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  1. I'm having the same issue. We fight, I damage him enough to make him surrender, only he doesn't actually surrender and still takes damage during the dialogue.
  2. They really shouldn't be. Why would you ever want to resist a friendly spell? On top of that, why would you have a permanent upgrade for a Priest item that gives it an aura that imbues your party members with resistance to your own spells? There's no way this is by design.
  3. This has to be a bug if true. Having spell resistance resist friendly spells too would be an insane design choice.
  4. I'm more questioning whether or not this is by design or a bug. As far as I know, Driving Flight is not supposed to target friendlies (it specifically says +1 Foe Jump Target) and the Spearcaster's knockback/prone/immobile status effects are supposed to be applied directly to the hit target(s), not as a neutral AoE that can hit friendlies. The Three Bells Through issue makes sense since it effectively shoots an AoE line that can hit friendlies. It doesn't really make any sense for the Spearcaster which isn't supposed to be an AoE weapon.
  5. I have the Driving Flight skill and the Spearcaster weapon equipped on Maia and the combat logs says the bounced projectiles are hitting my companions. I'm not sure if damage is being applied but the status effects (Knockback + Prone + Immobile) definitely are. It's pretty annoying. EDIT: Did some more testing: - This only appears to happen with the Spearcaster. - The friendly fire projectiles don't do any damage but do apply status effects. Seeing as this is most likely (hopefully) a bug, I've uploaded the relevant files for a bug report: Dropbox
  6. I'm pretty sure most publishers wouldn't fund a 2D, isometric, old-school CRPG, even if it only cost $1 million to develop and market. Publishers are interested in making the most profit possible. An old-school RPG wouldn't be profitable enough for them to even bother. This is why most publishers stick with big-budget, high-profile, multiplatform releases in mainstream genres (and mostly sequels at that). Sure, games like CoD 2012 and Skyrim cost a lot to develop and market but the potential profits are far greater than any low-budget, niche game could ever achieve. Also, your GOG comparis
  7. I'd love to see an RPG that has the following: 1) Morally ambiguous characters and factions. 2) Meaningful choice and consequence. 3) Skill checks everywhere. 4) Equally viable stealth, combat and diplomacy solutions for every quest. 5) A unique setting. There are many settings and themes which have yet to be really explored by RPGs. The old west, feudal Japan, steampunk and the mafia in 50's America, for example. A mafia RPG has amazing potential for morally ambiguous choices with significant long-term consequences. Really, though, if you can make something that matches the fr
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