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  1. First, let me say that I think it's awesome that Obsidian is considering following Double Fine's lead into crowdsourced funding for a niche project. I think there are only a handful of developers with the fan esteem that could pull something like this off on a large scale, and Obsidian is one of them, so fingers crossed this becomes a reality. It holds a lot of potential for allowing vibrantly creative devs to help niche genres thrive by going around the obstructionist min/maxing philosophy of the large publishing houses. As to what I'd like to see: 1.) Party-based (as in, having direct control of the main character and members of a party); this is essential. There are lots of RPGs getting made these days, but more and more they're either going the route of solo gameplay or real-time/action combat control of the main character with purely AI support. These aren't bad ways to do RPGs at all (and Obsidian's done great with Alpha Protocol and New Vegas), but I love old style party-based control and outside of the first Dragon Age, that's just not being done a lot (or done well) anymore, and I'd want a project like this to focus on giving us something we're not currently getting. 2.) It doesn't have to be a D&D game (in fact, I'd really prefer it not be, as that'd be funneling a lot of money into licensing rather than focusing on making the game everything it can be), but I do want lots of meaty complexity. I want a good class system, I want to pick skills and feats/perks when I level up, I want lots of customization options and plenty of equipment and spells. 3.) I don't want a sequel to Planescape: Torment. What I DO want is a game that follows in the path of PS:T or Mask of the Betrayer by giving us tons and tons of well written, thought provoking, philosophical dialogue. I want complex and interesting characters like Dak'kon or Kaelyn the Dove, Gann of Dreams or Kreia where I can literally sit and have a conversation with this character for a good half hour, exploring their personal philosophy, their history, having plenty of options in my dialogue. 4.) Isometric would be grand. The Onyx engine can do that, right? Because Dungeon Siege 3 looked great. 5.) Can I mention a quality class system again? I feel like this is something completely forgotten these days. I'm so tired of the few RPGs with class systems only letting me pick between fighter, rogue, and mage. 6.) Give us a fairly unique setting. Again, I don't necessarily think this needs to be a D&D thing, but the best games from you guys are the ones that tend to stand apart in their settings. Planescape is obviously unique, but so was a shamanistic/spirit-focused barbarian culture, a modern day espionage setting, or a remade Las Vegas. Whether it's fantasy or space or cyberpunk or steampunk or contemporary or post-apocalyptic, whatever -- just be creative and totally outside the box in the details. That's it. I'm not that picky.
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