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  1. I think you are confusing "better flow" with "feeling rushed". However Pillars 1 was definitely more rushed in that regard. In any case, that just seems like a buzzword that one could easily disillusion you about, if one really cared.
  2. I've found out that the reputation bug when siding with Sweynur only occurs if you don't talk to Pasca after you choose the option buy them a round. If you give them beer from your inventory, the Gilded Vale reputation won't change. Apparently the option to bypass talking to the innkeeper was added later, but the reputation script still requires it.
  3. I might be missing something, but there seem to be a bug with the reputation rewards in the quest "Against the Grain" in Gilded Vale. At first glance the game doesn't seem to favour taking sides with either Sweynur or Trumbel. After convincing anyone and telling the other side, I can get a Moderate Positive reputation increase. If I convince Trumbel I even get an intermediate Minor Positive increase before reporting to Sweynur that is not shown when convincing Sweynur instead. That would seem to slightly favour convincing Trumbel. However only if I convince Sweynur my character sheet s
  4. I basically meant that there are many different concepts or gameplay even behind the troll designs offered in this thread, and that some of them are simply trashmob, and that just because some of them seem very trollish to someone it doesn't mean they are the cream of the crop. You can discuss design without taking interpretations of the concept behind it as fact or dogma. I think critical interpretations of these designs tend to be of an overly-simplistic kind, implying that there was little thought put into them or that the thought is entirely invalid. However, they may not be finalised and
  5. Around the time of the trailer I wanted to leave this topic to the more interested, but here is a clarification of terms: I disagree. If this was about estetics and assumed nature of some playable 'established' high fantasy trope, i think this thread would get much more passionate followers. As for expectations, backing the game, evryone saw concept arts and listened to devs so they get to 'feel' and visualise first impression. Whn game got funded, it did not stop fans to make threads with thousands posts about armor, weapons, portraits, outdoors areas, races and generally este
  6. I find it a hard piece to judge. The atmosphere is fine, but it doesn't seem well-structured. The repetitive movement seems to be some sort of theme, but it's a little too simple for that, and it also doesn't develop into anything better, because the "epic" part is kind of formless and generic. As part of a personal preference, so far I'm missing a sense of individual instruments or instrument sections, which I liked about the BG soundtracks, although it was probably entirely synthetic, and which also gave it some additional feeling of structure. But I suppose the structure was deliberate for
  7. I think we would agree that troll-implementation is usually not much to speak of and that criticizing PE-trolls for their difference to expectations (as I understood it) is not a criterion for the quality of them as an encounter or for their lasting impression on the player.
  8. There seems to be a particular kind of troll that doesn't really fit with a certain kind of storytelling. I'd rather the trolls are consistent with the style of storytelling, than be "familiar". Why should I give a damn about "familiar" trolls, honestly.
  9. They're good Project Eternity trolls. They're more humanoid because of the "souls" principle of the game and they probably have some special affinity instead of just being random critters from some picture book. Maybe not, but that look fits to the world. Those horns have a good sense of woodlands about them. Nothing "scary for the sake of it". Real troll, a bit different. I admit they're a bit dry and aristocratic for trolls, but I find that interesting. Maybe we will see them acting trollishly and we will have to use troll-tactics.
  10. I don't care. There are trolls and there are trolls. Think of the cave troll, the skinny BG troll, or the monkey with spider eyes in the Elder Scrolls.
  11. I don't need to be surprised. I prefer looking forward to the game instead of just having "hopes". Like with a book, I like to get a good sense of exactly how it will feel before I buy it. I like discovery and surprises, but I don't want a trickle of basic ideas in-game ("oh, so they thought of that!"). I want it to be like I expect it, but different. I don't want to know more than basics in anything, but I'm not particularly afraid of some specific element.
  12. It depends a lot on the native language on how difficult or easy it is to learn English. I bet you also can't easily learn every other language (well, why don't you?). For example, many even have great difficulty with French (including me).
  13. I keep thinking that that big waterfall in the first background art would either need to have a larger pool or be very young,
  14. I doubt it could turn out very bad anyway, just maybe not so great sometimes. It seems not far-fetched at all and a believable explanation of magical phenomena. It's the dualism of matter and spirit that fantasy assumes. It also opens up a whole world of thematic exploration and might serve as a foundation for traditional metaphysics. However, having the soul referred to as something almost separate from yourself and something to calculate and strategize with, might let some things appear abstract, like accounting matters or soul-economics, and not imbibed with the necessary seriousness (a
  15. Although I like the logic and versatility of the soul-system, I wonder if it might get too artifical to talk of "souls" all the time. "Mwahaha. Your soul is no match for mine."
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