus is grounded in science.


50km above the surface of Venus lies a place with the same temperature and pressure as Earth, coupled with the fact that on Venus the air we breath is a lifting gas, creating floating cities here would be very easy, air leaks in your balloon would be much of an issue as the pressure inside and outside would be about 1atm so the leak would be very slow, plenty of time to find and fix it. No need to worry about long cold Venus nights either as they are nearly as warm as Venus days.


There are massive amounts of energy on Venus, the surface glows red with geothermal energy, the sun is 4 times brighter than on earth (mix that with all the CO2 in the air, it's plant paradise) and the winds are so strong that they could whip a floating city around the planet in about 96 hrs.(helping solve the problem of Venus long days).


Another benefit of Venus is the gravity is only slightly lower than earth's, so no bone or muscle deterioration like one would experience on mars, but you'd still get an add boost to your jump height.


The only real problem is the rain(that's right there is rain on Venus! what more could you need!) is highly acidic, so making things out of metal is a big no-no, plastics, ceramics, biomaterials or carbon nanotube derivatives is a must, which would give a unique aesthetic for the Venus cloud setting.


[source:( NASA - http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20030022668_2003025525.pdf ) ]

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So here is the thing:

Obsidians games in the recent past have been...well okay

But Obsidian has by far the best wrighters in the industry!

So yeah, give me a game "like" Planescape (not necessarily Planescape 2)

Give me a game where I can talk my way out of most fights if my stats are high enough.

Give me a game where I actually have to choose if I become a warrior or a talker (unlike f.e. Fallout 3 where you can be the smartest person in the world but also duo-wield fatmans (exaggerated))

Give me an interessting setting, don't just make me a Farmerboy who rises to become the hero of the land, but give me an interessting character (like in oh I don't now PLANESCAPE!)


Also: If it is necessary: **** Voice Acting!

As much is i "love" it, it is the reason why we wont see a game like Planescape again, because recording is expensive and why record douzands of lines people most likely wont ever hear?


So last but not least: Make a game you really want to make. Don't make it because "*sigh* the people want it, so I guess we should make it".

I count on you Obsidian, rise to become a hero! Bioware has disappointed many people with Dragon Age 2 so this is you're chance to become the hero of the downtrodden! (Yeah, I exaggerate again)

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The bottom line is I'm willing to throw at least $50 into any RPG Obsidian funds this way. It's just too cool to have this kind of direct input into what games get made and I want to support doing it this way. I also trust you guys to make a good game, whether you listen to suggestions in this thread or not.


Things that I'd like to see:

* A turn-based or at least pausable battle system. Make me think a little bit.

* A unique setting

* Strong story and characters


Things that aren't so important to me:

* Graphics - pretty graphics are nice, but I'm willing to sacrifice them for other things

* Voice acting - again, nice to have, but something I'm willing to forego

* Licensed setting/characters - unnecessary and too expensive

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Oh I almost forgott:

Please give me realistic companions!

In Mass Effect 2 (f.e.) all they do is sit on the ship and don't interact with another.

Make "getting the girl" more interessting by having another party member also falling in love with her. And then it's up to the player how far they take it (and you know how crazy people can react when they are in love)

Just some thoughts

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Also, don't bother about it not being "impressive" enough if some of the expectations seem unreasonable. That's just the enthusiasm. Do whatever you think works and would be worth doing.

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I would really want, not an RPG really, but a turn-based versus game like Necromunda, with online leagues. Could play out like frozen synapse, both make their turn and press ready and it plays out. Graphics, should be realistic, but gory. You should be fighting in abandoned cities, factories, lots of rusted steel, broken pipes shooting out smoke, broken concrete walls... etc.


For an RPG I wouldnt know what I'd want. Something not Biowares, while I have thoroughly enjoyed their games up until Dragon Age I feel their whole black and white-moral system is getting rather stale and predictable. Every action should have a consequence but the consequence shouldn't be entirely clear from the getgo, the fight for dominance shouldnt be between good and evil, it should be between your side and the opposing side. Each side having proper motivation to call themselves the good guys.

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OK. I can think of a few games I'd like to see Obsidian make, but I am not sure how much time and money they'd require. so, from a perspective of a person with no experience in game development I'd have to go with either of these:


- a game concept similar to how NWN turned out, i.e. an RPG toolset for creating mods and custom campaigns with a light campaign thrown in that could serve as a tutorial on campaign making; with a possibility of playing it in co-op (basically, DSIII only without voiced characters and the need to license an IP);


- an Alpha Protocol stand-alone expansion pack; if "Alpha Protocol" cannot be used for some reason, then it can be a new IP that works exactly like AP, only without the boss fights and shooting; play on AP's strengths, make it similar to LA Noire only in a spy setting, with a silent protagonist!


- Icewind Dale III made with Onyx;


- the Fallout game happening during Resource Wars in Europe;


- Pretty Princess RPG;


- a PC port of that game from your office where we get to play as Chris Avellone et al.;


basically, if it's to be a full-blown RPG, I would understand if you guys were releasing it as a series of DLCs funding each separately, with an Ultimate Edition planned somewhere down the road

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Something... new and interesting. Something that plays with the stereotypes, like the BiS games.


Not very helpful, I know, but If we're talking about a relatively low budget game, then I'd appretiate a fresh game that wows me, instead of a "cheap", say, Shadowrun game.

Not that I'd object to a Shadowrun game.

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So about setting, I would also like to add that medieval europe is fantastic idea! Would also like to see tactical turn based rpg set in the Old West and XVII/XVIII century europe inspired fantasy setting, with a lot of political intrigue, black magic and witchcraft. Firefly'esque RPG, with similar design goals as original Fallout games would also be quite cool (A lot of focus on sidequests, C&C, 2d exploration, planets similar to locations on fallout's world map. Would be also nice to have some elements from kotor - your own spacecraft, crew etc,party based combat system but not in real time of course)

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