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  1. Was about to post it, I can confirm it too. When Driving Flight activates (so when 2 ennemies are close from each other and aligned), the blunderbuss only shoot one projectile, which will pierce through the first ennemy and then hit the second one. While when Driving Flight conditions are not met, the blunderbuss will correcty fire 6 projectiles. So in practice taking driving flight heavily weaken the blunderbuss.
  2. Like some previously said, I also kind of like animal compagnions, but the problem is that they usually use a party slot and since they have no interactions, banters or wathever, they tends to be boring, and I end up using a real full fledged character instead. But if it's an animal familiar, that dont use a slot, and adds some kind of particular non-combat gameplay/skills to the game, yeah why not. For example the familiar could be a good way to replace and justify the old Infinity Engine "Alt" key, it could search the environnment for interactive elements and in doing so it would make this
  3. First and foremost, not just a house that we can customize and store stuff in, a "skyrim"-like house would be utterly pointless and terrible. It has to be something along the lines of what was done in Baldur's Gate 2 with Strongholds or Neverwinter nights 2 with the Keep. It must be relevant to the game story, main plot or a side quest, but no random house somewhere on the map, with no interactions, no plot and which would basically be a giant wardrobe. The "house" must add to the story (special banters with npc there, quests etc ...) and add to the gameplay (upgradable house, unlocking speci
  4. My christmas list would be: - Planescape universe, not a torment sequel, new characters and story - 2d isometric engine (brand new one, upgraded Infinity/TOEE engine?). 3d top-view engines often (always) tend to be sluggish as hell (im looking at you NW2) - party based and awesome companions, like BG/Torment - romances, banters and all those awesome party member interactions that make them living characters. It may not seem that important but it is actually what makes the player care for the game characters. Such mods has been developped for years (and still are) by the BG2 com
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